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  Hints and Tips for: Escape Memoirs: Mansion Heist 
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 Escape Memoirs: Mansion Heist Cheats

Escape Memoirs: Mansion Heist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Solve the Family Puzzle:
Why it isnít the notable Margaret:

* The Arvonstein family tree has three Margarets. The only one of the 
  Margarets who has a text-entry about them is the one born in 1774, 
  who is mentioned to have followed ALL of her grandfatherís religious  

* If you look at the family tree, you can see that her grandfather is 
  the Albert Arvonstein who has a text-entry about himself. In his text
  entry it is mentioned that his religious practices involved shaving 
  his head.

* Thus, since the statue of Margaret has hair, it must be that the statue 
  is depicting one of the other two Margarets.

* As to how to figure out which one of the remaining two it is:

* The Margaret born in 1748 died in 1750. Since the statue depicts an 
  adult, it cannot be this Margaret. Thus, through the process of 
  elimination the only possible Margaret is the one born in 1853.

The Colour Dots Box Puzzle:
If you stuck on the colour dots box in the second floor bedroom, 
this guide is for you!

* Look at the numbers and the color each row and closely. 
* Then using the dials match the corresponding number of dots in each column.

For example, on the right side you will see the number 8 with the color blue. 
In that row (vertical across) turn each dial of that row until there are 8 
blue dots total. Do this for each column and row. Itís a bit tedious but also
easy once you get used on how to proceed.

Anyway, the short answer for that is:

> ^ V V
^ < > V
^ ^ > V
^ < ^ ^

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