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  Hints and Tips for: Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night 
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 Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night Cheats

Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Beginners Guide:
Written by MousyMcMouseFace

Having trouble escaping Michael Jackson? Here’s a brief beginners guide 
to the game-play and starting a match.

* There are 5 puzzles rooms, including the kitchen 
  (needed for the ritual item).
* There are 2 keys: Crow key and Cobra key.
* There is 1 ritual item 
  (needed to complete the ritual, to remove the entity blocking the door).
* The map and items are randomly generated and change every match.

-=The Keys=-
You only need to locate and complete the puzzles containing keys.

Find and complete any puzzle. Inside the safe by the puzzle is a clue as to the 
location of the keys. For example, complete the music puzzle. Inside the safe 
there is a picture of a TV and Book – the keys are in the TV room and the Library. 
This is randomised each game so keys are in different locations.

-=The Ritual Item=-
The statue in the atrium/entrance hall is missing a stone arm. The arm is in the 
Kitchen. To get the arm, you need to find a meat leg. The meat leg thing spawns 
randomly on the map. When you find it, take it to the Kitchen, hang it up with 
the other meat legs, then the Stone Arm will drop. Pick it up.

Take the Stone Arm to the atrium/entrance hall where the statue is and hold the 
left mouse button to place it on the statue. The ritual item will appear at the 
front of the statue in a stone hand.

Place the item in the empty space on the perimeter of the ritual circle (directly 
opposite the statue). This completes the ritual and removes the barrier from the main door.

Put both keys in the door and escape.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you do the Ritual first or the keys.

-=Starting a match=-
* If you want to co-op online by yourself, just press “”Find a match”.
* If you want to coop with friends, either open a private match and have everyone 
  enter the code to join your lobby. Alternatively you can click “find a match” and 
  have your friends enter the code of the public lobby.
* Whoever plays the Ayuwoki is randomly selected.

-=Special skill / ability / perk=-
In “edit character” at the bottom, you can choose your “special Skill”. Scroll 
through until you find one you like and save changes. Passive skills happen 
automatically. To use active skills, press E on keyboard.

Find 2 keys by completing puzzles. Find the leg of meat, hang it up in kitchen to 
get stone hand. Put stone hand on statue in main hall to get the ritual item. Place 
item on ritual circle to remove entity blocking the main door. Use keys on door.

Tips to Escape the Mansion:
Written by JamOnToazt

Escaping the mansion isn’t as difficult and confusing as it can be intimidating it is 
for new players – so as the first ever person to escape the mansion. I am going to 
give you some tips for all of the puzzles in the mansion!

-=Starting Off=-
You must recognise that the mansion is randomly generated every game – there are 5 
rooms with puzzles that you can find; Kitchen, Library, TV Room, Saloon and Crafting 
(?) room. From this, there are two keys and one stone hand that you need to find. It 
should be noted that if you complete a puzzle, and there is no key, there will be 
images depicting where the keys are. these images or symbols are drawings of a book, 
TV, gramophone and paint brush and knife (looks a bit like a knife and fork). Once 
you have the items, take them to the atrium/main room, with the fountain and ritual 

This is always (in my experience anyway) found on the ground floor, and can be located 
by writing on the wall that says “Kitchen” you don’t need to interact with these doors, 
you can just run into them. The puzzle in this room is, in my opinion, probably the most 
difficult. You must find the meat leg. What makes this so difficult? The meat leg is 
randomly spawned somewhere on the map, so it’s a good idea to do the other puzzles first 
unless you happen to come across it. When you find the meat leg thing – use the interact 
(Left Mouse) button on the hanging pans thing near the stove/fire in the corner. This 
will cause a shift in weight and the stone hand will drop down. Further details on the 
hand will be noted at the bottom.

Possibly the easiest puzzle. The library is spread over two floors with the puzzle being 
signalled by a marking on the ground of a key, next to a bookcase. You may notice one of 
the books looks a bit out of place, and there is one missing. Look at the book for a 
symbol; a heart, diamond, spade or club, like a deck of cards. Find the book somewhere 
in the room that matches the one on the shelf and put it in the missing slot, the bookcase 
will lower, revealing a key, or the locations of the keys.

-=TV Room=-
The TV Room puzzle is fairly simple, all you have to do is click/interact with the screen 
depicting a picture of the Ayuwoki (at least I think it’s the Ayuwoki) the screen will 
then show a still image and not change, you will also hear the Michael Jackson Heheee 
which is pretty funny. Once you’ve got five TV’s, all of the screens will stop flashing 
and depict the image, opening the safe adjacent to the TV’s, revealing a key, or the 
locations of the keys.

Also known as the music room, a large room that’s playing music through a gramaphone. 
You can find this room by listening out for a piano sound, or by following the scrawling 
of “Saloon” on the walls. Once in this room, head to the piano and rudely, but strategically, 
deafen everyone on discord. Listen to the tune of the piano in the background, you need to 
repeat this on the piano. If you didn’t quite hear the tune, wait for the record scratch 
and it will reset. The tune plays four notes, and there are four keys on the piano – the 
highest pitch is on the right and the lowest on the left – repeat the pattern of the piano 
you can hear in the background and the piano opens, revealing a key.

-=Crafting Room=-
I’m not completely sure how this room works, because I think I’ve just gotten really lucky 
with the spawning, so I wish you luck with this one. The room can be found through the 
symbols of a knife and paintbrush on the walls. Once inside, have a look at the wall with 
some facial markings, and one mask placed. You must find and place the masks on the missing 
spots. This is where I’m not sure how it works. The masks are usually in the room, or just 
outside – but there have been rumours of them spawning around the map. I’ve found that 
there’s usually one in the corner opposite the wall where you place the masks, one in a 
little crevice opposite the wall, and one outside the room, next to the door with the long, 
straight corridor. Once you have found all the masks, match them to the markings on the 
wall – if you’re not sure, have a look at the mask and note that they either have horns, 
a big smile going up to its forehead (through the nose), one with diamond eyes and one 
that escapes my mind at the moment. Once they are all in place, the picture on the wall 
will slide away, revealing a key, or the locations of the keys.

-=Main Room/Atrium=-
It is ideal to take the keys to the main room once you get them and put them on the 
ground near the door. The stone hand that you found in the kitchen needs to be taken to 
the main room fountain, where there is a space for it to go on the back of the statue – 
indicated by a sparkly thing. Place the stone hand on the statue, and an arm will rise 
up at the from of the fountain, holding a beating heart. Take the heart and place it on 
the ritual circle, on the sparkly part closest to the fountain. This completes the ritual 
and creates access to the door to escape. Next, put the keys in the key holes and get tf 
outta there! It doesn’t matter if you place the heart and do the ritual before finding 
the keys!

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