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  Hints and Tips for: Escape The Museum 
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 Escape The Museum Cheats

Escape The Museum

Tips & Tricks:

Cell Phone: 
The first thing you need to do is pick up your ringing cell phone once 
you awake. This is your only contact to the outside world.

Finding Objects:
This HOG actually has some objects hidden behind others, which you may not 
be able to see until you clear something. They creators of this game also 
like to hide things at the very edge of the screen.

How To Escape The Rooms:
- John, the engineer, will tell you what you need to do to escape each room, 
  if you follow his instructions, you won't need any hints. 
- Above the scene will be a silhouette of the items you need to find. 
- When you get near an object/area of interest, your cursor will change to a 
  magnifying glass with a + sign inside. Click whenever this happens and you 
  will get an item or dialogue/hint (this does not take away from your points). 
- You may also see your cursor have a ? mark beside it, that means you are near 
  an object/area of interest, click it!
- Next, drag and drop items where appropriate until they fit together. 
- If you are still stuck, I will post the steps in the guide below. 

Find 10: 
After each chapter you will be able to go back to previous room and "find 10" 
of a certain object that is shown at the top of the screen. They are usually 
not in full color, I suggest you look for the "shape".

Completing Levels: 
Once you complete a chapter, you have to go back to certain rooms, once a room is 
complete it will turn yellow on the map. Some levels will have locked areas which 
will open up as you progress further into the game.

Mini Games:
1. Puzzle - simply drag the pieces back into the paintings until the picture is 
   complete again, these are very simple.
2. Weights - click the empty pedestal to adjust the weight size and click again 
   to drop the weight. You can only use 3 weights, once the meter is in the green 
   zone you can take the artifact. The maximum amount of the weight is 200, so if 
   you need 350 you could allow one to be full weight and another weight at 150 
   or the last two weights at 75.

Finding Items Easily:
Submitted by: Rafael

When you need to find items, scan through the screen slowly. When the cursor flashes, 
it means your cursor are on one of the hidden items.

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