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  Hints and Tips for: Escape Velocity Nova 
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 Escape Velocity Nova Cheats

Escape Velocity Nova

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54 

Programmer message:
Press X at the main menu.

Programming team:
Successfully complete a major story line to unlock four planets in the
northwest part of the map. Go one jump to the right and one jump up 
from South Manchester. The planets correspond to the development team.

Hidden message:
Enter "Kenny" as a name for a new pilot. Intentionally die to see the 
"Oh my God! You killed Kenny!" message from South Park on the main 
menu's status area.

South Park reference:
Create a new pilot with the name "kenny". After you are killed, the status
window at the main menu will display "Oh my God! You killed Kenny!" 

Zero Wing Reference:
Cats from Zero Wing can be encountered flying a red Leviathan. When hailed
his picture will replace the normal Leviathan picture. Greet him and he 
will reply with the "All your base are belong to us" statement. He will 
also say "For Great Justice!" when attacked. 

Blue Zephyr:
At random you can encounter a Polaris Zephyr named "Shade of Blue". This 
is a reference to a ship in the beta test of the game. It has extra weapons
including a 200mm Rail Gun. The ship will remain blue when captured. 

Complete the indicated task to earn the corresponding rank. 

Cunjo Hunter: 25% remaining when Cunjo Hunting. 
Director of the Bureau of Internal Investigations: Complete Federation storyline. 
Federation Ambassador: Complete 66% of the Fed missions. 
Federation Naval Commander: Complete 33% of the Fed missions. 
Have Hypergate Access: Start the third Sigma Mission or become Ory-Hara. 
Heraan Thurokiir: Win the disabling duel against the other pack members. 
Kar'Hallarn, Leader of the Pack: Complete about 50% of the Auroran missions. 
Member of the Guild of Bounty Hunters: Complete the first Bounty Hunter mission. 
Ory'Hara: Complete 33% of the Polaris missions. 
Ory-Hara: Complete 33% of the Rebel missions. 
Pirate Guild Master: Complete 50% of the Pirate missions. 
U.N. Shipping Courier: Complete the first U.N. mission.
Warrior of the Heraan House: Complete the duel for initiation. 

Government ships:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ship. 

Auroran Cruiser, Carrier: Become Heraan Thurokiir. 
Auroran Firebird, Phoenix, Abomination: Become a warrior of the Heraan House.
Auroran Thunderforge: Complete second Auroran offshoot, wait about 30 game days.
Fed Destroyer, Carrier: Become the Fed Ambassador.
Fed Scout Ship: Complete the Fed weapon runs.
Fed Viper, Andaconda, Patrol Boat: Complete the Fed secure prisoner missions.
Polaris Arachnid, Scarab: Complete 66% of the Polaris Missions. 
Polaris Manta, Striker, Dragon: Complete first few Polaris missions.
Polaris Raven: Complete almost all the Polaris Missions, probably about 5 missions.
R.A.G.E. Gunboat: Complete 6th Gli-Tech-Nia mission (Fed storyline only). 
Rebel Dragon, Destroyer, IDA Frigate: Complete most Rebel missions (about 66% of the).
Rebel Viper, Lightning, Thunderhead, Valkrye, Starbridge: Become Ory-Hara.
Unrelenting: Complete 66% of the Pirate missions. 
Vell-os Arrow: Become a T2. 
Vell-os Dart: Become a T3. 
Vell-os Javelin: Become a T1.

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