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  Hints and Tips for: ESports Club 
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 ESports Club Cheats

ESports Club

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Gameplay Tips!:
Written by EdSkyme´stŰr

This guide might help you get through leagues much easier and win more 
matches with your team. And this is mainly for the FPS scene.

-=Get better players to improve your team=-
You should get better player if you think that you can't get a certain 
cup or advance in league. Try to get better players that your previous 
one and note that you can only have 10 player max in your team ,so try 
to choose playerscarefully and when you are improving your "PR" try to 
let it finish so you can get better players with a cheaper price.

-=Things you should look out when getting a better player.=-
Special ability 

You should get players that have more star than your previous player, 
and find the player that has a role that you lack of.

Example: If you have 4 option in your market, 1 4star Sniper, 1 4star 
Entry Fragger, 1 3.5 Star Support and 1 5 Star sniper and your team lacks 
a good sniper, narrow your option to sniper only as you lack a good player 
for that role. And If your team is only 3 star on average, you should only 
get that 5 Star sniper if you have the money to support it. And check 
their values as some same star players have diffrent stats and requirement. 
Some player are bad compare to others but requires a higher salary. 
Choose the player that is good in terms of both price and stats. If a player 
has a good special ability for his own role, Example a sniper with an AWP 
expert special ability and has good stats, choose that instead of the regular 
sniper as it gives you bonus stats.

Remember to get a balance team and players that have their own role to 
avoid decreasing their potential as you can't let a sniper role player to 
have an entry fragger role. Otherwise, his stats will decrease.

-=Improve your team strats=-
Try to change team strats and the player role playstyle to see the diffrence 
outcome of the game. You need to test this yourself but heres some suggestion 
of the player playstyle:

Entry Fragger: Aggresive / Mix / Rapid
Support: Balance / Mix / Medium
Lurker: Defensive / Mix / Cautious
IGL: Balance / Mix / Medium
Awper: Balance / Bursting / Cautious

This can be switch at the Tactic Settings

-=Train your teamv
Train your team if you have extra money to spend to improve their overall 
strats and I suggest you don't overdo it as it can decrease your player 
mental and physical health. Improve your gaming room to have more efficient 
training program for your team.

-=Watch your player health=-
Player can get injury and mental health problem if you don't give them some 
rest and let them work everyday. This will damage their stats and as in real 
life, everyone needs some break after a long working day. Try to schedule 
your event and activity carefully to prevent players from overworking. Build 
and upgrade your health center, Restroom/bedroom and gym to help your player 
physical and mental health as those building can heal your player after they 
injured themself more quickly and increase your player health capability.

So that's some tips to help you improve your team, note that it won't 
instantly help you win every cup in the game but it will improve your team 
a lot.

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