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  Hints and Tips for: Eternity Warriors VR 
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 Eternity Warriors VR Cheats

Eternity Warriors VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Find the Warrior Hard to Play?:
Written by Kun.

There are some EWVR gamers found the Warrior class hard to use. 
We are trying to fix some obvious issues and give him a general optimization 

Struggling a bit with the Warrior? Here are a few tips to help you kill things!

We've noticed that a few EWVR players are finding the Warrior class a little 
hard to use. We are aware that the Warriors abilities are a little unclear in 
the game and we are working hard to make it better.

But in the meantime here is what you might have missed:
1.The Warrior uses a one-sided blade. Damage will only incur if the sharp edge 
  of the blade hit's the enemy.
2.The Warriors shield can do more than just "block".

When enemies are close by you can fling them up in the air by swinging your 
shield up. When enemies are in the air you can then use your sword to perform 
an air combo. 
You can deflect enemy projectiles and send them right back where they came from. 
This can be performed by swinging your shield just at the right time, it feels a 
lot like Table Tennis. 
The shield can also break if it takes too much damage, but don't worry it'll 
return in a few seconds.

3. Unleash your swords holy power!
When you damage enemies with your sword, your sword will build a holy power. 
This can be seen by the blue aura. 
Use the trigger on the sword hand to release the holy power. 
Now you will shoot a beam with every swing.

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