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  Hints and Tips for: Europa 1400 - The Guild 
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 Europa 1400 - The Guild Cheats

Europa 1400 - The Guild

Submitted by: David K

Two ways to cure from illnesess:
1. Go to your privileges there you have the option go to a physician, this
will cost you 2ap and some money, there is a change it will fail then you'll
get your money back and you can try again later. Note it will cure all 
illnesess you have.

2. If physician failes or you do not have 2 ap then there is no option as far
as i know to cure yourself, leave it be most often it will cure itself after 1
or 2 rounds. As for your children etc they should cure out of themselves. All 
the stuff you can buy at alchemist etc. do not cure you.

Changing professions:
You can also try to get another full level 6 in another occupation, and each
such full mastery gives you +1 AP/turn. Since masteries are passed on to the
next generation, the descendents of your starting characters can have quite a
range of them, and thus quite a healthy AP income.

The only disadvantage is that progress in your current occupation will cease.
If you've already reached level 6, there's nothing to lose. If you haven't, 
you may want to wait to change so you'll get the 1 AP/turn bonus.

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