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  Hints and Tips for: Everspace 
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 Everspace Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Loot and currency is key to survival and progression in Everspace, 
and often the hunger for loot is going to put you in sticky situations.
Itís also going to challenge you to take risks. There are few key 
elements to be aware of when it comes to loot, the first being credits.
Earning credits is super important. Credits are going to allow you to 
upgrade perks which are carried over into the next run-through should 
you die. Loot can be found all over the place; inside old shipwrecks, 
by killing enemies or sometimes just floating around in space. Spend 
some time exploring a zone before jumping to the next one otherwise 
you might miss something important like a new weapon.If you see a 
neutral ship or squad engaged in combat, if they kill an enemy, the
enemy will drop loot. Jump in and grab it. Treat it as a freebie.

1.The Pulse Laser does higher damage to shields, the Gatling does 
  higher damage to hulls. Knock out an enemyís shields with the 
  Pulse Laser and then switch to Gatling to finish him off. 
2.Terrans and Aliens will always fight with Outlaws if they are 
  close enough to notice each other. Terran and Aliens are neutral
  toward each other and wonít fight unless provoked.
3.Trick the Aliens into shooting something Terran. Hide behind a 
  freighter, fuel pods or just a Terran base. if the Alienís shots
  start hitting the Terrans, they will start to fight each other.
4.When you return from the Equipment screen, your ship is centered.
  So if you are trying to keep your reticle on the jump point, or 
  want to stay straight without drifting, press Tab twice to enter
  and return from the Equipment screen and your ship will stay 
  pointed straight ahead.
5.Pick up all equipment. Salvage any weapons or equipment you 
  donít want to get a few resources from them.

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