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  Hints and Tips for: Evil Islands 
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 Evil Islands Cheats

Evil Islands

This game is titled also "Evil Islands: Curse Of The Lost Soul"

Cheat Codes:
During gameplay, press ~ for the console and type "thingamabob" to enable
cheat mode. Now press ~ again and type any of the following "Codes":

Result                               Code
List console codes                 - help
Invincible and no energy           - @godmode(0,1)
Kill anything with one hit         - @godmode(0,2)
Disable God modes                  - @godmode(0,0)
Level select                       - @leavetozone(0,"[level name]",0)
Set strength level                 - @givestrength(getunitofplayer(0,0),[amount])
Set dexterity level                - @givedexterity(getunitofplayer(0,0),[amount])
Set intelligence level             - @giveintelligence(getunitofplayer(0,0),[amount])
Set melee weapon skill             - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"melee" [number])
Set ranged weapon skill            - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"archery" [number])
Set use/steal skill                - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"science" [number])
Set elemental magic skill          - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"elemental" [number])
Set astral magic skill             - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"astral" [number])
Set sensory magic skill            - @giveskill(getunitofplayer(0,0),"sense" [number])
Get indicated amount of money      - give 0 money [amount] 	
Get indicated amount of experience - give 0 exp [amount]
Toggle frame rate display          - fps 0 or 1
All mission map objects            - lootall
Quit game                          - exit or quit
Set console placement              - console [r, l, t, b, or c]
Kick player from your server       - ban
Kick player from your server       - kick
Unknown                            - localrate
Unknown                            - rate 	
Unknown                            - partyresend 	
Unknown                            - days 	
Unknown                            - generateacks 	
Unknown                            - disconnect 	
Unknown                            - net 	
Unknown                            - memusage 	
Unknown                            - server 	
Unknown                            - join 	
Unknown                            - fadeout 	
Unknown                            - executeorexec 	
Unknown                            - lastfps 	
Unknown                            - loadvar 	
Unknown                            - listvar 	
Unknown                            - show 	
Unknown                            - filter 	
Unknown                            - history 	
Unknown                            - debuginfo

Level names:
Use one of the following values with the @leavetozone(0,"[level name]",0) 
codes to advance to the location. 

Location                      Level name 
New Green clan's residence    bz10k
Abandoned mines               bz11k
Fortress                      bz13h
Last Shelter                  bz14h
Old Necromancer's tower       bz15h
Secret trading place          bz16h
Cave; meeting place           bz18h
Village                       bz1g
Witch's cave                  bz2g
Dragon's lair                 bz3g
Khadaganian expedition camp   bz4g
Lizard hermit's home          bz5g
Sheivar settlement            bz6g
Great Mage's Catacomb         bz7g
City of Ingos                 bz8k
Green clan's residence        bz9k
Tunnel                        gz10g 	
City and surrounding areas    gz11k
Abandoned mines               gz12k
Karansul's domain             gz13k
Forbidden catacombs           gz14k
Death canyon                  gz15h
Wormheads' cave               gz16h
Necromancers' desert          gz17h
Portal                        gz19h
Ruins                         gz1g
Catacombs                     gz20g 	
The road to the witch         gz2g
Foothills                     gz3g
Remote mountains              gz4g
Cave                          gz5g
Middle mountains              gz6g
The river and the islands     gz7g
Sands                         gz8g
Dead city                     gz9g

Moving between islands:
Whenever you are about to move from one island to the next, strip your companions
bare of spells and equipment. You will end up losing these people anyway as you 
get transported, so you may as well save the goodies for yourself or the next 
collection of allies you'll end up with... or just sell it all for extra money.

Less Healing:
Add item-triggered healing spells (as powerful as you can get) into most your 
armour, once you progress quite a way into the game. The addition of the spells
is a miniscule cost compared to what creating the armour will be anyway, plus 
whenever you get hit in combat the healing spell will be activated, healing your
character right back again. You will need to do a LOT less healing this way.

Final battle:
Finding that final battle tricky? Simply cast a Weaken spell as soon as the 
enemy appears. If you're lucky, you won't have to do a single other thing to win
the encounter!

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