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  Hints and Tips for: Exit the Gungeon 
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 Exit the Gungeon Cheats

Exit the Gungeon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat The Buffammos (Useful Tips):
Written by BeBa

Truly the Buffammo is a friend to all gungeoneers and desires only 
to assist our runs.

-=Useful Tips for All Phases=-
The Buffammo is a simple boss and his attacks are only dangerous when you 
donít expect them. Below is a list of his phases and what to do to maximize 
your chances of not taking a hit from them.

-=All Phases=-
The best tip is to stay on the opposite floor of him at all times, He went 
to the gym with the Gatling Gull and he did NOT skip leg day, He can sprint 
into you costing mastery in an instant and its hard to notice in time. In 
addition many of his attacks will completely miss you if he is on the 
opposite floor.

-=Floor Switch Phase=-
When you notice he is about to jump there are 2 ways to dodge, Top floor 
dodge and bottom floor dodge. When on the top floor you want to be as much 
in the center as possible that way as the bullets are about to hit you you 
can drop down and land in the center rather than landing on one of the two 
side platforms. When on the bottom floor you want to jump up to your side 
platform and wait for the bullets to get close then jump to the center of 
the top platform.

-=Charge Phase=-
After jumping he will usually charge into the walls either 1 or 3 times, 
This will drop rocks from above that you need to dodge, Simply stand 
between the hazard signs to ensure you donít get hit or if possible stay as 
far away as possible. In addition if you are on the same floor as him when 
he goes to charge do everything you can to move off that floor.

-=Milk Phase=-
Buffammo will chuck explosive milk jugs at you which explode into slow 
moving projectiles simply maneuver through them slowly and roll only 
if you have to.

-=Shot Volley Phase=-
When he shoots his bullets will hit the wall behind you, you want to stay 
as far as possible from them without standing directly above or below 
Buffammo to avoid getting jumped on.

Using all these tips you should easily be able to secure your mastery 
every time.

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