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  Hints and Tips for: Expeditions: A MudRunner Game 
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 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Cheats

Expeditions: A MudRunner Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Hints:
Written by jztemple

Good planning and an abundance of patience can really help. Slow, steady and 
methodical. But, some of the smaller scouts handle a lot better in first person 
view. Iím not sure why, but I can cruise at higher speeds in FP, take less 
damage and donít do trajectory changes so easy. In third person Iíll be going 
along and randomly shoot off at a 45į because I grazed a small rock.

Tip for seismic expeditions: take a picture of the map with the yellow location 
identifier when selecting expeditions. Once you are on the map, it doesnít 
display those and you have to rely on a distance indicator with no directions 
other than that number increasing or decreasing.

Unlock trucks in the wild! Rescue them and then you can purchase them. The 
Step 310 is just terrible and is the only option for seismic addon at the start.

If you are strapped for cash, sell any of the vehicles you donít use, you can 
buy them back later.

Pay close attention to the specs of each tire when upgrading. A tire rated 
excellent for mud may only be good for offroad and a lot of the maps are off-road 
rather than mud.

* Turn off your engine whenever possible! You can still use your drone and 
  binoculars. Or when checking your map. An idling engine still drinks fuel.

* Once you have discovered an airdrop, when you mouse over it on the map it 
  will show the inventory items there. However, usually airdrops also contain
  fuel and supplies. Donít ignore an airdrop after you have taken all the 
  inventory items.

* Always bring anchors and jack-screws. This is especially true for trucks that 
  sit high on their suspension.

* On some maps you can build bridges and remove avalanches (rock slides), but 
  you need supplies for these. Plan on bringing extra supplies.

* Always check the upgrades menu before you go on a mission. Add extra fuel cans, 
  supplies and tires. Youíll need to add the extra storage and then pick the items
  you want on the same upgrade screen.

* Essentials storage at outposts and bases can provide supplies, fuel and wheels. 
  They start off partially full at the beginning of an Expedition (mission). They 
  are only refilled when you end your current Expedition and start another.

* I donít know if this is a bug, but sometimes where you have previously built a 
  bridge or cleared an avalanche/rock slide, the game will display an option to 
  spend supplies there again. It doesnít change anything as far as I can tell.

Be careful when using the jack-screw. Even if the preview show you a green image 
where your truck will spawn, make sure all wheels are clear of the terrain. I had 
an instance where when spawning, one of the wheels spawned inside a large rock 
which trapped it and forced me to give up the mission.

You can change the time of day! When on the map, click ďTĒ (keyboard). Oddly, 
there is no clock to see, but time will change though dawn, midday, dusk and night, 
or something to that effect. When it starts getting too dark for me I just go to 
the map and click three times and itís full daylight.

You can send out up to four vehicles at once. Also, you can tow one vehicle with 
another. This will help at times. When you do, try to keep the engine of the towed 
vehicle off. Even at idle engines burn fuel. If the towed vehicleís engine is off 
it will freewheel and save fuel.

There will be missions that want you to send a scout. Thatís fine, but scouts have 
limited inventory, fuel and supplies capacity. Consider sending along a milch cow, 
a big truck with lots of fuel and supplies plus devices. And that truck can tow 
your scout too.

Trees are insanely strong; this was true in SnowRunner too. If you snag even the 
smallest branch on your vehicle it will not break and it will stop you. Try to avoid 
getting too close to them.

Fuel! Fuel! Fuel! This canít be emphasized enough. A mission I recently completed 
took two and a half hours. Look for Airdrops to provide more devices, fuel and 
supplies. Bring an extra vehicle with lots of fuel and supplies and always think 
about saving fuel. Watch the usage meter in the lower left of the screen and note 
what activities burn fuel quicker. Youíll find that rock climbing and crossing 
fords really can use up your fuel so do those activities quickly if you can.

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