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  Hints and Tips for: Extreme G2 
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 Extreme G2 Cheats

Extreme G2

Before you Race change your name 
to one or more of these: 

Code        Result
nitroid   - Unlimited Nitro                                              
mistake   - Unlimited missiles                                           
xcharge   - Unlimited weapon & shield charge                             
Neutron   - Makes it look like your racing in the film "tron"            
spyeye    - Airship View                                                 
spiral    - Rotating view camera                                         
misplace  - Gives u better weapons on the tracks                         
2064      - Futuristic cars                                              
xxx       - Speeds the game up                                           
flick     - Only displays 1/4 of the screen when playing                 
pixie     - Remove screen fog

Level Codes:
SRG94CCFW7LH - Critical Mass (Hard difficulty)
636K9KW76ZMK - Meltdown

Good bikes:
The Surge is the fastest regular bike.

Destroying Morship in arcade mode: 
Use two homing missiles to destroy the Morship. 

Shortcut in Meza Virs:
Instead of clearing the gap and going into the first loop, hit the brakes in 
advance and do not clear the gap. You should skip the loop entirely and gain a 
huge advantage on the track. 

Hole in Lumina Falls:
Enable the "WipeOut" mode code. Near the harbor on Lumina Falls, fly above 
the water, tilt down. and enter the small hole. Note: This is difficult to do. 

Hidden areas:
If you hit one of the gray fences with the green and red lights blinking on 
them hard enough and correctly, you should go through it. You will end up at a 
different section of the track that you normally cannot reach unless you choose 
a different path before you race. 
The only way to get out is to keep driving. The track will cut off and you will 
drive off a cliff, bringing you back to the normal track.

Gamepad controls:
Press [Space] at the "Select Bike" menu. Press [Enter] to change the controls
for each action. Press a gamepad button and that button will now be set for
that item. Note: You can also do this to change the keyboard keys for that
item. Continue doing this for all the items to assign them to a gamepad button.

Note: There is no setup for the axis because it is automatically set, but
should be calibrated through the Windows Control Panel if required.

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