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  Hints and Tips for: Fallout 4 
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 Fallout 4 Cheats

Fallout 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

The console is no longer enabled with the ~ (tilde) button. It is now enabled with 
the ' button to the left of the return key. Some users may find that the ~ (tilde) 
key is still the correct key with which to access the console.

Effect                                            Code
Fully activate all Pip-Boy map markers          - tmm 1
God mode                                        - tgm
Invincibility to damage                         - tdm
Toggle no clipping                              - tcl
Buddha mode                                     - tim
Show all places on map                          - tmm 1
Kill targeted NPC                               - kill
Set "carryweight" variable                      - player.modav carryweight [number]
Toggle AI                                       - tai
Toggle attacks from NPCs                        - tcai
Resurrects targeted NPC                         - resurrect
View ID of indicated object                     - help [text]
Kill all NPCs and creatures in the area         - killall
Teleport to indicated cell                      - coc [cell edid]
Send console output to indicated file           - scof [filename]
Execute list of commands from text file         - bat [filename]
Clear console text                              - cls
Add item to your inventory                      - player.additem [object id] [amount]
Lists inventory with object IDs                 - player.showinventory or player.inv
Equip item from the inventory                   - player.equipitem [object id]
Set actor value to specific amount              - player.setav [variable] [amount]
Modify an actor value                           - player.modav [variable] [amount]
Set a value                                     - player.forceav [variable] [amount]
Gain one level                                  - player.advlevel
Set level                                       - player.setlevel [level]
Advance a point on specific skill branch        - advancepcskill [advskill]
View game settings value                        - getgs [string]
Delete targeted object                          - zap
Set the scale of targeted object                - setScale
Display the scale targeted object               - getScale
Unlock targeted locked object                   - unlock
Lock targed object with indicated lockp.        - lock [number]
Activate targeted object normally               - activate
Permanently delete targeted object              - markfordelete
Set activation state of targeted object; 
"0" is close and "2" is open                    - setopenstate [0 or 2]
Claim ownership of targeted object              - setownership
Spawn item next to player; stack value of "1" 
required for some items                         - player.placeatme [object id][stack amount][quality]
Move to indicated item within the same location - player.moveto [ref id] 
Set how fast time passes; default is "30" 	- set timescale to [scale] 
Sets the game hour to indicated value           - set gamehour to [time]	
Display current game time                       - getcurrenttime
Free-roam camera                                - tfc
Toggle visible menus and UI                     - tm
AI ignores your existence                       - tdetect
Resurrect indicated creature everywhere         - resurrect [id]
Kill indicated creature everywhere              - kill [id]
Teleport to cheat room with boxes containing 
every item                                      - coc qasmoke
 Complete every part of main storyline          - caqs
Change your character's gender                  - sexchange
Set minimum jump height                         - setgs fJumpHeightMin [number]
Set running speed multiplier                    - player.setav speedmult [number]
Full health but radiation remains               - player.resethealth
View targeted companion's affinity to you; 
maximum is over 1,000                           - getav CA_affinity
Set targeted companion's affinity; will not 
take effect until next affinity change          - modav CA_affinity [number]
Set field of view; default is "70"              - fov [number]
Returns the player to sanctuary                 - coc sanctuaryext
Sets the value of the rate at which the player 
character's power armor degrades due to damage  - setgs fPowerArmorPCArmorDamageMultiplier
Shows the value of the rate at which the player
character's power armor degrades due to damage  - getgs fPowerArmorPCArmorDamageMultiplier
MaxChance 100 Max chance to pickpocket is 100   - setgs fPickPocket
MinChance 100 Min chance to pickpocket is 100   - setgs fPickPocket
player.setav 357 [amount]                       - Value chosen multiplies ballistic and melee damage. 
                                                  (1 is default value, 2 would double the damage, 
                                                  3 will triple etc.)

Object IDs:
Use one of the following values with codes that require an [object id] variable. 

Item                         Object ID
.38                        - 4CE87
5Mm Rounds                 - 1F66C
Adhesive                   - 1BF72E
Aluminum Can               - 1F908
Aluminum                   - 6907A
Asbestos                   - AEC5C
Biometric Scanner          - 154AD3
Blast Radius Board Game    - 6B165
Camera                     - 59A83
Caps                       - F
Ceramic                    - AEC5E
Chest                      - 140C42
Circuitry                  - 6907B
Cloth                      - AEC5F
Coolant Cap                - E1FF0
Copper                     - 6907C
Cork                       - AEC60
Cryo Cell                  - 18ABE2
Cryolator                  - 171B2B
Crystal                    - 6907D
Deliverer                  - DC8E7
Duct Tape                  - 4D1F2
Extinguisher               - 1F8F9
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher - BD56F
Fiber Optics               - 69087
Fiberglass                 - AEC61
Fusion Core                - 75FE4
Gear                       - 6907E
Glass                      - 69085
Gold                       - AEC62
Large Baby Bottle          - 1A899B
Leather                    - AEC64
Left Arm                   - 140C3D
Left Leg                   - 140C49
Lockpick                   - A
Minigun                    - 1F669
Mini-Nuke                  - E6B2E
Nuclear Material           - 69086
Nuka-Cola Quantum          - 4835F
Oil                        - 1BF732
Pencil                     - 59AF8
Perception Bobblehead      - 178B5D
Plastic                    - 6907F
Plunger                    - 59AFB
Rad Away                   - 23742
Right Arm                  - 140C45
Right Leg                  - 140C3F
Rubber                     - 106D98
Screw                      - 69081
Shipment Of Cloth x25      - 1EC13E
Shipment Of Fiberglass x25 - 1EC144
Shipment Of Steel x5       - 1EC132
Silver                     - AEC66
Small Baby Bottle          - 1A89A0
Spring                     - 69082
Steel                      - 731A4
Stimpak                    - 23736
T-60 Helmet                - 140C4A
Toy Alien                  - 59B2B
Toy Rocketship             - 59B2A
TV Dinner Tray             - 59B2C
Wood                       - 731A3

Skip introduction sequence:
Use a text editor to edit the "Fallout4.ini" and "Fallout4Prefs.ini" files in the directory: 
"\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\ ". 
Find the [General] section and add the line SIntroSequence=1 in both files.

Crafting For Settlement:
First, you will need to meet Preston Garvey and his band of survivors before you start 
crafting. In Sanctuary, you will get a quest from a man called Sturges, who will provide
you with the basis of the crafting thing. This will allow you to build beds and other 
structures, dealing with water, food and establishing defenses. Once you learn the basics,
get back to the Workshop menu and look at the bar at the top of the screen, that will 
tell you in synthesis the resources which you need to build useful items.

You can "tag for search" certain items so you know, while traveling along your trip into
the Wasteland. You can even scrap items in your own settlement to craft stuff you need. 
Two things you will need to remember as your settlement arise and grows in size: you will
have to deal with power generators close to each item you will place and needs power to 
work (i.e. A radio tower); people who inhabit your refuge can also guard spots and 
artillery cannons, so they are an actual resource you can use at your favor.

Where To Find All The Companions:
You can see below a list of companions you will meet throughout the game, with their 
specific properties, pros included, and the locations where you will find them.

-=Dogmeat (Dog)=-
You'll find Dogmeat shortly after exiting Vault 111 as you head back towards Sanctuary 

-=Codsworth (Mister Handy Robot)=-
Codsworth is your Mister Handy that has been waiting for your return for centuries.

-=Piper (Human Woman)=-
Piper is found in Diamond City. In fact, she's the young woman that helps you enter 
the city.

-=Nick Valentine (Synth Man)=-
This private eye is found in Vault 114 as part of the main quest Unlikely Valentine.

-=Paladin Danse (Synth Man)=-
This Brotherhood of Steel member can be recruited after helping to clear the Cambridge 
Police Station in Boston (not too far from Diamond City).

-=Deacon (Human Man)=-
Deacon can be recruited once you make your way to the Railroad HQ in the Old North 
Church. He is a master of stealth and disguise.

-=Cait (Human Woman)=-
Head over to the Combat Zone in Boston. Recruit Cait there, she's a savage fighter 
and good at picking locks.

-=John Hancock (Ghoul Man)=-
He's in Goodneighbor where he hangs out near Scollay Square.

-=MacCready (Human Man)=-
He is in the seedy town of Goodneighbor. Completing the quest Long Road Ahead will 
let you bring him along during your journey.

-=Strong (Super Mutant)=-
During the quest Curtain Call, players will be able to free this Shakespeare-loving
super mutant from a cell at the top of Trinity Tower.

-=Preston Garvey (Human Man)=-
Preston, leader in the Minutemen army, is found in Concord during the quest When Freedom 
Calls early on in the game.

-=Curie (Mrs. Handy Robot)=-
This companion can be found in Vault 81. She can even become your girlfriend.

-=X6-88 (Synth Man)=-
X6-88 is obtained shortly after making your way to the Institute as part of the main 
quest line in Fallout 4. He is excellent at long range.

All Bobblehead locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 20 Bobbleheads. Collect all 20 Bobbleheads to 
get the "They're Action Figures" and "They're Not Dolls" achievements. Each of these 
collectibles also gives you a new perk or increases one of your special skills. None of 
them are missable. Some require you to have completed certain quests, but you can still 
go back to all areas later. In your inventory under the "Misc" option, you can view 
exactly which ones you have found. Each Bobblehead has its own name, making it easy to 
keep track of them.

1. Perception (+1 Perception)
Location: Museum of Freedom (0:05)

2. Repair (Fusion Cores last 10% longer)
Location: Corvega Assembly Plant (1:13)

3. Science (+1 Extra Guess when hacking Terminals)
Location: Malden Middle School / Vault 75 (2:04)
Requirement: Loot Access Card from Gunner Commander inside this vault.

4. Explosive (+15% Damage with Explosives)
Location: Saugus Ironworks (5:01)

5. Sneak (You are 10% harder to detect)
Location: Dunwich Borers (6:19)

6. Barter (Prices are 5% better)
Location: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery (8:25)

7. Intelligence (+1 Intelligence)
Location: Boston Public Library (9:14)

8. Melee (+25% Critical Damage with melee weapons)
Location: Trinity Towers (10:38)

9. Strength (+1 Strength)
Location: Mass Fusion Building (12:22)

10. Lock Picking (Lockpicking is permanently easier)
Location: Pickman Gallery (13:48)

11. Speech (Vendors have 100 more Caps for bartering)
Location: Park Street Station/Vault 114 (15:55)
Requirement: During or after "Unlikely Valentine" main story quest. 
This quest starts in Diamond City.

12. Energy Weapons (+25% Critical Damage with energy weapons)
Location: Fort Hagen (18:24)

13. Unarmed (+25% Critical Damage with unarmed attacks)
Location: Atom Cats Garage (20:39)

14. Endurance (+1 Endurance)
Location: Posiedon Energy (21:11). If you have master lockpicking, enter through the roof. 
If not, enter through the drainpipe by the water.

15. Agility (+1 Agility)
Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star (22:37)

16. Luck (+1 Luck)
Location: Spectacle Island (23:40)

17. Small Guns (+25% Critical Damage with ballistic guns)
Location: Gunners Plaza (24:19)
Requirement: Loot Recording Room key from Ryder inside this place.

18. Big Guns (+25% Critical Damage with heavy weapons)
Location: Vault 95 (25:35). 
High level area; set difficulty to Very Easy and run past the enemies.

19. Medicine (Stimpaks heal 10% more damage)
Location: Secret Vault 81 (26:41). Buy three fusion cores from Vendors to enter Vault 81.
Then, talk to Bobby in the reactor room and to the Doctor on the lower deck. Leave the 
vault and sleep for 24 hours. Return to the Doctor, accept the quest, and follow Bobby.

20. Charisma (+1 Charisma)
Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum (33:08)
Requirement: Must be Level 10+. Kill some guards outside the Asylum, then talk to Edward 
Deegan. He has four random spawn locations: Colonial Taphouse and Dugout Inn in Diamond 
City, Third Rail in Goodneighbor, and Bunker Hills. After talking to him, the "Special 
Delivery" quest will be triggered. Complete it and the follow-up quest "Emogene Takes 
A Lover". This will start "The Secret Of Cabot House" quest, and gain you access to the 

What You Need To Know To Be A Proper Cannibal:
While playing you will be able to eat various human races (Caucasian, African American, 
Hispanic and Asian) and a series of monsters ranging from Ghouls to Super Mutants.
The best "cuts of meat" are Sweet Breads (aka Kidneys), Shank (Calfs), Ribs, Gummies (Ears)
and Liver. 

This is what you need in terms of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats to start with cannibalism:

*Strength- 2
*Perception- 1
*Endurance- 8
*Charisma- 9
*Intelligence- 3
*Agility- 4
*Luck- 1

As for the first perks, the things you need to do first is to bring Charisma to 10 so 
you can unlock the Indimation perk and Strength to 3 for Blacksmith melee weapon modifications. 

Then you can get these perks in the order you prefer:

*Local Leader
*Party Boy
*Wasteland Whisperer
*Mr. Sandman

The best weapons for your cannibalism purposes are Ripper, Butcher Clever and Kitchen Knife, 
although there's a chance you might be willing to have a more classic approach with Power 
Fist, Brass or Spiked Knuckles, Bare Fists. Be careful as you don't want to be caught while
having your meal.

Easy "Future Retro" achievement:
Holotape games can be played at Recreation Terminals. There is one at the beginning of the 
game, when you enter Vault 111. It is in the kitchen on the lower floor. You can either pick
it up when you first visit the vault, or return later at any time. As soon as you start the
Holotape Game, you will get the "Future Retro" achievement. You do not have to complete it.
You can collect the Holotape games from terminals to play them later in your Pip Boy.

Unlimited caps:
Go to any vendor where you can find any type of ammunition. Choose to purchase all of the same
type of ammo, but do not confirm the purchase. After it appears on your side of the transaction
screen, choose the ammo on your side of the screen and give one round of ammo back to the vendor.
Then, choose to give all the ammo back to the vendor. If done correctly, you will have one round
of ammo remaining on your side of the transaction screen. You can select that round of 
ammunition repeatedly to get all of the vendor's caps.

Completing "Road To Freedom" quest:
The "Road To Freedom" quest is required to find and join the Railroad faction and progress
in "The Molecular Level" main quest. You will get the "Tradecraft" achievement for joining
the Railroad faction. This quest can be tricky due to the lack of waypoints and map markers.
The quest can be started by either overhearing people in Diamond City Market or by progressing
in "The Molecular Level" main quest. To overhear people talking about it (may need to be done 
at night), when you enter Diamond City Market, take the far left path to "Third Detective", 
then turn right to find a guy welding and talking to another guy about the Railroad. The first
waypoint at Park Street Station will be displayed on your map. Normally the quest tells you to
follow some lanterns and pick up password pieces along the way, but you can skip those tasks, 
unless you want the waypoint to Old North Church to appear on the map. Otherwise, just head 
directly to Old North Church, in the northeast. Go to the basement and locate the crest that 
says "Boston: The Freedom Trail". Use the "Freedom Trail Ring" to enter the password "Railroad"
to get in. To actually join the Railroad faction, you must complete the "Tradecraft" follow-up
quest. The quest is given to you by Deacon after your first talk with the Railroad leader.

Surviving long drops:
Save the game just before hitting the ground after falling from a fatal height. Load the 
saved and you will land safely on the ground.

Easy Power Armor early in game:
There are four different Power Armor types: T-45, T-51, T-60, X-01. The video below shows
how to easily find some of them early in the game. The type of armor you get depends on 
your character level. If you are only Level 5, chances are you will get T-45 parts, which
are the weakest. If you are Level 50, you probably will get T-60 and X-01 armor. However, 
it is slightly random what armor type you will find in each area. Save the game before 
collecting parts. If you do not like the part you get, load the saved game to see if you 
get a different part next time. Most of the parts already have fusion cores installed. 
Thus, if you simply want a fusion core, you can check these locations and extract it from
the Power Armor. Upgrades can be made at Power Armor stations to further improve the armor 
rating. Some of them require an upgraded Hacker perk for Advanced and Expert terminals. 
You can go to all these locations immediately when the game begins. Note: There are more 
armor locations than shown in the video below. Even enemies wear them, and you can loot 
it. There are many ways to obtain new parts, but these are just the easiest locations to 
get them early in the game.

Infinite XP:
First, join the Brotherhood Of Steel, which can be done immediately after the game starts. 
You can join by going to Cambridge Police Station or just following the main story. Either 
way triggers the "Reveille" and "Fire Support" quests. Follow the Brotherhood's quest line 
until they make you a member. Then, complete their "Tour Of Duty" quest, where you will meet 
everyone on the airship. Next, make sure to have a high-damage Sniper Rifle with a long-range
scope (should be 50+ damage, which can be bought from vendors in Diamond City or Bunker Hill).
After joining the Brotherhood Of Steel, travel to Prydwen (their airship headquarters), and 
talk to Proctor Quinlan. Choose to assist on a patrol, and he will give you the "Learning 
Curve" quest. After activating the quest, go to the deck of the airship. Make sure to set 
the difficulty to Very Easy. Instead of doing the quest the normal way, you can shoot the 
Brotherhood ally you are supposed to protect right from the airship, and it will end the 
quest. He dies with 1-4 headshots on the Very Easy difficulty. After killing your ally, the 
quest immediately ends, but you still get to keep the reward for the quest. Make sure you 
crouch and are "hidden" before firing a shot and remain hidden before taking a single step 
or the guards will kill you since you have just killed one of their members below. Then, 
return to the quest giver for your XP. He will give you the exact same quest again. Repeat 
this as many times as desired. Each run takes approximately 90 seconds with loading times if
you can kill the target in one hit (use strong .50 caliber sniper rifle). 
If your Intelligence level is at 11, you will get approximately 419 XP for completing the 
quest, plus 42XP for killing the target. That is 461 XP in 90 seconds or 3,073 XP in 10 
minutes if all goes smoothly. Even with less Intelligence, you can still easily score 
around 2,500 XP in 10 minutes. Use this method to quickly reach Level 50 and get the 
"Legend Of The Wastes" achievement.

Easy Fusion Cores early in game:
Fusion Cores are needed to use Power Armor. The video below shows how to easily find 10 
Fusion Cores early in the game. You can start collecting these right when the game starts.
You can also buy them from vendors (for example, each Fusion Core costs approximately 500 
caps in Diamond City).

Repairing, upgrading, and painting Power Armor:
Power Armor provides a lot of protection and makes the game much easier. However, the 
armor breaks after a while and you will have to repair it at one of the Power Armor 
stations. The first station is found in Sanctuary. Repairs only cost steel, which is 
easy to come by. You have to go there while inside your Power Armor and put it near 
the station. Going there without your armor does nothing. Painting it in new colors 
does not just change the look, but it also provides bonuses such as increased charisma 
or perception. Upgrading it obviously increases the armor rating, but requires the 
Science and Armorer perks.

Item duplication and unlimited stats:
Get Dogmeat and return to Sanctuary. Find the "You're Special!" book in the crib and 
use it. Drop it to the ground from your inventory. Tell Dogmeat to pick it up, but 
quickly collect it before he does so. If done correctly, he will drop the item and it
will still be in your inventory (this can be done with any item to duplicate it). Pick 
up the copy Dogmeat dropped and to have two "You're Special" books. Drop both books on
the ground and one should activate again. To get unlimited books to increase your stats
as desired, drop the book and duplicate it. Drop both books and pick them up. Drop one 
book and duplicate it, drop all the books and pick them up, then repeat by dropping one
book and duplicating it.

List of Item IDs:
Once you activate the player.additem cheat from the console, you'll need to enter 
an item code and quantity. Below, you'll find a list of items and gear you can spawn,
along with the corresponding IDs.

Bottlecap - 0000000F 
Stimpak - 00023736 
Rad Away - 00023742 
Fusion Core - 00075FE4 
Nuka-Cola Quantum - 0004835F

Perception Bobblehead - 00178B5D

Grognak's Axe - ff002c79 
Kremvh's Tooth - 00225b5e 
Shem Drowne Sword - ff00364a 
Lorenzo's Artifact Gun - ff001a74 
Shishkebab - ff001532 
Suppressed Deliverer Pistol - ff001a23 
2076 World Series Baseball Bat - ff003687 
Zeta Gun - ff001dec 
Alien Blaster Pistol - ff0010ea 
Broadsider - ff0036c9 
Cryolator - 00171B2B 
Experiment 18-A - ff001795

Minigun - 0001F669 
Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher - 000BD56F 
Flamer - ff002e24 
Gatling Laser - ff002e1f 
Gauss Rifle - ff0036d3 
Missile Launcher - ff0031dc 
Power Fist - ff0017f0 
Revolutionary Sword - ff0019f9 
Railway Rifle - ff0026ce 
Submachine Gun - ff0031b5 
Combat Shotgun - ff00268c 
Walking Cane - ff001e22 
Ripper - ff0031b5

Minutemen General's Uniform - ff001cd6 
Minutemen General's Hat - ff001ebc 
Kellogg's Outfit - ff000df8 
Colonial Duster - ff003687 
Grognak Costume - ff0036c9 
Hazmat Suit - ff001f66 
Quinlan's Armor - ff00281b 
Vault 81 Jumpsuit - ff002b82 
Vault 114 Jumpsuit - ff00396f 
Vault 111 Jumpsuit - ff001e77 
Vault 101 Jumpsuit - ff001bad 
T-45 Power Armor Helm - 00154abf 
T-45 Power Armor Left Arm - 00154abd 
T-45 Power Armor Left Leg - 00154ac0 
T-45 Power Armor Right Arm - 00154abe 
T-45 Power Armor Right Leg - 00154ac1 
T-45 Power Armor Chest - 00154ac2 
T-60 Power Armor Helm - 00140c4a 
T-60 Power Armor Left Arm - 00140c3d 
T-60 Power Armor Left Leg - 00140c49 
T-60 Power Armor Right Arm - 00140c45 
T-60 Power Armor Right Leg - 00140c3f 
T-60 Power Armor Chest - 00140c42 
X-01 Power Armor Helm - 00154ac5 
X-01 Power Armor Left Arm - 00154ac3 
X-01 Power Armor Left Leg - 00154ac6 
X-01 Power Armor Right Arm - 00154ac4 
X-01 Power Armor Right Leg - 00154ac7 
X-01 Power Armor Chest - 00154ac8

5mm Rounds - 0001F66C 
.308 Rounds - ff00272d 
.38 Rounds - ff003561 
.44 Rounds - ff002685 
Alien Blaster Ammo - ff002339 
Cannonball - ff0027cf 
Flamer Fuel - ff0015fd 
Fusion Cell - ff001e8a 
Gamma Rounds - ff002843 
Mini-Nuke - 000E6B2E 
Missiles - ff003983 
Plasma Cartridge - ff00366b 
Railroad Spikes - ff002979 
Cryo Cell - 0018ABE2

Duct Tape - 0004D1F2 
Fibre Optics - 00069087 
Screw - 00069081 
Aluminium - 0006907A 
Nuclear Material - 00069086 
Toy Alien - 00059B2B 
Large Baby Bottle - 001A899B 
Military Grade Circuit Board - 00154AD2 
Springs - 00069082 
Circuitry - 0006907B 
Ceramics - 000AEC5E 
Camera - 00059A83

Infinite Bartering with Arturo (Exploit):
You can sell unlimited items to Arturo in Diamond City, which makes extremely
expensive items available to you early in the campaign. Start by defeating 
enemies and looting areas until you have a few hundred caps in your possession.
Then head to Diamond City and speak with Arturo. Look at his wares, and indicate
your wish to purchase all of his ammo of a particular type but do not finalize 
the deal. Instead, access your items and sell a single unit of the ammo you just 
bought from him. Then, sell any remainder of that same ammo type. There is a game
bug that keeps a single unit of that ammo in your inventory, which you can sell 
to him continuously. Though you can't use this glitch to obtain more caps than 
Arturo has on hand, you can repeatedly sell him glitched ammo to build up your 
resources. It's possible to use the trick with any type of ammo Arturo sells, as
long as you have the initial caps required (though it can take some time and a 
lot of button presses). If you do everything properly, you can obtain all kinds
of powerful equipment. However, keep in mind that the glitch is only effective 
when dealing with Arturo.

Surviving Great Falls:
If you've fallen from a terrible height, normally that would be the end of you.
However, you can save your game just before you hit the ground, then load your 
save and you will land safely. Whew!

Easy Cryogun:
You can find the Cryogun in a case before you leave Vault 111. Typically, you'll 
need the Master level Locksmith skill if you want to open it. However, you can find
Dogmeat (your canine pal) and bring him near the case. Use the Fetch command and 
select the Item option. He'll grab the gun for you and drop it in front of you so
you can add it to your inventory. He also packs ammo, because he's helpful like that.

How to Start the Game After Leaving the Vault:
Once you get out of the Vault 111, the first thing you do is meet Codsworth and 
start his mini quest to know more about the Concord, but before you talk to him 
go straight and grab the SPECIAL book from your Children's room. Then head to the
Workshop bench to activate and unlock the settlement workshop building. While 
cleaning up the Ruined items, simply clear out the useless clutter which will 
lower the town's happiness and avoid deleting the couched tables/chairs etc as 
these help with the Town's happiness.

Move all the Crafting stations and clean the fallen tables, couches etc. This 
will help you gain the basic crafting materials. Place 12 beds, 2 water pumps 
and to get the head start plant 2 melons and a gourd in the town. You can also
drop a few turrets near the bridge for the security purpose/rating. In the last
house where Codsworth takes, you will find a .38 Caliber Pipe Pistol which you 
can upgrade it into a rifle. Now you are ready to escort the Concord Group to 

Perform the same at the Rocket Gas Station by cleaning the junk and collecting 
it for crafting purpose. Now have a look under the Gas Station and you will find
some hidden caves with Fusion Cores and Rank 1 safe. This activity is time-
consuming, but it will definitely provide you with an Easy exp from the very 
start of the Game.

Infinite fusion cores:
First, join the Brotherhood Of Steel, which can be done immediately after the game
starts. You can join by going to Cambridge Police Station or just following the main
story. Either way triggers the "Reveille" and "Fire Support" quests. Follow the 
Brotherhood's quest line until they make you a member. Then, complete their "Tour Of
Duty" quest, where you will meet everyone on the airship. You can then pickpocket a 
fusion core (make sure you do not get caught) from one the Knights inside The Prydwen
(their airship headquarters). Make sure to do this in a secluded area. Once you 
pickpocket the fusion core from the Knight, he or she will come out of the powersuit,
replenish their fusion core, and re-enter the powersuit. Once they are inside their 
powersuit again, pickpocket the fusion core again. Repeat this process as many times 
as desired. Note: Quicksave after each successful attempt, just in case you get caught.

Infinite lock XP:
Find a safe that can be picked that also has a nearby terminal that can be hacked.
Pick the safe, then hack the terminal to relock the safe. Pick the safe again, use 
the hacked terminal, then relock the safe. Repeat this process as many times as 
desired to earn lock XP each time. You will also gain affinity with companions Piper,
Cait, and Deacon as long as the safe is unowned.

Infinite inventory space (no weight limit):
To get unlimited inventory space for your companion, instead of trading with your 
companion, simply command them to pick up the item for you. Companions will never 
be overburdened using this trick. If your own inventory is too full, just drop some
heavy objects on the ground and have your companion pick them up. This is especially
helpful when you find some good loot but cannot carry more weight, or if you do not 
want to burden yourself with heavy weapons. This trick allows you to always bring 
some mini-nuke launchers (Fat Mans), rocket launchers, and mini-guns to fights 
without having to worry about their weight.

X-01 Power Armor (full set) location:
To find the full set of X-01 Power Armor, you must be Level 28+. It is located in
the 35 Court (green) building, just south of Custom House Tower. Once inside the 
building, take the elevator up. Exit the elevator, and go right and proceed up to the
next level. You will then encounter the Sentry Bot. Destroy the Sentry Bot, then press
the button in the two doors that opened to open the door with the Power Armor, in the 
middle of the room. You can upgrade it up to "Mk. VI" at any Power Armor station, which
will further increase the armor rating. X-01 is the strongest set of Power Armor in 
the game. You are guaranteed to get the full set at this location if you are Level 28 
or higher. If you are under Level 28, you will find a weaker armor such as the T-45. 
Thus, do not go there before reaching Level 28.

How to Build Anywhere in Commonwealth:
1: Press ~ on your keyboard(while the game is running).
2: Type in "tgm" (without quotes)
3: Type in "Player.Placeatme c1aeb"
4: Hold down V to start building.
5: It's Done and you may build anytime and anywhere.

-=Important Notes=-
* If the Base is built outside then it will be not marked on the Map.
* The size of a settlement outside should be as big as sanctuary.
* If you build inside a cell then the base will disappear in few days as the enemies 
  respawn here.
* If you don't want the ability to build workshop then simply click on the workshop on 
  the console where it says 'c1aeb' (at the top of the console). Just type "disable" 
  and get rid of this ability.
* You are unable to use this building ability to destroy cars and trees etc.
* You need to clear enemies from this area " Simply make sure you are in god mode 
  by typing " tgm " in the console.

Flamethrower does not use ammo:
Enter VATS with a flamethrower, select a target, and activate it. While shooting it,
hold [Fire] and exit it while still holding [Fire] to shoot without using ammo.

Secret Alien Blaster Pistol:
Fast travel to Oberland Station (under the bend of the river), which is a good distance 
southeast of Sanctuary. Once you are in Oberland, head directly east until you see a 
downed UFO on fire. There will be some green alien blood near the crashed UFO. Follow 
the trail of green blood up the small hill and down off the cliff and into the nearby 
cave. Enter the cave and kill the alien. Then, collect the Alien Blaster Pistol and the
ammo for it on the body of the alien. The alien will have between 400 and 550 rounds of
ammo for the weapon. Its stats are 70 damage, 100 fire rate, 149 range, 73 accuracy, 2.5
weight, and 1551 value. You can take the weapon to a workbench and modify the Barrel, 
Grip, Mag, and Sights. Since there is no other known way to obtain ammo for this weapon,
you can change the Mag on it so it uses Fusion Cells. 
Note: The weapon damage will decrease by two points when changing the Mag to Fusion Cells.

Unlimited lock experience:
Find a safe that can be picked that also has a nearby terminal that can be hacked. Pick 
the safe then hack the terminal to relock the safe. Pick the safe again, use the hacked 
terminal, then relock the safe. Repeat the process as many times as desired to earn lock
experience every time. You will also gain favor with companions such as Piper, Cait, and
Deacon as long as the safe is unowned.

Infinite XP (Exploit):
Locate a terminal near a safe. You can open the safe by using your lock picking ability.
Then you can enter the terminal and close the safe, so that you can pick its lock once 
more. You can repeat this process as often as you like for easy XP. It helps also if 
your INT rating is high, so you gain levels more quickly.

Gatling Laser Exploit:
Though the Gatling Laser exhausts your supply of fusion cores, you can switch to another 
weapon and back to find that your ammo has been magically refilled.

Duplicate Items and Perk Points (Exploit):
Make sure you acquire the "You Are Special" book, located in the house where you start, 
under the desk in Shaun's room. You also need a companion. Ideally, that companion is 
Dogmeat. Find a flat area and drop the item/book, then send Dogmeat a few feet away. Tell
him to fetch the dropped item/book, and wait for him to bow his head. Pick up the item 
precisely as he does, and if you timed it properly, you'll have one in your inventory and 
he will also drop one. Using this technique, you can quickly acquire items and perk points
as needed.

Infinite settlement size:
While at a settlement, drop all your extra weapons on the ground. Enter workshop mode, 
and click to store those weapons in your workbench. This will cause the game to think it
has more space and you will see your size actually drop. Then, go back to your workbench
and add them back to your personal inventory, and repeat this process until you have 
enough space to build more.

Developer Room:
You can find a developer room with a little help from the cheat console, which you bring
up by pressing ~ (TILDE, the key above TAB). Once you access the console, enter coc qasmoke
(don't forget the space) to access the room. It contains a bunch of resources you can use 
in the campaign. When you're ready to leave, type coc ufocrashsite01 (again, with a space)
in the console.

Easy "Lovable" achievement or trophy:
Recruit Dogmeat and any companion that likes when you heal Dogmeat, such as Curie. Send
Dogmeat to a settlement with low population, for example The Red Rocket. Set Curie to be
your active companion. Find a high power shotgun or rifle, a lot of ammunition, and about
100 Stimpacks. Fast travel to Dogmeat's settlement. Note: If the settlement is populated,
use commands to direct Dogmeat to the far edge of it. Shoot Dogmeat's legs until he 
requires healing. Heal Dogmeat with your Stimpacks. Continue cycling shooting and healing
Dogmeat, pausing to speak with Curie when needed to boost your relationship.

Infinite Caps (Exploit):
Proceed to the Human Error quest, which involves the Covenant. Find the compound where
Honest Dan is waiting. A conversation follows between him and the doctor. Side with 
Honest Dan, and kill everyone nearby. Free Stockton's daughter and then talk to Honest
Dan. After a bit, he'll give you the reward. However, DO NOT MAKE A DIALOGUE CHOICE. 
That's very important if you want to take advantage of the exploit. Instead, adjust 
the camera so that you back out of the conversation without making the choice. Walk 
away and wait for a few moments, then return to talk to Dan. The conversation will 
start fresh, and you can receive the reward again. Repeat the process as often as you
like to earn 300 caps each time and amass a small fortune.

Duplication Glitch:
Using the workshop at any settlement you can actually duplicate any singular material 
exponentially (at least to a point) to do this drop the item you want on the ground, 
access the workshop (where you can choose what to build) then hover over the item and 
press scrap and then immediately roll over the button for storing, if done correctly 
both prompts will overlay and you will not only scrap the item but also store it as 
well, effectively doubling that item, this is done most easily with a controller as all
you have to do is roll your finger from the X button to the B button on an Xbox 
Controller (Square to Circle for a Playstation 4 controller) as a note when you see 
the menu's overlap you must hold B (or Circle) while you confirm the first box, then
confirm in the second box and that will complete the duplication.

Nuka World Nuka-Cola Recipes:
Nuka-Berry recipe – xx04431c
Nuka-Bombdrop recipe – xx044320
Nuka-Cide recipe – xx04430c
Nuka-Cooler recipe – xx044318
Nuka-Frutti recipe – xx044323
Nuka-Hearty recipe – xx044328
Nuka-Lixir recipe – xx044326
Nuka-Love recipe – xx044314
Nuka-Power recipe – xx04431e
Nuka-Punch recipe – xx04430e
Nuka-Ray recipe – xx04431a
Nuka-Rush recipe – xx044310
Nuka-Sunrise recipe – xx044324
Nuka-Void recipe – xx044316
Nuka-Xtreme recipe – xx044312

Note: Just replace the “xx” with 01-06 until you get a match. 

Unlimited Build Size:
If you like to build settlements in the Fallout 4, then you should know about build 
size cap. Using only two console commands, we can easily bypass it!

-=How to create unlimited building size=-
* Enter the console.
* Left-click on the workshop (id should appear at the top center).

Type these two commands in, pressing Enter after each one.

setav 349 3675555555.00
setav 34B 3675555555.00

It’s done!

How to Read the Compass:
Written by vinyl-fantasy

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the compass in Fallout 4 to be rather confusing to 
understand – at least at first. If you’re having trouble with it, too, here’s my 
breakdown of it. Hope it helps!

The compass took me quite a long time to get used to, but here’s how I understand it.

As one can expect, the N, S, E, and W markers on the bottom represent the cardinal 
directions, north south, east, and west, respectively. The markers will move around 
depending on the direction you’re facing; if, for example, N is in front of you, 
start walking forward, and you will be heading northward. The in-game map that is 
featured in your Pip-Boy is fixed north: so “up” is always north, “down” is always 
south, “left” is always west, and “right” is always east, regardless of what 
direction you’re facing.

The icons on the top part of the compass represent major locations (such as towns, 
landmarks, and prominent buildings). Icons that look “punched out” represent nearby 
locations that you have not yet discovered, while icons that look “filled in” 
represent nearby locations that you have visited before.

These icons will appear when you are relatively near the locations they represent. 
As you get closer to a particular location, its corresponding icon will gradually 
increase in size; if the location is a waypoint or quest objective, you will see a 
number no greater than 99 appear above the icon. This indicates approximately how 
many paces or so you are from the location. At times, there may be an arrow pointing 
upwards or downwards, especially when a waypoint or quest objective is indoors from 
the greater Commonwealth area. If there is no arrow present, this means you are at 
the “same level” as the objective – naturally, if the arrow is pointing upwards, it 
means the objective is “above” you, and if it’s pointing downwards, the objective is 
“below” you. This is all helpful information when it comes to pinpointing exactly 
where your next objective is, such as at a specific terminal or doorway.

If the objective for a quest requires you going into another area that is accessible 
via a loading screen, an icon in the shape of a door will appear on the compass, 
indicating that, if you’re out in the Commonwealth, the objective is within a more 
specific location indoors.

Finally, enemies will also appear on the compass. In my understanding, enemy icons 
will only display when they “spot” you. This means that enemies that are nearby but 
have not noticed you will not appear on the compass, and enemies that you have escaped 
and have gone too far from will disappear from the compass. Like with other icons, 
though, enemy icons, indicated as red squares, will move around the compass in 
accordance to their proximity to you; you can use this in tandem with the V.A.T.S. to 
pinpoint enemies you might not see immediately, or are farther away but within sight.

Lockpicking Quadrants:
Written by Red Armadura

This guide is for people who play vanilla and may not have the intuition to quickly 
and reliably lock pick.

First consider viewing the lockpick screen in quadrants:

-=Follow These Steps=-
* Start in the middle i.e. line #3 and try to turn. We start in the middle to get 
  information on lock softness in the middle. Extremely stiff mids might mean 
  solution is on far ends.
* Move to either position 2 or 4 and turn, either are equally reasonable. If you 
  get immediate resistance flip to the mirror side and repeat.
* Keep halving your quadrants until you get the sweet spot.
* Try to lightly tap, if you crank hard you will loose a lot of pin life and sit 
  there waiting for animations.

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