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  Hints and Tips for: Fatal Fury 3 
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 Fatal Fury 3 Cheats

Fatal Fury 3

Cheat Codes:
Actually, Fatal Fury 3 PC's cheat code is same as Neo.Geo version.

1.To use Ryuju Yamazaki and Jin Chon Shu and Jin Chon Rei you have to finish game and
  save the data which u've already met Ryuju Yamazaki and Jins' Bro. Choose "load 
  savedata" when u start game next time, and choose "new game". In the characters 
  choose screen, move the choose box with the order below, and press Low Kick button
  once on every one:

  Terry->Hon Fu->Mai->Geese->Bob->Sokaku Mochizuki->Andy->Franco->Joe Higashi->Blue Mary

  If u input this successfully,the "here come new fighters" will pop up, and now u can 
  use Ryuju and Jins' bro.

2.To use Tiny Fighters in VS mode:
  In VS mode,Hold both 1P and 2P 's Low Kick and High Punch key when confirm your fighters.

Hidden song in Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory:
Insert the disc in a standard audio CD player and advance to track 41.

Play As Ryuju Yamazaki & The Jins:
Complete the game and save it. Now exit the game and load it back up. Select Load Save 
Data, and select New Game. At the character selection screen, highlight the following 
characters in this order and press Low Kick once on each character: Terry, Hon Fu, Mai,
Geese, Bob, Sokaku Mochizuki, Andy, France, Joe Higashi, Blue Mary. A message will be 
displayed to confirm correct code entry.

Small fighters:
Select Vs mode, then hold [Low Kick] + [High Punch] for both players while choosing 
fighters on the character selection screen.

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