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  Hints and Tips for: Fishville 
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 Fishville Cheats


Facebook Fishville Hints:
Submitted by: Bonek
* FishVille players need to wait until their fish mature in order to sell 
  them. Choosing the rapidly maturing Mini Dart Goby fish is an early, and
  cheap, option for only 9 Coins but we recommend choosing fish that take 
  longer to mature. Our current favorite, pictured here, is the Scooter 
  Blenny. Purchased for 88 Coins and grows every 24 hours, when sold it 
  brings in 221 Coins. Along with coins, the Blenny also brings in a lot
  of XP and with more XP, the faster you'll level up.

* So what's so big about letting your fish mature The first Scooter Blenny 
  we looked at was one day old. Here, a two day old fish has doubled the coins
  and experience it will gain when sold. 

* Adding accessories may seem like a personal preference that uses up the coins
  that you'd normally use to buy more fish, purchased items to add to the XP bin

* As you already guessed, buying fish eggs also gets you more XP. Here we've 
  purchased a Shy Hamlet for 35 Coins and gained 15 XP. If you purchased a Scooter
  Blenny, you'd spend 88 Coins but gain 29 XP. If you want more XP and have the 
  coins, buy the more expensive fish. 

* As you wait for your fish to mature enough to sell, you can always visit a 
  friend to help clean their tank or adjust their volume for optimum play. Such
  tasks offer coins and XP. If you gain more friends, you can do this more often,
  although you can only help each friend once per day.

Multi sponge:
When you clean up the algae in yours (or a friends) if you click on them really
fast you will see a sponge on each one you clicked.

Fast experian:
You have to be the level to unlock sardines. okay if your looking for fast exp 
then you should do sardines.most people say you should do mini dart goby. Well 
their kinda fast they are 5 minutes but your looking for fast exp. sardines only 
take 3 minutes to grow to junior about 10 minutes or more to become adult, of 
course their more feeding but atleast fast exp. well when they reach adult then
sell them they give you 12 exp but sell for 48 i made it from level 9 to level 
20 in a day.

How to get agiant exp:
Submitted by: kevin have to reach lv30 in fish ville 4 aquarium first
3.upgrade all to 40 holding fish,give blue spotted grouper on store
4.wait,and give food with the pass time and sale all
5.don't forget use the cheat engine 5.5
6.get it from MEDIA FIRE

Open the gift box then you will find a place to write your password then you 
will write it and then your password will be sufficient!

Password       Effect
growingfish  - to grow fish very fast
levelup      - to finish levels in a faster way

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