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  Hints and Tips for: Fractured Minds 
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 Fractured Minds Cheats

Fractured Minds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Stop the Achievements from Locking Themselves:
Written by Emressynn

How to make sure you actually get to keep the achievements you earn in 
Fractured Minds.

I played through the game twice and ended up with 0/9 achievements. On my third 
try I now have 9/9 safely and comfortably using the method starting at Step 2.

-=Step 1=-
First time playing? Try to 100% the game on your first go around, when you 
recieve the last achievement, open the Steam Overlay using shift + tab and 
confirm you have 9/9, then Alt + F4 the game and uninstall it. You lose the 
achievements when you either open the game again, or it's when you start a 
new run, I'm not sure and not willing to test and have to wait for the Monster 
to show up for another 10 minutes.

-=Step 2=-
Second time or more? Only have 0 or half of the achievements after completing 
the game once? From the menu, level select onto Level 4, wait for the Monster, 
complete the game, remembering to enter the red lights 3 times. Select "Main 
Menu" from the end screen, start a new game, remember to get the wrong keys,
complete the 3 levels you missed, open the Steam Overlay using shift + tab and 
confirm you have 9/9, then Alt + F4 the game and uninstall it.

Note: None of these problems occurred on my PS4 playthrough, perhaps this is 
supposed to be an intentional feature to frustrate you or extend the game's 
short playthrough. I believe Steam is the only platform which has achievements 
that can be relocked after earning them.

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