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  Hints and Tips for: Friends vs Friends 
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 Friends vs Friends Cheats

Friends vs Friends

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Fastest Way to Level Up:
Written by Flip

Ok that might have been a little harsh, its less of an experiment and 
more of a failure. But enough of my ranting. You all came for the 
fastest way to level!

-=Step 1=-
Play the 1v1 gamemode. less players = less work.

-=Step 2=-
Kill yourself. The devs made it so that you get less xp if you donít 
win, roughly more than a 3X decrease making it not even worth trying 
to win, because if you put all the effort in and lose it would have 
been better killing yourself in the first place, however if you 
rappidly kill yourself and rematch the second you lose, you will make 
roughly more xp than winning a game if your fast at killing yourself 
which leads to the last step.

-=Step 3=-
Donít play theater! It is the worst map in the game and is the hardest 
to kill yourself on due to the lack of killing objects. If you join a 
game on theater, backout or run into the enemy as fast as you can. 
also make sure you have bombs, and molotovs that way you can inflict 
self harm.

In conclusion this game is not the worst game on planet earth, but it 
has hurt me deeply, so I share my knowledge with you all in hopes that 
the devs will listen to the many problems with the game, and refine it 
to be a fun AND FAIR game. Enjoy the easy leveling and may you all 
have a good day.

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