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  Hints and Tips for: From Glory To Goo 
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 From Glory To Goo Cheats

From Glory To Goo

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Start Easy:
Written by -VG- Napster

Definitely start on a lower difficulty and with longer durations. It will 
make understanding the game much easier and less frustrating.

I like to start with 2-3 hab structures, each with 8 habs built in a square 
formation with a hole in the middle, totaling 24 habs as quickly as possible. 
Ensure thereís just enough energy and water to sustain them. Then, after the 
first hab or between the 2nd and 3rd sections, build mines for crystal. While 
doing this, focus on leveling up the captain and scout. While scouting, 
prioritize finding ORE as itís your next goal.

Play around with delaying ship upgrades until after the 1st wave. If you have 
enough crystal, consider using it earlier for more resource generation or ship 
weapons. Donít underestimate the power of ship upgrades, especially the weapons, 
as with enough energy, they can almost clear an entire wave.

Get a barracks down before the first wave and aim to have at least 8-10 units. 
You donít need to place towers everywhere; 1-2 units can defend points well 
with patrol commands, saving resources. When you get the indicator for the 1st 
wave, start building towers and walls.

Try to expand and gain as much ground as you feel comfortable with. If overwhelmed, 
expand less. Later on, place towers or units at points where needed, particularly 
at the edges of your base to defend against flyers. Keep in mind that only the 
first tower you have access to can shoot at air units.

Make sure your main HQ building does not touch any other building. Surround your 
HQ main building with roads; if a worker needs to pass through a building, theyíll 
slow down. Leave enough space so you can build roads from the HQ in every needed 

Unless youíre very lucky with captain upgrades, unlock harder-hitting units for 
later waves. The 2nd tower you get access to is strong against tougher enemies, 
so prioritize building it. Use mines, as theyíre strong when combined with walls 
and towers.

Getting used to this setup will quickly increase your resources and lead to a 
strong economy start. Focus on managing your resources efficiently, researching, 
and building your population. Adjust your strategy based on the situation, and 
donít overproduce; prioritize whatís necessary in terms of water and power. 
Youíll learn when to research and prioritize population or unit production as 
you progress. Temporary towers may be necessary at times, but focus on efficiency 
and resource management.

Try the roboticist captain. Faster build speed, cheaper units, can get an upgrade 
to potentially spawn free units with each cycle. It also starts with a skyranger, 
one of the fast flying units you can use to scout locations and kite enemies to 
where you want them.

Also, donít use connectors if you donít want-a line of walls also works. Itís 
more expensive, but also provides power while being harder to destroy. You can 
substitute in gates where need be to pass units thru and surround essential 
buildings like thumpers with the same walls you used to provide power out to them.

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