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  Hints and Tips for: Galimulator 
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 Galimulator Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ships Guide:
Written by Drunken Sailor

-=Basic Ships=-
Basic ships are my unofficial name for the more common ships. You see these
when you are looking at the ship building menu in Emperor mode. 
Ships such as the Dropship and Battleship are included in this section.

This ship is probably the most common ship in the galaxy. They are most 
commonly found on the border of warring empires. They invade hostile 
stars connected to the empire that owns the ship. They aren't very useful 
unless used in mass, or against significantly weaker empires. 
They are completely unarmed and have 2 hitpoints.

The Raider is also a likely candidate for the most common ship. They are 
usually found cruising through enemy empires, leaving a trail of undeveloped 
stars. They can also (rarely) invade and destroy artifacts. 
They only have 1 hitpoint; however, unlike the Dropship, they are armed with 
a laser cannon!

These ships, along with the Frigate, are the backbones of the fleet, the 
sousaphones of a marching band, the - you get the point. Though they are 
common and kind of boring, they play a huge role in a fleet and act as 
medium range support, as well as aid in expansion of borders. They have 3 
hitpoints and are armed with missiles and planetary laser cannons, used to 
give border stars aid in expansion. You may think that the Battleship and 
Frigate are the same thing; this is not the case. It's firepower slow but 
stronger, it's armor thicker, it's speed slow, the Battleship has been 
referred to by Snod as a bear. Battleships can soak up more damage than 

The Frigate, along with the Battleship, are the backbones of a fleet. 
They have a similar role to battleships, but rely on speed instead of 
firepower. They fire many low-damage shots in quick succession. Though 
faster than Battleships, that speed comes at a cost, resulting in a low 
damage tolerance. Snod has referred to the Frigate as an "angry cat".

-=Maintenance Ship=-
The name pretty much describes itself. This ship is used for maintenance 
on other ships. They are armed with 2 lasers: a blue one that repairs 
other ships and a red one that deals damage to enemies. Maintenance ships 
are very easy to destroy, usually taking 1-2 hits. Fun Fact: Despite the 
weakness of the Maintenance ship, they can and alot of times do lead fleets.

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