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  Hints and Tips for: Garfield Kart 
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 Garfield Kart Cheats

Garfield Kart

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Item Achievements
Easy as Pie
Use throw any pie at 50 racers

Use the Magic Wand on 50 racers

Lasagna Lover
Use the Lasagna 25 times

Scented Breeze
Use the Vroom Perfume 25 times

Hop to it
Use the B.O.I.N.G. Spring 25 times

Send in the U.F.O.ís 15 times

Use the Cuzzzhion 15 times

Stick it to emí
Stick the Klupman Diamond to 15 racers

Written by benbeadsworth

You bind 2 buttons to drift and press them at the same time. 
Combined with a mid-air spring, one can perform a massive jump.
The timing is a little tricky but with practise it can be done consistently.

The Official Garfield Hat Meta:
Written by Edward

Hello and welcome to the guide inspired by the Official Garfield kart 
Meta Guide! Because it had neglected the hats, I will be showing you the 
best (and worst) Hat you can get!

-=Space Bubble: S=-
* The Space Bubble is the best hat in any circumstance. It can allow you 
  to be on the alien spaceship less (in time that is).
* It is absolutely necessary that you upgrade this. It has the cheapest 
  upgrades in the game and is fully worth it.

-=Viking Helmet: A=-
* The viking helmet is very good at getting Lasagna (idk how to spell it) 
  and can allow you to become an absolute Lasagna friend.
* However, It is the most expensive for upgrades so be careful.

-=Elasto-Hat: B=-
* This hat can allow you to jump higher into the air than normal. It can 
  allow you to jump to a ton of heights.
* However, Itís not easy to upgrade. So get a a lot of coins.

-=Chef Special: B=-
* This hat can allow you to throw pies much faster. Itís a good early game 
* Easy to upgrade at the start but gets much harder at the last Upgrade.

-=Tic-Toque: F=-
* This hat makes diamonds kill you faster. Do I really need to explain how 
  thatís a bad upgrade?
* Also, This hat lures you in because of how cool it looks than the chef hat.
* And itís name is also really bad. It might be about the french so it gets 
  minus points.
* Truely a bad item.

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