Gearbolt Rage - Infinite Pain Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Gearbolt Rage - Infinite Pain 
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 Gearbolt Rage - Infinite Pain Cheats

Gearbolt Rage - Infinite Pain

Submitted by: rickHH

1) Very simple, never stop moving no matter what.

2) When a stage starts, shoot the enemies when they come out, 
   then run for the corner, as all of the enemies go towards the 
   middle and don't go towards the corners much, you can pick them 
   away, then move to another corner, this works great for me.

3) ALWAYS kill the agents first.

4) If an agent goes off-screen, NEVER go after them, wait until you  
   can see them, if you get close they will shoot the hell outta you.

5) For killing dogs super fast, run through them with the giga torch.

6) For killing huge enemy groups, use the hell bird, BUT NEVER use this 
   on single enemies.

7) When you have the stinger, strafe as you shoot to make the rockets in 
   a line, the basic enemies can't dodge this most of the time (the agents 
   will run very fast out of the way so they are harder to get with this tech).

8) With the adg launcher, try to be as accurate as you can with single 
   enemies, the grenades move slow and you have low ammo in this gun, for 
   large groups, just unload your whole gun.

9) Always try to get at the right angle for large distance shotgun shots, or 
   just never use it unless you are close.

10) Never ever stop shooting if you get stuck with the VulcanXL.

11) If your getting surrounded, get a giga torch and run in circles shooting, 
    but you have to be alert when using this, it gets very hard to see bullets 
    when your distracted by craploads of blood.
12) Never run into a group of enemies unless you desperatley need health, 
    and it is in the middle of them.

13) If you don't care about your KPM and your health is low, leave one enemy 
    alive and wait for a health pack, then kill him and go on (this usually takes 
    a while though).
14) Strafing is the key to winning in this game.

15) Don't ever shoot explosive guns when an enemy is in front of you, you 
    will blow yourself up.

16) Don't kill a hazmat suit near you, you will be severely damaged by the 
    'spinning flaming circle thingy of doom that will kill you with fire'.

17) Never play with light on your pc, you can't see enemies with a glare 
    (arrrggghhh that annoys me).

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