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  Hints and Tips for: Gemini: Heroes Reborn 
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 Gemini: Heroes Reborn Cheats

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "New Paradigm" achievement:
Replay any level.

Exiting Levels & Locked Doors:
Some levels have key-cards to open locked doors that have an exit/entry symbol, 
just go near desks and computer terminals to get these or maybe in a locked room 
near desk. Some levels must kill all or most guards to get key-cards to exit 
level, then check all doors and look other exits such as vents at floor level 
or higher up near ceilings. Most have doors to exit level. 
Time-shift and check too.

Specific Harder Levels:
-=LEVEL 3=-
Vent area outside lab room at floor level leads to a secret and return back 
to lab room and garage door lift to exit.

-=LEVEL 5=-
Centre army battleground pit (after meet Mason) – return to pit near army 
swag tent when got rid off all guards and jump/fall in to exit.

-=LEVEL 7=-
Head to garage like wide door to exit (may need kill all guards 1st).

-=LEVEL 9=-
Speak to a prisoner man in corner room near security camera, then throw at 
hazard posts – guards will come – get rid all and continue hazard posts 
breaking until back red door opens. Also hidden vent near floor area of these
 rooms where can find a secret – may need to time-shift to see.

More guards in inner computer room -plenty large things throw and get rid all 
then push alarm button. Also a sapling tree have to take and move to previous 
area (hint: where was a pool water/liquid) to exit the level.

The prisoner may escape later when you finish game -no further interaction).

-=LEVEL 13=-
There is a vent in a centre room area have to climb up from trolley/table to 
see and access. Then go till find another vent and drop down and do time-shift 
to get a clue and look on floor for something to use in the medical room. 
Easier to do once all guards killed off.

-=LEVEL 15=-
If door not opened go see if any guards trapped in a floor fan or other and 
make sure blast to kill off. 
There should be no guard communication voices once all killed.

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