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  Hints and Tips for: Generation Zero 
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 Generation Zero Cheats

Generation Zero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Killing AI:
Written by Furycoat

A guide to killing the various robots in the game that i could find. Also misc 
information layered throughout. Be warned this guide itself is probably a spoiler.

As you walking away from the shore, you come across a house. You loot it, find 
some stuff, and as your about to move on, you probably find a couple of robotic 
looking dogs hoarding a police car. Fortunately, Robotic dogs have a big old 
fuel tank on their backs that can be shot. This applies for all of them, though 
the military versions have a plate infront of it, though it can be shot off. 
If you find yourself fighting them, get distance and cover. They can pounce you, 
which stuns you and deals a pretty solid amount of damage. Some of them have 
grenade launchers, so be strict about what cover you choose, as a tree may not 
be sufficient. You'll know they have ither a kind of slow firing rifle or a 
grenade launcher if they have a laser.

By now you've likely come across a town, seemingly abandoned at first, though 
you see a light out of the corner of your eye, so you duck. Coming out from 
behind a building, you see a small flying robot, pausing, then proceeding to 
fly in a line, like it's looking for something. Well that something is you. 
These robots have four megaphones on their top which allows them to alert what 
is essentially The entire area to you. Fortunately, these megaphones can be 
shot, and are quite weak. Aslong as you shoot that first, they become worthless, 
and disposable with a few shots to the disc-shaped body. (Ill add a screenshot 
of one some day.)

You've cleared that city, and are now heading off to a nearby farmstead you 
heard of. You hear some mechanical whirring an footsteps, so you figure its 
another robotic dog and duck behind some logs. Instead, towering over you from 
across the pathway is a bipedal robot, with a box looking torso, staring 
directly at you. You can hear some more whirring to ither side of you... 
I honestly havent found a good weak point on the hunters. I have found a fuel 
tank on their backs, but its not on the military version, and it doesnt take 
any damage. I've pumped entire assault rifle magazines into the thing with no 
effect, so its honestly better to me to just blast as many rounds as you can 
into them. And trust me, they'll tank alot more than its worth, so if you can, 
the best tactic here is just to avoid them.

You've found an old, abandoned looking military bunker and start wandering on 
through it's corridors after finding a way to be let in. You kept hearing a 
soft chittering sound each time you started walking, keeping you on edge every 
step of the way. You turn a corner, and find four little red dots, staring you 
down from the other end. A few seconds later they begin in a dead sprint after

Birdshot. Birdshot obliterates these things. There's a tiny fuel tank on their 
backs, but i havent ever bothered shooting at it. Their too tiny and weak. An 
smg is also a pretty good alternative to buckshot. Or if your up for the bit 
of a challenge, you can try sniping at them from a distance with a hunting 
rifle or other sniper rifle. Puts em down in one shot.

You've managed to cross a bridge with a mean looking green hunter on it, and 
ran to a church. After sneaking passed, then proceeding to remove most of it's 
robotic inhabitents, you see a metal glint in the distance through a window. 
You take out your binoculars and stare at it. A bohemoth of a machine, a quarter 
the size of a barn, is slowly making its way twords you, escorted by its high-
quality guard-dog robots. The prototype ones seem to have fuel tanks attatched 
to their knees. Shooting at the only one i've managed to drop, aiming their 
caused a massive explosion after a few hunting rifle shots. 
Only took a few more shots to drop em passed that.

You've cleared your first area entirely, leaving the once orangeish border 
around the area you were once in behind. You manage to come across a small 
bunker, completely unoccupied with a plane in it, right on the side of the 
road. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have any jet fuel. Even then you'd 
probably get shot out of the sky like your boat got shot out of the sea. You 
stop for a moment as the ground shakes. You'd originally guess it's a small 
earthquake but your proved wrong as you hear a loud thump outside, shaking 
the entire bunker yet again. You gather your courage and look outside, hoping 
to find just another scavenger. Nope. Its a gigantic robot, but this one is 
bipedal, and has a massive gun, and what looks like a device with a bunch of 
holes in a pod between it's legs. You immediately duck back into your bunker, 

The best tactic i've developed for these things is to dodge and weave around 
a nearby building, blasting it in the fuel tank on it's back until it 
eventually explodes. Buckshot did me best here but i dont think it's gonna 
matter much in the long run, seeing as to how much lead these things take to 
anything. They dont drop much ither, usually just some "High Explosive Dual 
Purpose.". Like hunters, its best just to leave these ones alone.

-=Some Misc Tips to Help You Through Your Journey=-
* Here's just some advice i can gather up in my all of 3 days of experience 
  in hiding like a terrified cat from a drone.
* Everything with an interior potentially has something in it. Everything.
* Flares work well, giving the robots something else to shoot at. Note at 
  the moment fireworks seem to make the robots More accurate. At-least for me.
* Robots hate buildings. They also hate human-sized doors. Can't really blame 
  em ither. They don't have thumbs.
* Silencers don't work if you don't kill the robot fast enough, or aren't far 
  away enough. They do however seem to work if you miss.
* Clothes affect your stats. It may not seem like it but the very light blue 
  jacket you've aquired may actually make you a bit stealthier. At-least to a 
* Ammo isn't automatically sorted, so leave an inventory space open for any 
  new lead you pick up.
* You can preform a magic trick by interacting with broken gates on the ground. 
  Same thing with doors. At-least until the devs fix that.
* Always carry multiple adrenaline shots. Always.
* Most robots are faster than you, but cant climb. Jump over stuff and weave 
  around trees and other objects if you want to run off.

How to Disable Anti-Aliasing:
If you really want to turn AA off you can edit;

Documents/Avalanche Studios/GenerationZero/
with any text editor.
Look for “GraphicsAA”: and change the number after it to a 0.

-=In-Game Values=-
FXAA = “GraphicsAA”: 1,
FXAA + TAA = “GraphicsAA”: 3,
To disable AA change to “GraphicsAA”: 0,

Note, if you set it to 0 and afterwards when you go in game and check in the 
graphics options it will still say FXAA or FXAA + TAA because there in game 
text relating to the setting of “0”.

Also, when you go into the graphics options in-game and exit again there is a chance 
it will set it back to FXAA or FXAA + TAA because it saves the file when you exit 
out of the graphics settings, therefore, after editing do NOT go into the graphics
settings or you will have to re-edit the file, it’s easy enough though. 

Bunker Locations:
If a command bunker doesn’t have a safe house then it doesn’t have a warboard.

Sorken Command Bunker: -444, -1385;

Marden Command Bunker: 2037, -1230;

Vesslan command Bunker: 1572, 3848 (There is a mission to get to this location);

Uttern Command Bunker: -2865, 463;

Hermelinen Command Bunker: 94, -3470;

“Real” Skvaden Command Bunker: -1520, -3302;

Muskudden Port Complex: -4575, -15;

Airbase bunker is at the West end (mission Flying Blind to restore power, tip do not 
open the weapon storage safe in the Förråd before getting all the notes inside the Förrad)

Bredskapförräd 115: -125, -563;

Bredskapförräd 119: 1400, -600;

Bergrum “Björnen”: 2017, -1754;

Bergrum “Myskoxen”: -1490, -3775;

Fort Torsberga: around -4700, 4400 (mission Spiking The Guns).

-=Extra Inventory Space=-
* Making a new character:
* Get to the game’s main menu.
* Choose “Select Character”, the second option from the top.
* Choose “Create New”.
* Go through the character creation process like you did the first time.
* Now you have a new character.
* Congratulations.
* Repeat as needed.

-=Transferring items=-
* Start with the character that has the item you want to store.
* Go to a quiet safehouse.
* Drop the item you want to store.
* Exit to main menu.
* Select the character you want to use for storage.
* Fast travel to the safehouse where you dropped the item.
* Pick it up.
* That’s it.

How to spawn a Reaper:
Written by By NoName

How to spawn the rival called “The Reaper”
-=Spawning “The Reaper”=- 
The Reaper counts as a Rival. Therefore, when trying to get it to spawn, 
there are a few things to consider: 
* A region must be level 21 or higher in order for the Reaper to spawn. 

* A region can be leveled up by killing machines in it. 
* You can check the region level by opening your map and hovering over the region 
you want to spawn it in. In the bottom right, a small window with information about
current region level and the amount of rivals currently assigned to this region. 
Note that rivals are able to wander around and will not always physically be in 
the region they belong to. 
* Killing any rival will decrease the level of the region it is assigned to. 
In order to level up the region effectively, rivals must be avoided. 
* Good regions to spawn a Reaper in are the Mountains, Farmlands, North Coast 
and Himfjäll Island (Alpine Unrest DLC required). These are large regions, which 
makes it easy to avoid existing rivals, while spawning high class machines, which
level up the region fast. 
* After hitting level 21 on a region, every rival spawned has a chance to be 
the Reaper. This chance increases with every further region level, peaking at 
the current maximum level of 25. 
* The maximum amount of rivals that can spawn is 8 per region. That means 
if there are already 8 normal rivals in the region, the Reaper will not spawn.

* There can only be one Reaper per session. After one spawned, it needs to be 
killed before another can spawn. 
* There is a 1 hour cooldown per region between Reaper spawns.

Stealth Build Tips:
Stealth is wierd in this game. I don’t know how to describe everything, but some 
notes from someone who’s main character is a stealth build:

* Stealth is best for doing missions and side missions, and getting around. You 
can do many missions with minimal combat by sneaking past stuff. The same applies 
with moving around, if you want to get to point A to point B, you can like walk 
normally 20m away from a hunter as long as it’s not directly looking at you and 
noise reduction is part of the stealth. I don’t know if it effects bikes, I never 
tested it.

* Stealth is great for ambushing stuff. You could set mines and traps and blow up
a bunch of small enemies. But you can also sneak up behind a harvester for example, 
get right behind it unseen and then just immediately take out it’s rockets and fuel 
tanks at point blank, before it has any time to do anything.

* In regards to cover, a full stealth build can hide in a bush and snipe things a 
little longer than normally. But breaking line of sight is easier and does work: 
when you run away, consider the position of the trees and leaves, and any other 
cover. You don’t have to run backwards to be exact, but if you run relatively 
where you will run through them and they will be between you and the enemies, 
you will break LoS.

* In regards to suppressors, suppressors do limit the sound travel of the weapon 
I am fairly sure. However, shooting ‘at’ an enemy, the enemy will notice it’s being 
shot at, it doesn’t matter how good the suppressor is, it will notice or potentially 
notice the bullets flying by. Suppressors are good for taking out lone enemies while 
being stealthy, runners and ticks are easy to kill quick enough that they won’t alert 
other enemies. Though they will hear the runner die/you shooting if you’re close 
enough, suppressors in game and IRL are never truly silent, they will hear noise if 
you’re not far away. However, it will be noticeably closer until that point, because 
without them they will hear the gunshot in a much larger area.

* In regards to weapons, unless it’s maybe the new Mosin (it’s hard to tell because 
it’s impossible to get!), don’t consider 7.62mm anything that’ll be stealthy. 5.56 
and 7.62mm are sufficient against humans in human fighting games, metal machines 
however they are not as sufficient. If you’re using 7.62mm ‘sniper’ rifles, don’t 
consider them sniper rifles, it’s missleading. You can use them as battle rifles 
effectively, but they won’t kill much more than ticks and maybe lower end runners 
in 1-shot, and it’s hard to line up 2 consecutive shots against a runner’s fuel tank. 
You pretty much need a bolt-action rifle, or the .50 cal, for the sniper role 
(the .50 doesn’t get suppressed but if you get a far away position, it can work).

* 9mm does less damage than the 7.62mm, but it does fire faster. Shooting components 
does matter, they take way more damage when you destroy their components.

* Additionally, consider damage drop off exists in game, it’s quite a bit actually. 
So sniping with the 7.62mm makes it even worse, because of damage drop off.

In regards to escaping, a couple items and skills I would invest in:
* Consider the run speed skill, both levels, allows you to run away much quicker. 
(Good for all builds tbf).

* Not required, but the farther throwing distance skill is very useful for throwing 

* Flares are really good on a stealth build actually. If you need to escape, the most 
effective way to do so (for me) is to throw a flair behind or to the side of the 
machines, then run away at full speed while they focus on the flare. 

* While doing so, make sure you have to break line of sight while they’re doing this. 
I think it works only for running away, hiding not so much.

* Fireworks are good as well, but flare is better in my experience.

* Consider EMPs, which are good for the ambush scenario I mentioned earlier: you can 
EMP a bot you snuck up to, and get a much longer window to blow them up. EMPs also 
work against runners and hunters during stealth, you can EMP them to make sure you 
can kill them, as long as the other machines don’t see it die and you finish it off 
before it shoots back. If it says you’re in combat, consider it does not always mean 
all the machines are alerted yet. EMPs can also be used to disable large single 
machines to escape like the flare.

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