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  Hints and Tips for: Germination 
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 Germination Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Smash:
Written by Dot Operator

Smashing is a pretty important action in the game, but the mechanics might 
not be immediately obvious.

-=What's a Smash?=-
When you build up a combo of 25 or more, the player can spin up and drill 
into the planet, vaporizing everything in the vicinity. During this time, 
you lose control over the astronaut, but they'll be invulnerable for the 
With a charge equipped, press the S or Down Arrow key on your keyboard to 
start the move. On a controller, you can press the B Button or the Down 
direction on the D-Pad.

-=Extra Points=-
You get some bonus points for the action, and it'll increase your combo for 
each plant caught in the smash. You'll also receive points for each kill as 
you normally would. There are three "waves" of damage, and you can strategize 
your placement to maximize your score:

First wave happens when you hit the ground and increases your combo for 
each enemy hit
Second wave happens when you exit on the other side of the planet. The 
combo addition from the previous wave counts towards your score multiplier
Third and final wave happens as you regain control at the end of the smash.

-=Keeping Track=-
Knowing When You Can Smash

The game gives a bunch of cues to tell you you're ready to activate its 
most powerful move.

The most obvious and most important is a flashing, animated down arrow near 
the top right corner of the screen:

Additionally, the astronaut will get a similar little arrow over their head:
There's also a few more subtle cues; combo particles will start saying 
encouraging words like "Great!" instead of displaying numbers, and your score 
multiplier will highlight with a white outline.

-=Stockpiling Smashes=-
When you get to a combo of 25, the first smash is added to your arsenal, but 
you can keep stocking up more by extending your combo to additional multiples 
of 25. The HUD arrow will start flashing quicker and change as you accumulate 
more, and you'll hear another powerup sound for each new smash you earn.

-=Smash Strategies=-
Smashing is a reward for playing well; you can use it in pretty much any 
way you want. Because of its specific side effects, its uses usually fall 
into one of three categories.

-=High Scores=-
Exiting the smash into a huge group of enemies will raise your combo 
considerably and give you the best score for your buck. It's especially 
useful early on, where lots of fairly predictable enemies are present that 
you can shepherd into corners with some patience.

-=Invulnerability and Combo Saves=-
Smashing makes you totally invincible and deposits you high into the atmosphere.
If you're about to run into an enemy that'll damage you, activating the smash 
can save your combo and prevent you from taking damage. Later in the game, 
touching the ground can be just as dangerous as hitting an enemy, as it'll 
take away all of the shields and abilities tied to your combo. If you're about 
to hit the ground on accident, using a smash will raise the astronaut high 
into the air and give you another shot at finding a much safer plant head to 
stomp on.

-=Risk and Reward=-
Stockpiling smashes can give you a boost later in the game to defeat bosses 
or keep up your combo in the looping hard mode, but there's an element of 
risk to saving them. If you take any damage or lose your combo, all of the 
smashes you've earned will disappear and you'll hear a power down sound.

Using a smash closer to the ground will award some more bonus points, but 
you're more likely to hit the ground by accident instead.

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