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  Hints and Tips for: GetAmped 
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 GetAmped Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl] + C, then enter one of the following cheats.

Password       Result
onmean       - you will win the levels
rakyourword  - kill your enemy
weirdface    - your face gets big

Go through walls:
First, run to a wall and jump. Seccond, click [F12] 5 times and u may feel lag 
but that is just a while only. if u are using laptop, click [F12] 3 times. Take
a bat with u to ambush players. 

Tank glitch:
If u want to move a tank, open your msn if u have. Use the FFD show if u want too.
Once u feel lag, press X on the tank and move to a wall. and u may see the tank 

Glitch in Death Factory challenge potion room:
First, get a player to run continuestly without hiting the door. Seccond, jump
behind the player and press F12. Lastly, jump again on the door and press F12.
But do not come down the player's head and do not stop running to the door. If ur
glitch is successful, u do not need to use Glue or gloves anymore.

Press F12 10x:

Password    Result
jerkface  - you will have car

Submitted by: awyts

If u want to move a tank, open your msn if u have. use the FFD show if u want too.
once u feel lag, Press X on the tank and move to a wall. and u may see the tank move.

Submitted by: Lim Teck Chuan

Individual Challenge II no need fight to win all 14 stages

First, go to the Niens in stage 1,press F12 5 times, second, you will fell laggy, go
into the LEFT wall Last, the NPC will come to you and they will TK each other, this 
continues for every round!

Submitted by: Lim Teck Chaun

Individual Challenge II win all 14 stags without fighting!

First, go towards Niean(npc)in satge 1, Press [F12] 8 times, Second,you will fell 
laggy just for 5 seconeds. Third, run to the wall at the LEFT side. Last,the npc 
WILL automatically come to you(left side ONLY),and they will start to hit you, but
 can't and they tk each other until they die,this MUST do for all 14 stages!

Moon Infiltration glitch into holes:
Submitted by: Lim Teck Chuan

Just go strait down into moon on the bottom right and then u can go half wat.
Then,open u FDD to make lag,and force in and hide there.

Go through walls:
Submitted by: tohjunwei_98

Run to a wall, jump and press F12 once to get into the wall.
Take a bat or golf club to swing them into the holes/sea when they came near the wall.

Submitted by: zombieofdead

* To glitch into a wall, u must have fraps.
* If you don't have pls go and dl 1.
* OK, firstly, u open fraps and press F9 to record video.
* When u are recording, u will feel laggy.
* That's the time u can glitch.
* Run towards a wall and jump + F12.
* Sometimes may fail, but mostly pass.
* At df u must have either gravity boots or devil feathers to glitch to potion room.

Spelunker EX:
Beat Spelunker to unlock Spelunker EX.

Submitted by: The Personal Gamer

To go through walls in INDIVIDUAL challenge II, 

Step 1: Type " KisMeanWall " and click ENTER
Step 2: go to the nearest LEFT wall, and press " X , X , C "
Step 3: After you have done that , Click and hold " F8 "

For 1Minute. After that defeat the Nieons [NPC]. After that, restart Individual 
Challenge II Play again, they should not be able to hit you Thanks for reading .

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