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  Hints and Tips for: Ghost Master 
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 Ghost Master Cheats

Ghost Master

Unlimited plasma:
Enter L.F.C as a name at the start of the game. 

More Gold Plasma:
If you need more Gold Plasma to upgrade your ghost in the ghoul room, 
go onto the high score board. Keep playing the same missions repeatedly 
until you have enough Gold Plasm to upgrade your ghost to its full 

Game ends before it starts:
If at the name entry screen you answer their question (Is there anyone 
there?) with a negative answer (for example, "No"), the game ends. 

Submitted by: Haspa

Get ghost on first level:
When you go into the first house you will find a ghost near the back of 
the house on the first  floor. get cogjammerand and put him on the radio 
on the shelf over the vacuum then use the move at the top of his list 
and the ghost will now be yours to use.

How to get hidden character:
To get banzi go to unusual suspects and bind stone wall to the plant 
in the main lobby and use tremor.

How to free all the ghosts:
Submitted by: Mr. Horror

Level-1Weatherwitch-bind cogjiammer in the radio above her and use wild and crazy.

Level-2Static-bind stonewall in the plant on the roof and use tremor.
Then bind Ghastly in the piano and use bitter cold.

Maxine Factor-when carole anne hutz comes upstairs use her intrigue.when carole 
comes near the room bind whrilwind to her and use tremor.(teach him tremor in the ghoul room)

Arclight-bind stonewall near arclight in the mud and use tremor

Level-3Wendel-scare out Ted Gable from the house.

Terroyes-bind aether outside near terroyes and use shattering song.

Lucky-bind static in that room and use sparkstorm.

Level-4Raindancer-bind stonewall near the toilet and use tremor and wait for sometime.

Whisperwind-use his tempest and weatherwitch's gust.

Moonscream-when the professer comes use her spooky surprise to scare him.

Level-5Electrospasm-use his spark and raindancer's flood together.

Blue Murder-when norman takes cash from the bag use her obsession when he comes 
near her use terror incarnate.

Banzai-bind stonewall in the bonsai in the main lobby.

Level-6Knukles-when anyone is coming to play poker use jinx on the other player.

Flash jordan-use banzai's quake. 

Fingers-scare the shef a little now he will come upstairs now bind quiver in fingers's 
room and use insane invitation

Wavemaster-i don't know please help.

How to free all the ghosts:
Submitted by: Mr.Horror

Level-7Hogwash-make an ethrel gift by help of Tricia.
Tricia-scare Blair Wechel a little instantly she will go upsttair's bathroom and she will be free.
Firetail-bind raindancer in the bowl near him and use rain.

Level-8-Hard boiled-scare the mortals exepting Carole Anne Hutz.

Level-9Harriet-scare Kevin caulkin so much that he drop the bunny toy and wait for some time.

Daydreamer-Bind Shivers on his bed and use suspicious strench.(teach him this attack.

Brigid-bind blue murder near her and use obsession.

Level-10-Sparcle-make a ethreal gift near him by harriet and bind firetail in it and use bonfire.

Blair wisp-i don't know please help.

level-11-Windwalker-i don't know please help.

Level-12-Black crow-use quake near his shed.

Level-13-Darkling-when anyone sleeps bind daydreamer to him and use sleepwalk when he/she comes 
on the prisoners's floor , bind daydreamer to Bruce Elm and use sleep walk.Now on the groundfloor 
bind Banzai and use quake.


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