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  Hints and Tips for: Ghost Recon - Gold Edition 
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 Ghost Recon - Gold Edition Cheats

Ghost Recon - Gold Edition

Submitted by. RM

Start game, goto console (hit enter on keypad) and enter the 
following cheats (hit escape to exit console again): 

Code    Result 
ghost - Invisible enemies

Cheat Codes:
Update by abhimanyu bali
Submitted by: nightraider

Cheats must be typed into the game console. 
To activate the console, press the enter key on 
your num pad 

Cheat              Result 
Superman         - enables invincibility 
TeamSuperman     - enables team invincibility 
Shadow           - enables invisibility 
TeamShadow       - enables team invisibility 
run              - Increases your running speed by 10 
ammo             - unlimited ammo 
refill           - refills entire inventory 
autowin          - automatically completes mission 
quit             - exits Ghost Recon 
kit              - changes your kit to the file you specify 
tracers          - toggles display of tracers 
teleport         - teleports you to the specified position  
                   in the world 
cisco            - Achieves objectives one at a time, "sic 'em boy" 
boom             - shakes your screen 
chickenrun       - Grenades Become Chickens 
god              - Struck Down From Heaven 
run              - Run 
rock             - Enemy Bases are Yours 
extremepaintball - Paintball Mode 

ToggleShowPerfCounters       - toggles performance counters 
ToggleShowFrameRate          - toggles frame rate 
ToggleShowTotalStats         - toggles total stats. 
ToggleShowLevelStats         - toggles level stats. 
ToggleShowActorStats         - toggles actor stats. 
ToggleShowInterfaceStats     - toggles interface stats. 
ToggleShowEffectsStats       - toggles effect stats. 
ToggleShowTextureMemoryStats - toggles texture memory stats 
ToggleShowSystemMemoryStats  - toggles system memory stats. 
ToggleAI                     - toggles AI

Unlock all Missions!:
Submitted by: Tony Bott

In the main Ghost Recon Directory there is a XML document named 
unlocked_missions.xml and inside this file it lists all the missions 
you have unlocked. All you have to do is open the source code, erase 
everything and enter the following text:


Save this file as the original file name (unlocked_missions.xml) 
in the same directory and THERE! You can now access all the unlocked missions!

Unlock all Soldiers!:
Submitted by: Maximiliano Nieto 

In the main Ghost Recon Directory there is a XML document named 
unlocked_heroes.xml and inside this file it lists all the special soldiers 
you have unlocked. All you have to do is open the source code, erase 
everything and enter the following text: 
- UnlockedHeroes>
Hero astra_galinsky.atr /Hero 
Hero buzz_gordon.atr /Hero 
Hero dieter_munz.atr /Hero 
Hero guram_osadze.atr /Hero 
Hero henry_ramirez.atr /Hero 
Hero jack_stone.atr /Hero 
Hero klaus_henkel.atr /Hero 
Hero lindy_cohen.atr /Hero 
Hero nigel_tunney.atr /Hero 
Hero scott_ibrahim.atr /Hero 
Hero susan_grey.atr /Hero 
Hero will_jacobs.atr /Hero 

Save this file as the original file name (unlocked_heroes.xml) 
in the same directory and THERE! You can now access all the special soldiers!
but only one can't unlock because their name is not in the folder
(C:\program files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\Origmiss\Actor\hero)
if you can unlocked this hero please send me a E-Mail
Vivan los juegos (live the games)

Submitted by: Stuart Higgins 

When unlocking the missions and hero characters you first have to open the mission 
editor named "igor.exe" then just close it again without making anything or changing
anything. Then the files required for unlocking the characters and missions will be 
in the main directory. 
To get the data for unlocking the items etc if you could use the cheat data already 
submitted by other users.

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