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  Hints and Tips for: Global Operations 
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 Global Operations Cheats

Global Operations

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: ace

Press the following codes while playing for desire effect:

Code        Result
Alt+F11  - Unlimited life
Alt+F12  - Unlimited Ammo

Change # of Bots in Single Player:
Submitted  by: Arun

In the Crave\GlobalOperations\GlobalOps folder, there is a file called 
"singleplayer". If any of the levels are giving you a really hard time,
you can edit this text file. The file is in plain english and is where 
the number of bots is picked from. Most levels have 1 of each type of 
player: medic, commando etc. You will see a name of the character followed
by a 1 or 0 (0 being "good guy" and 1 being "bad guy"). 

In the first round of play, you are a good guy -- in the "next" round 
of play -- your a bad guy. 

Modify this file as desired and save. Always make a backup before 
overwriting the file.

Play as Terrorists (offline):
To unlocked Campaign 2 (terrorists), simply beat all 13 Campaign 1 missions,
on any difficulty setting. Hit the ''Next'' button on the mission select 
screen to get to Campaign 2.

Strategy Guide:
After playing this and other FPS games lately, I have a 
few observations to make. I hope you all read this in 
the manner it is intended - as a discussion of winning 
tactics and gameplay that, if properly orchestrated, 
can mean a LOT of winning.

I have noticed many similarities between the situations 
and challenges of these games and those of real life CQB 
(Close Quarters Battle) tactics that I have used in the 
real world. 

Obviously, communication is key to success - this is why 
I think voicecomm is essential. That opens up a new area 
to discuss and practice; that is, proper comm discipline, 
a thorough knowledge of the maps as well as previously 
agrred upon names for all key sectors (kinda useless to 
say "Regroup at the Tunnel" when one or two teammembers 
know that area as "the subway"). Also, using key phrases 
and following an established protocol can make a difference.

Having an established "Plan" before hand is also essential. 
If we are on the Terrs side, then obviously our main goal 
is to get the VIP to the other side of the map and into the 
getaway vehicle. Kills are secondary or even tertiary. 
There needs to be a plan by which this rescue of the VIP 
is accomplished in as little time as possible, or barring 
that, in as efficient manner as possible. One person should 
always be assigned as the main escort of the VIP. If he 
loses him then another is the backup escort.

Now, depending on the number of people on the team, some 
different combat and escort tactics can be used. I cannot 
stress enough the importance of having at LEAST 1 Recon 
member on the team. Due to his ability to "Paint" the area 
with his radar, he gives in enormous tactical advantage to 
himself and his teammates. (NOTE - we should have a simple 
command, like typing "P", to tell the Recon to Paint the 
area if you want it). I can honestly say that I have racked 
up more kills and rescued more VIPs as a Recon, as well as 
enabled my team to get more kills because of it, than any 
other character - and I thought I used to have a great kill 
ratio as a Sniper! 

As for other classes:
Commando - good all around character who can serve as a 
great escort or lead/rearguard element. With heavy armor 
and a good weapon (assault rifle with scope) can also serve 
as backup long range shooter. And for those times when there 
are a lot of enemy far off, especially near a car, the LAWS 
rocket can't be beat.

Sniper - fast and great for long range shooting, the Sniper 
is a bit difficult to play since many people are not willing 
to sit still and be patient. I really think Snipers are only 
suited for very defensive-minded groups. I have been just as 
accurate and successful using an assault rifle (or even a 
subgun) with a scope as I have as a sniper with a sniper rifle.

Heavy Weapons - Good as an assault shock trooper. This guy 
should always be in Heavy armor with either the heaviest 
belt fed gun available, or as an alternate tactic use the 
machine gun with the scope. Another great escort for the 
VIP since their movement speeds are similar.

Medic - Quite honestly, for the style of play that is in 
evidence most of the time, and the desire to secure the VIP 
in an efficient and timely manner, I think the Medic is not 
as important, though having one or two in the back is not a 
bad idea. Still, as discussed elsewhere here, if the person 
needing healing doesn't follow the proper procedures, by the 
time the medic gets to your dying body, you could have been 
back yourself by respawning. And I can't recall how many 
times I've racked up kill after kill on a medic and a 
wounded enemy! One time I was waiting in the shadows quite 
a ways off with my MP-10 with a scope. I whacked a guy, he 
called for a medic, the medic healed him, and as soon as he 
did I whacked the medic and the guy again! This continued 3 
times in a row!

Demoman - Again, this guy I think is more suited for defense. 
The Betty Blooper (Grenade Launcher) is slow and difficult 
to aim, limited ammo, and you can see it coming. The C-4 
charges are awesome, but are better suited for ambushes and 
defensive use.

OK, so it appears to me that a mixture of Recon, Commandos, 
and Heavy Weapons might be the best all-around group. 

How to shoot:

Just as in real-life, I have noticed that that the designers 
of the game really know their stuff. Weapons-related recoil 
and true-to-life physics means that you cannot simply "
spray and pray" and hope to be victorious. Most guns when 
fired in full auto kick a LOT - notable real-life exceptions 
are the H&K 53 subgun and to a lesser extent the G-11. 
(Greywolf drools while thinking of how much fun the H&K 53 
was to shoot!)

So, when using almost any gun in GO (notable exceptions are 
the belt-fed guns) it is usually best to only use it in 
semi-auto mode or (if available) 3-shot burst. Your accuracy 
improves dramatically, and you use a LOT less ammo. Nothing 
is worse than running out of ammo! Again, I can't stress 
enough the wonderful advantages of a weapon with a tactical 
scope. When I am armed with a H&K 36, G-11, or MP-10 with 
scope, and am in semi-auto or 3-shot burst mode, I kick some 
serious boo-tay! But it is all about being calm, patient, 
and setting up your shot.

OK, this may be a little difficult to follow at first, but 
hopefully I can explain this.

It is essential, in combat (real life or otherwise) to 
never be alone. ALWAYS have at least one buddy with you. 
The increase in combat effectiveness increases geometrically 
instead of arithmetically. We need to make sure that we have 
our sub-teams set up before a match and stick to it. Now, 
often we'll have to have teams of 2 men, though there are 
calls sometimes for 3 man teams. Let's try an example:

Bob and John are a two-man team. Let's call them "Alpha 
Team". They are similarly equipped as well. Bob is a 
Commando, and John is a Recon. Great mix here. Bob has 
an assault rifle, while John usually has a subgun. Now, 
I think that ALL weapons should have scopes on them, so 
Bob the Commando should have something like the G-11 or 
the G-36, and John the Recon should have the MP-10 with 
the scope. 

The most important factor in a 2 man team is to make sure 
that each person knows what "cover" he is. A "cover" is a 
location that the person will always take in the team 
structure. We used military phoentic monikers for our 
cover names - "Romeo" meant Right Cover, and "Lima" mean 
Left Cover. Imagine that Alpha Tam, John and Bob, are 
standing next to each other. John is the Romeo Cover and 
Bob is the Lima Cover. The Romeo is always on the Right, 
and the Lima is always on the Left (R=Right and R=Romeo 
in the military, L=Left and L=Lima). We used this to 
avaoid confusion when using more advanced CQB communications 
- some troops would get confused if we used "right and left" 
since some more advanced tactics would have us saying things 
like "Romeo cover left" - which means the guy on the right 
needed to sweep left with his weapon to cover his teammate.

So, anyways - think of Romeo as the guy standing to the 
right of his buddy, and Lima as the guy standing to the 
left of his buddy. Alpha Team is be-bopping down the road. 
Romeo is responsible for everything in front of him and to 
his right. Lima is responsible for everything in front of 
him and to the left. When contact is made with the enemy, 
Romeo will NEVER cross in front of Lima by going to the 
left. This can get you shot by your own man. Same thing 
goes for Lima - he will never cross in front of Romeo by 
going to the right. The best way this works is in an area 
where movement can be made in such a fashion so that if 
contact is made Romeo will circle-strafe right, and Lima 
will circle-strafe left. This has some great results - 
the enemy will have to choose one target - he can't spray 
both Romeo and Lima. Or he might get confused and try to 
take you both out and end up wildly spraying. Also, a 
grenade or LAWS can't take you both out if you each seperate 
to the right and left. And it is essential that you both 
concentrate your fire on one enemy at a time - your chances 
of killing him before he injures either of you is much greater.

I hope that wasn't too confusing. Now, a three-man team!

We'll call this one "Team Bravo" - Everything for Romeo 
(the guy on the right) and Lima (the guy on the left) 
remains the same. The addition here is "Charlie" - or 
Center. He moves along with the team but is in the center 
and back about 5-10 feet. This guy should ALWAYS be either 
a Heavy Gunner or Commando with heavy armor. This is the 
one time, in my book, that it is ok to have a belt-fed 
machine gun or assault rifle (preferably the G-36 with 
100-round Beta mag) and have it set on full auto. Charlie's 
role is to act as what we call a "stalking horse" - he is 
a target. When the team encounters an enemy, Lima breaks left, 
Romeo breaks right, and Charlie stays in the middle firing his 
weapon - he can move forward or crouch, but his goal is the 
remain the focus of the enemy's attention. However, at the 
same time Lima and Romeo are pouring their accurate fire into 
the enemy and Charlie stands a good chance of taking minor 
damage. If done properly, the 3-man team can be VERY effective 
and clear a path for the VIP escort. In this situation, 
I can actaully make an argument for the VIP escort being a 
Medic, since the Charlie member of the 3-man team may need 
more healing to stay at good health for his duties.

Another Team, or "Team Victor", would simply be the guy 
escorting the VIP.

The ultimate group tactic would be to have a 3-man clearing 
team, a VIP escort behind them a ways, and then right behind 
the escort have a 2-man team with a Recon and a Commando. 
The clean-up team in the rear functions as a means of keeping 
the enemy from sneaking around the VIP escort, as well as a 
backup assault team and radar.

With proper communications and execution of your team duties, 
these tactics can ensure a LOT of victories with minimal 

Get Campaign 2 (Terrorists):
Submitted by: arun prakash

Finish all 13 campaign mode missions to unlock campaign 2. 

Change Bot # 

In the Crave\GlobalOperations\GlobalOps\attributes folder, there is a 
file called "singleplayer". If any of the levels are giving you a really 
hard time, you can edit this text file. 

The file is in plain english and is where the number of bots is picked from.
Most levels have 1 of each type of player: medic, commando etc. You will see
a name of the character followed by a 1 or 0 (0 being "good guy" and 1 being
"bad guy"). In the first round of play, you are a good guy -- in the "next" 
round of play -- your a bad guy. 

Modify this file as desired and save. Always make a backup before overwriting
the file.

Global operations mutiplayers cheats:
Submitted by: divadortiz

(Srilanka)get in the rock in Srilanka. face on the face one of the corners 
(where it juts out with a point,) and press f8 to take a screen ,after take
a screen shot, quick move forward. Yoo should be in.If it worked right, you
should be in, if not, just try again. do the same for the most of corner. 
anywhere on this map.(if not try crounching). Now u can cheat.

Earning Money in Chechnya:
In this cheat, you must become a medic. You also must e a counter or you will 
be shot quickly. First, near the counter’s loading area, there is a place call 
The House. There is a fireplace inside that house. Call one of your members to 
cover you. When you bring your member into the house, shove him near the fireplace.
And his life will drop very fast. Take out your med-kit before you do this. Then 
when his life drop to maybe 8%, heal him by pressing the left mouse button. 
Do not let him die. You will see your money increasing. 

Unlock Campaign 2:
To unlock the second campaign (in which you get to play as a terrorist), beat the 
game on any difficulty setting. On the mission select screen, select "Next" in 
order to get to Campaign 2.

Easy and cheap Machine gun:
Start any level and choose any class. Click pistols then 18c choose extended mag 
in the bar on the top. when the game starts press x on the keyboard this will put
it on automatic shoot and its a machine gun.

Using Your GPS:
If you are the Recon class, you should be using your GPS all the time, until 
you encounter an enemy. This way, you will always know where they are, and how
to sneak up on them.

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