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  Hints and Tips for: Goat Simulator 
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 Goat Simulator Cheats

Goat Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock Every Goat:
-=Angel Goat=-
You will unlock Angel Goat status if you don't cause any environmental damage for about 8 
minutes. Just stand still if you like. As Angel Goat, you can jump higher and your active 
ability allows you to glide through the air with a low drop rate, useful if you need to 
get around the rooftops. You'll also have a halo.

-=Evil Goat=-
Bring 5 bodies to the pentagram circle in the forest. The demonic goat mutator can suck up 
loose physics objects with the special action key.

-=Goat Queen=-
You should notice a spiral tower with a fence surrounding its base, not far from where you 
spawn. Climb those stairs to the top floor to arrive in a throne room. You can stand on the
throne to be acknowledged as the Goat King. As the king, you wear a skull mask and you can 
press the Action button to produce goats whenever you like.

-=Ripped Goat=-
Knock all the goats out of the fighting ring in the fields. The muscular version of the goat
is even stronger.

-=bot Goat=-
Bring the robot from the hanging blue container to the forest pentagram, along with the 
special Sanctum statues. One is located on the second floor of the spiral tower. The second
can be found in a brown house near the spawn point.

-=Devil Goat_=
Look for a glowing red pentagram, located near one of the town's corners. It's positioned 
next to the electrical tower that you can see off to the far left, if you stand near the 
base of the water slides at the community pool. Once you place five human or goat bodies 
on the pentagram, you will become the Devil Goat. Note that if you're looking to expedite
the process, you can become the Goat King and quickly summon goats to the desired spot. 
When you become the Devil Goat, it's possible to fly if you summon a Black Hole and enter
Rag Doll mode.

How to Become Goat King:
As the diabolical Goat King, you can summon dead goats with the push of a button.

* Step 1: Find the Tower: Near where your goat spawns, there’s a strange spiral tower in the 
  corner of the fenced-in space. One goat is standing watch on the ground, while another sits 
  inside the door half-way up. climb the spiral stair-case and enter the top door for find a 
  surprising congregation.

* Step 2: Sit on the Throne: Welcome to your throne room! At the top of the tower, entering 
  the highest door will take the goat into his palace. Walk forward, and the goats will bow 
  to you. As it should be. Sit (or stand, like a goat) on the devilish looking throne and 
  you’ll earn all the power of a Goat King! So, what were all those powers again?

* Step 3: Rule the Land: Standing on the throne causes plumes of smoke and fire to raise up 
  and engulf your goat, transforming it and teleporting it back to the original spawn point.
  As a Goat King (with a spooky skull mask) you can make it rain goats whenever you like! 
  Just press the action button [Default: R] to drop rag-doll goats from the sky in infinite 

Unlockable Mutators:
Complete the task to unlock the following mutator. Mutators can be found in 
the Custom Game mode.

Unlockable      How to Unlock
Angel Goat    - Unlock the “Angel Goat” achievement.
Devil Goat    - Unlock the “Devil Goat” achievement.
Feather Goat  - Find 10 Golden Goat Statues.
Giant Goat    - Find 20 Golden Goat Statues.
Goat Queen    - Become the Queen of Goat Ville.
Goatborn      - Unlock the “Alexander Goatstafsson” achievement.
Ripped Goat   - Unlock the “Alexander Goatstafsson” achievement.
Robot Goat    - Unlock the “Trying to bring forth Sanctum 3?” achievement.
Space Goat    - Find all 30 Golden Goat Statues.
Tall Goat     - Find 5 Golden Goat Statues.

Flappy Goat:
A version of the popular mobile game "Flappy Bird" can be found and played in this game. If 
you go into the Coffee Stain Studios building near the mountains and head upstairs, you'll 
see a large TV in one of the back rooms. Attack it and it'll turn on, and it will let you 
play "Flappy Goat", where the objective is to get your character through as many pipes as 
possible by pressing R to bounce him up.

Lvl 101 in Goat MMO:
1.Use Anti-Gravity Goat & Tank Goat.
2.Enable anti-gravity.
3.Jump & hold W and D.
4.Press 1 to do a stomp attack. 
  (Note: You have to let go of W & D otherwise you will get -125893 exp!

Hidden Flappy Goat minigame:
Enter the Coffee Stain Studios near the mountains and go to the second floor. Look for 
a large TV in one of the rooms up there. Attack the TV to activate a minigame based on 
Flappy Bird. The goal of this minigame is the same: press the R key to try and navigate
the flying character through as many obstacles as possible.

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