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  Hints and Tips for: Goat Simulator 3 
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 Goat Simulator 3 Cheats

Goat Simulator 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock All Goats:
Besides Pilgor, there are nine different goats in Goat Simulator 3. Some can be 
purchased instantly with Karma Points in the Wardrobe menu. Others must first 
be unlocked by completing certain tasks that we’ll cover in this guide. You can
get the last one by completing the main story missions.

To unlock Steve the Goat, you must complete the quest “Saving Steve“. Go to 
Yakedo Hot Springs and start licking fish there. You need to find the one with 
Steve’s nameplate on it. Once you find it, pull it out of the water to complete 
the quest.

If you want to get this unlock, you must have finished the Children of Hay quest 
in Kyp Flash. Go to the hill at the edge of the field to find a sacrificial 
circle. You should know when you’re nearby because the screen will dim slightly. 
After activating the task, go to the field below. The puropose is to lick three 
scarecrows and drag them around the circle. Once done, you’ll unlock the Scarecrow 

-=Angry Goat=-
Go to the San Angora Zoo for the quest. Missing: Rossi. You need to find a caged 
rhino named Rosie, lick her and bring her back to the zoo. You’ll find the cages 
on the ramp above the zoo. There are some poachers near the cage, so take them 
out first. After completing the mission, you will unlock the angry goat skin.

-=Capra Erectus=-
The location of this skin can be a little hard to find. Go to Libertarian Island. 
You need to find a cave entrance blocked by rocks on the cliff. Stand right in 
front of it and bleat on it. A brilliant halo will appear above you and lift up 
the boulder. Go further into the hole. Approach the Superstar lying on a mattress 
surrounded by fish to unlock the Capra Erectus Goatskin.

To get this skin, you must complete the How It’s Made quest. Head to Fairmeadows 
Ranch Factory Compounds. You are looking for the main building. There are three 
entrances, two underground ladders on the west side of the building, and a long 
conveyor belt across the roof. Once inside, you have to assemble the conveyor 
belt at the factory by licking the different parts. You’ll find some conveyor 
belts inside buildings and some outside. Lick those outside the building and 
pull them in. After doing this, the machine will start working. People will 
enter three chambers at the end of the conveyor belt and leave like bananas. 
Enter one of the rooms to unlock the Abominana skin.

-=The Farmer=-
To get the Farmer skin, you need to complete the last quest. To complete the 
final mission, you need to complete all goat towers. After defeating the last
boss, the new Farmer skin will become available.

-=Purchasable skins=-
Tasty goat - purchase for 20,000 karma.
Tall goat  - purchase for 30,000 karma.
Tony Shark - purchase for 30,000 karma.

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