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  Hints and Tips for: Gods - Lands of Infinity 
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 Gods - Lands of Infinity Cheats

Gods - Lands of Infinity

Submitted by: Haspa

Press enter when playing the game and type the followings:

Code            Result
dajcepenezi   - gives you 100 gold coins 
zaseknulsomse - it moves you to the closest signpost immediately 
somgadzo      - enables god mode. your healt points will be decreased 
                by 1 after each hit

Submitted by: mir omran

press the symbol left next to the numbers on the top of the keyboard that 
looks like this " ` " and then type the following 

dajcepenezi   - gives 100 gold
zaseknulsomse - teleports you to the nearest signpost instantly
somgadzo      - enable god mode each attack n your team reduces only on 
                health point

I have to say something more i found this technique on this game's version 1.42 
and i tried pressing enter alot but nothing came in front of me so i kept 
pressing every button till i got a black window in which i typed the cheats 
and voila it worked thanks for reading

Equip Shield While Having A Two-Handed Item:
Make sure that Autosave is enabled. If Vivien or Ervin are using weapons 
like Two Handed Sword, Pike or Lances, they cant equip their shield. To do 
this have the shield you want any of them to equip in their respective 
inventory, don't have any other shield in their inventory. Now go to a 
different location (use the signpost). Now exit. Now while in the main menu,
select Load Game, and load the Autosave that was saved automatically and at 
least one of them should have automatically equipped the shield. If it does 
not work try going to another location and repeating the steps, or drop the
shield, go to another location, come back and get the shield and repeat the
above steps again.

Get Double Alchemy Plants:
Pick up a plant that is in the ground then open your inventory, but don't 
keep it. Go to a signpost and click no when it asks you to go or not. Now 
open your inventory and there will be a plant in there as well as there 
will be the plant that you are currently holding.

Remove Soul Bounded Items:
You can remove the soul bounded items of a character by clicking on his/her
profile then click preview and take a item (armors/weapons/artifacts whatever
that you need to remove get another of that type) and click on the characters
model. The soul bounded item will be removed and replaced by the item that 
you had taken/ This can also be done for normal items.

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