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  Hints and Tips for: Going Medieval 
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 Going Medieval Cheats

Going Medieval

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Increase FPS:
How to Get More FPS

* At first put the Texture Quality to half and the shadow Quality to 
  low or medium (low for the best FPS possible).
* After that you should be turning Anisotropic filtering off. 
  V-Sync to off and Framerate cap also off.
* The game's FPS is going up even higher if you turn the Anti Aliasing 
  to FXAA (makes the game look a little bit worse tho).
* If you don't have enough FPS at that point lower the resolution.

List of Every Modifier:
Written by XenoSimilus

Accurate (+5 Marksman)
Ambitious (+5 Intellectual)
Apostate (+3 Animal Handling)
Artful (+5 Speechcraft)
Avant Garde (+3 Culinary, +3 Medicine)
Bloodthirsty (+5 medical)
Bookish (+3 medicine, +3 carpentry)
Brutal (+3 Smithing)
Caring (+5 Animal Handling)
Charitable (+5 Culinary)
Cheerful (+3 Construction, +3 Medicine)
Chivalrous (+5 melee)
Clever (+5 Intellectual)
Confident (+3 Marksman)
Crafty (+5 Tailoring)
Cunning (+5 Botany)
Deadly (+3 Marksman, +3 Melee)
Desolate (+5 Mining)
Despicable (+3 Intellectual, +3 Melee, +3 Marksman)
Faithless (+5 construction)
Hopeful (+3 Medicine)
Inconspicuous (+5 Intellectual)
Loyal (+3 Melee)
Patient (3 Marksman)
Penitent (+3 Carpentry)
Reckless (+5 Mining)
Rustic (+3 Botany, +3 Culinary)
Ruthless (+5 Melee)
Savage (-3 Speechcraft, -5 Intellectual)
Shrewd (+3 Carpentry, +3 Smithing)
Solitary (+5 Melee)
Soothsaying (+3 Botany)
Spinning (+3 Botany, +3 Tailor)
Swindling (+3 Tailoring, +3 Animal Handling)
Tempered (+5 Smithing)
Thoughtless (+5 Tailoring)
Thrifty (+3 Smithing)
Tireless (+5 Carpentry)
Toxic (+5 Culinary)
Uprooted (+3 Animal Handling)
Weary (+5 Melee)
Wicked (+5 Smithing)
Willful (+3 Speechcraft)
Winsome (+5 Speechcraft)
Yorkist (+3 Melee, +3 Construction)
List of Every Backstory
Alchemist (+10 Speechcraft, +10 Intellectual, +3 Botany, +3 Medicine)
Archer (+12 Marksman, +5 Melee)
Architect (+12 Intellectual, +10 Construction)
Armorer (+12 Smithing, +5 Carpentry, +5 Melee)
Armorer (+12 Tailoring, +5 Carpentry, +5 Marksman)
Army Cook (+12 Melee, +10 Culinary, +3 Animal Handling)
Arrowsmith (+12 Smithing, +3 Carpentry)
Barber (+12 Speechcraft, +10 Medicine)
Berner (+15 Animal Handling, +5 Melee, +3 Speechcraft)
Blacksmith (+12 Smithing, +5 Melee, +3 Mining)
Bowyer (+10 Carpentry, +10 Marksman, +3 Construction)
Brewster (+12 Culinary, +10 Botany)
Brick Maker (+12 Construction, +10 Mining, +3 Botany)
Builder (+12 Construction, +5 Carpentry, +3 Speechcraft)
Butcher (+12 Culinary, +10 Animal Handling)
Carpenter (+12 Carpentry, +3 Speechcraft)
Carter (+10 Mining, +5 Melee)
Chef (+15 Culinary, +5 Botany, +5 Animal Handling)
Cobbler (+15 Tailoring)
Cordwainer (+10 Tailoring, + 5 Construction, +5 Botany)
Cottar (+12 Botany, +3 Animal Handling)
Courtesan (+12 Speechcraft, +15 Intellectual, -5 Melee, -5 Marksman)
Engineer (+12 Intellectual, +5 Melee, +3 Marksman)
Farmer (+12 Animal Handling, +5 Botany, +3 Intellectual)
Farrier (+12 Smithing, +3 Animal Handling)
Field Doctor (+12 Medicine, +10 Melee)
Franklin (+12 Mining, +5 Botany)
Grave Digger (+12 Mining, +5 Melee, -3 Speechcraft)
Healer (+12 Medicine, +3 Intellectual)
Herbalist (+12 Botany, +5 Intellectual, -3 Smithing)
Hunter (+12 Marksman, +10 Animal Handling)
Innkeep (+12 Culinary, +3 Speechcraft, +3 Melee)
Knight (+12 Melee, +3 Speechcraft, +3 Botany, +3 Medicine)
Lorimer (+15 Smithing)
Marshal (+12 Animal Handling, +5 Medicine)
Master Builder (+12 Intellectual, +5 Carpentry, +5 Construction)
Mercenary (+12 Melee, +10 Mining)
Miner (+12 Mining, +3 Construction)
Monk (+12 Intellectual, +5 Botany, +5 Medicine)
Recruit (+12 Marksman, +5 Tailoring, +5 Smithing)
Reeve (+12 Botany, +5 Smithing)
Scribe (+12 Intellectual, +3 Speechcraft)
Shipwright (+12 Construction, +5 Melee)
Swineherd (+12 Animal Handling, +5 Botany)
Tanner (+12 Tailoring, +3 Botany)
Wheelwright (+12 Carpentry)

List of Every Pseudonym:
A character may have a pseudonym associated to them that provides a small 
bit of lore and a boost to one skill.

Bonesetter (+3 Medicine)
Bridegroom (+3 Tailoring)
Butcher (+3 Animal Handling)
Ghost (+3 Mining)
Le Chou (+3 Botany)
Philosopher (+3 Smithing)
The Apostle (+3 Carpentry)
The Bard (+3 Marksman)
The Bold (+3 Melee)
The Bride (+3 Tailoring)
The Broken (+3 Marksman)
The Crow (+3 Medicine)
The Cuckold (+3 Carpentry)
The Deceiver (+3 Marksman)
The Doctor (+3 Intelligence)
The Fool (+3 Intelligence)
The Forlorn (+3 Culinary)
The Hanged (+3 Mining)
The Heretic (+3 Construction)
The Kitten (+3 Speechcraft)
The Lamb (+3 Tailoring)
The Lucky (+3 Smithing)
The Pagan (+3 Botany)
The Pirate (+3 Mining)
The Prodigal (+3 Speechcraft)
The Pudding (+3 Culinary)
The Rebel (+3 Carpentry)
The Riddler (+3 Speechcraft)
The Saint (+3 Animal Handling)
The Spy (+3 Intelligence)
The Tart (+3 Culinary)
The Thief (+3 Tailoring)
The Wakeful (+3 Melee)
Zealot (+3 Construction)

Increase amount of bandits and wolf raids:
Written by Mattbat64

Are you always constantly bored out of your mind when you massacre 100 
bandits without breaking a sweat within 150 days in the game? Do you want 
to see how well your settlement can hold against a horde of raiders pushing 
your base to its limits? Or are you just a daring player who wants to push 
your PC to the limits of the number of bandits that can be spawned without 
crashing? Here is the guide for you. Modify at your own risk.
Update: Still works after Update #4

* Go to where the game is installed under: 
Steam\steamapps\common\Going Medieval\Going Medieval_Data\StreamingAssets\

Change the number value to you would like and you will see the effect all across 
the game. This applies to wolf raids as well with bandits attacking your 
settlements and will take effect in the next wolf or bandit raid. Save compatible.

-=The file should look something like this:=-
The numerical values of the "key" corresponds to the difficulty
that you have set when creating a new settlement.

Modify the "value" to change the amount of bandits and wolfs raids being spawned.

"threshold": -1,
"key": 0, (Very Easy)
"value": 0.7
"key": 1, (Easy)
"value": 1
"key": 2, (Normal)
"value": 1
"key": 3, (Difficult)
"value": 1.5
"key": 4, (Hard)
"value": 3 (modify this value depending on what level of difficulty you selected
when creating your settlement)

For a reference: If selecting survival mode at very hard difficulty by changing the 
default value to 30, you would likely get around ~290 bandits.

Tips to Animal Management:
Plant Flax in your animal pens. Oddly the animals like to eat it and flax is an 
easy crop to grow and produces plenty of seed so Iím happy to let them munch away 
and save on the hay.

Always send your traders pet dog or cat with them when they go on a trade mission. 
If you donít they pine for their master and start wandering around the map looking 
for them. I lost more cats to wolves that way than I like to think about before I 
noticed the connection.

When forming a trade caravan donít send multiple settlers. Send you best trader and 
as many asses as you can. The asses carry much more than a human and donít do 
anything else worth worrying about.

When a caravan returns from a mission loaded down with juicy goods. Save the game. 
Things sometimes go wrong in the final stages of a caravans journey. Iíve had my 
trader drown trying to swim a river. Iíve had animals attacked and killed by wolves. 
So, take a saved point just in case.

Some animals in a returning trade caravan seem to like to wander. ChickensÖIím 
looking at you. Be prepared to Draft all your settlers into animal rustling teams 
and go rope those chickens and show them the way home. Preferably before the wolves 
spot them.

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