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  Hints and Tips for: Goody 
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 Goody Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Enigma Question 

After starting the games, you type "goody" to obtain infinite lives.

Through the city, Goody has to obtain money bags to buy the tools needed to open
the bank vault. Also, he needs the correct combination to open this safe. The
numbers of the combination are in twelve rollers, scattered for the entire city.

Goody is not alone in this city. A police officer named Rodriguez is following
him for a while, and he wants to send Goody to jail for the rest of his days;
Charly el Bardeos, a common burglar, tries to steal Goody’s money; the gorillas
have escaped from the Zoo, and if they catch Goody they shake him to death;
Señora Maria, cleaning the whole city, raises dangerous clouds of dust; watch
out the construction workers and his remains; the office workers and his paper
planes; the greedy bankers launching gold slugs; sleepwalking karatekas, ghosts…
besides, the Mother Nature is definitely not on your side: killer bees, the
moon, snakes, piranhas, rats, toxic drips…

Your brain and your bricks are your weapons. The years Goody spent in the
construction business made him an expert brick launcher.

Besides Goody carries a ladder to reach higher places, and a master remote
control to control all the city’s elevators. Goody can take with him no more
than four tools to throw down the wall in his way to Banco de España (Bank of
Spain, from now on in this text “The Bank”).

The city is divided in several zones: Goody’s Hideout, the Hardware Shop (in
which Goody buys the tools with the money collected); the Construction Zone; the
Jail (where Goody is imprisoned if he uses the tools in the wrong order); a
haunted mansion full of ghosts and books; the madrilean El Retiro Park (the best
place to take a boat trip); the sewers and the Bank.

To go across the zones, the best way is the Metro, connecting directly the zones
of the city, and the sewers, easier than the city surface, with a secret doorway
to the bank that you are bet to find.

Elevators: Distributed across the city, including the sewers, the elevators help
Goody in reach different places, not accessible jumping or using the ladder. The
elevators are constantly in motion, but we can stop and start pushing DOWN, in
our controls.

Ladder: In some places, Goody needs something more than a running jump to reach
the top, and he has a ladder for those places. Pushing the ENTER key in the
exact position, Goody takes out the ladder. To go up and down in the ladder,
push UP or DOWN in your controls. Don’t forget to pick up the ladder after used,
because Goody only has one ladder. Pick up the ladder with the ENTER key again.

Bricks: The defensive weapon of Goody is the bricks. To fire the bricks near or
far, hold down the FIRE key to regulate the brick thrust.

Beer: When times passes, or Goody is hit by the enemies, our level of energy
beer is decreased. Once exhausted Goody looses a life. To avoid that, we can
find the beer pints across the city and restore the energy level to continue the
journey to the Bank’s vault.

Tools: Essential for the professional thief, tools are needed to break into the
Bank’s vault. With the money found you should buy the tools needed to open the
cabins all over the game, specially the Bank’s one. You can take no more of four
tools and buy the rest when they are all used. To use the tools you should enter
the cabin and select the right tool. To select a tool, move the selection square
and reach the tool, pushing ENTER together with LEFT or RIGHT. Once selected,
push FIRE, to use it. If everything is OK, Goody will have a clear way and if
not, the alarm will sound, alerting the police and sending Goody to Jail.

Rollers: To open the Bank’s vault you need the number combination. In your way
you will find a couple of rollers containing the right numbers to open the
Bank’s vault. You have to pick them all, because the combination changes in
every adventure.

Money: In your journey you will have to pick so much money as you can to buy the
tools to break into the Bank and steal the money from the vault. As explained
before, you have to watch Charly el Bardeos, who will steal all Goody’s money.

The Jail: This is the place where Goody is taken if the tools are not used
correctly in the cabins or if you fail dialing the right combination in the
Bank’s vault. Inside the Jail you find a cabin that will open the wall and will
give Goody the opportunity to escape from jail, as long as you use the right
tool. Once you have escaped, you will have to avoid the police jumping because
you don’t have the brick with you.

Hardware Shop: Near the Goody’s Hideout, we can find the Hardware Shop, with all
the tools needed to heist the Bank’s vault. Once inside the shop, go to the
counter in the middle and you see a hand over the tools, move to the appropriate
tool, with the DIRECTION keys, and select the tool wanted with FIRE. (Remember
that Goody only can carry four tools at a time, and he has to return to the shop
to buy more tools to use.

The Armor-Plated Bank’s Vault: Finally, after avoiding several obstacles and
launching bricks to everybody in the city, Goody arrives to his aim, el Banco de
España. You go close to the Bank’s door and a hand appears near the small window
of the bank. Goody has to dial the right combination to open the vault. With
LEFT and RIGHT locate the small window and with UP and DOWN, search the right
numbers along the ones collected all over the journey. Once dialing the right
numbers, push ENTER. If everything is OK the vault will open, allowing Goody to
enter the vault. If not, the alarm will sound and the police will arrive. You
have two chances to succeed.

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