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  Hints and Tips for: Gordian Quest 
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 Gordian Quest Cheats

Gordian Quest

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Add/modify items via save editing:
Written by Cension

Add items to existing saves and change items' stat modifiers.

-=Save file location=-

* Realm0000.autosave or Campaign0000.autosave

You can just open it in Notepad or whatever you prefer. I would recommend 
making a backup of your save files before you mess with them.

=====What to look for=====
-=Gold/stackable items=-
You just need to Ctrl + F the object by searching  or e.g.  and 
change the “stackSize” modifier to a value less than the maxStackSize indicated
next to it.

I've only been able to change gold amount in Campaign.

To add/modify equipment, you need to copy the full text string for that item from 
one save into another. The location in the save file where the item string is added 
varies depending on whether or not you are adding in an item that will be already 
equipped by the character or if you are adding an item into the inventory.

-=Equipped Items
If you’ve just started a run your character(s) will only have the small health vial.
Ctrl + F  or <”consumable1”> to find the location where you will inject other 

If you’re swapping already equipped items, the section of text for equipped items 
starts with:

“chest”, “mainHand”, “offHand”, “head”, “arms”, “neck”, “ring1”, “ring2”,”belt”, 
or “feet”, and ends with something like <..."LocalizedEquipType":"Headgear"},> 
before the next item is listed.

You can also add in e.g. a belt even if the character does not have one equipped 
as long as you add it in the proper place, i.e. where the equipped items are listed.

-=Items in Inventory
I haven’t tried adding/changing items in inventory but theoretically, it should 
work the same way- you just add or replace an item where the inventory items are 
listed. Equipped items are easier to find so that’s the only place I made changes. 
Items will start with e.g. <{"$id":"5825","$type":"GordianQuest.Item_UnasWrath,> 
so if you have the Una’s Wrath staff in your inventory, you can use it to find 
where the rest of your items are stored in the save file.

The following example is broken into its constituent components so it’s 
easier to understand.

If you wanted to add in the item below (vanilla tier 3 Thundercord) to a save, 
simply copy the full text below, remove any line breaks, and paste it into your own 
save at the appropriate location. Will overwrite the currently equipped amulet if 
you replace the existing equipped item text with the new item text.

Underlined values are what I presume are unique identifiers which tell the game 
engine what the thing is and need to match otherwise there will be an error and 
the save file won’t load. For example if you want to change "+n Dexterity" to "+% 
Increased intelligence" on Thundercord, you’d have to change 1) 
, 2) <“id”:79> to <”id”:97>, and 3) 
remove <"Affix":"of the Fox"> .

Bolded values can be changed to whatever, e.g. if you want 100% increased INT, 
just change the value to 100.

{"$id":"5853","$type":"GordianQuest.Item_Thundercord, Assembly-CSharp","guid":

Assembly-CSharp","id":79,"type":0,"tier":3,"value":3,"customSkill":999999,"Affix":"of the Fox"},


Assembly-CSharp","id":83,"type":0,"tier":3,"value":4,"customSkill":999999,"Affix":"of the Cloud"},



{"$id":"5859","$type":"GordianQuest.Item_GrandStrengthRune, Assembly-CSharp",
false,"LocalizedEquipType":"Vendor Service"}}],


To add an item to a save, you need to copy the full item string from one save 
file into another but there are a few considerations to make it work properly.

<"equippedBy":6,> needs to match with the recipient of the item if replacing 
already equipped items. 5 is Pierre, 6 is Ida, etc..

<”foundTimestamp”> all values for this should be a time after the run was started. 
You can just copy the value for “foundTimestamp” from any item in the recipient 
save into the items being added. If an item has runes, those will have their own 
foundTimestamp value which should be changed as well.

Legendaries are searchable by their names, whereas for example INT footwear named 
“Raven Trail” is actually  with modifiers 

You should unequip and reequip the item once it is successfully loaded into the 
game which automatically fixes the $id tags to align with the current save file. 
In the same vein, runes should be unsocketed and resocketed. I’ve found this fixes 
various issues.

-=Final thoughts=-
If someone who had discovered all cards and had a copy of every legendary item in 
inventory/stash shared a save file, (or if the devs shared a list of mod IDs, 
affix names, and item guids) it would be possible to add any item into another save, 
but for now this only works if you have an existing save with the items you want to 
mod in.

I made sure to ask permission before posting this on Steam because I figured it 
would mess up the leaderboards but devs have given me the OK.

I will not be helping to troubleshoot issues after a couple days.

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