Gore - Ultimate Soldier Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Gore - Ultimate Soldier 
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 Gore - Ultimate Soldier Cheats

Gore - Ultimate Soldier

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:Nathan Thomas Smith

1st bring up the console press ~ or on the menu then type "remoteadmin 1" put 
that in the console then type "login developer" press enter then use the 
following cheats note; cheats MUST be entered in console note:0 is a zero.

cheats:    what cheat does:
god 0    = cant die
fly 0    = u can fly
noclip 0 = no fly mode
uammo 0  = full ammo
give_all = all weapons
s. You should then be able to 
login as developer and activate the cheats. 

Code                                          Result
FLY 0/1                                     - Fly Mode 
GOD 0/1                                     - God Mode 
NOCLIP 0/1                                  - No Clipping 
UAMMO 0/1                                   - Unlimited Ammo 
GIVE_ALL                                    - All Weapons & Ammo 
ENABLE COUNTER                              - Show Framerate 
ENABLE CROSSHAIR                            - Show Crosshair 
ROTATE CROSSHAIR                            - Select Next Crosshair 
LOADSCENARIO("UMC_SPSCENARIO1","Levelname") - Load Level "Levelname" 

Level Names:
Click the "Next" icon to start the new level:


NOTE 1: This must be done in the following way or the level will not 
be playable:

1) Start a new single-player game.
2) After the Bootcamp level loads, do not click the "Next" button.
3) Call up the console and enter the above LOGIN and LOADSCENARIO cheats.
4) When the loading is finished, the console will disappear.
5) Click the "next" button and the level will start. 

NOTE 2: Another way to start at any level is to edit the file UMCGAME.LGS 
in the GORERULES folder under the game install folder. Be sure to backup 
this file first. Simply delete all of the mission desciptions before the 
one at which you wish to start and save the file. Each description will 
look similar to this: 


There is no need to renumber the remaining mission descriptions. 
Now run the game and start a new single-player game. The game will 
load the first mission description it finds in the edited file.

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