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  Hints and Tips for: Gorilla Tag 
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 Gorilla Tag Cheats

Gorilla Tag

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Climb by Bouncing between Walls:
Written by Leon6er [The Half-Blood]

So I'm sure there are some people like me who have asked for help on this only to 
get one variation of answers; "just get good" "oh ya know just do this" as they 
proceed to bounce away from you. Well im here to help you learn how to bounce in 
between walls to climb. This will be helpful for the canyon map and its best to 
practice this on the monkey play ground.

-=Step 1: Don't Over Think It=-
Seriously don't go into this with a angry and annoyed mind set. 
Clear your head and get ready.

-=Step 2: How to Actually Climb=-
So you cleared your head? Good. Now there is 2 motions you must do with your arms to climb. 
First launch your self to one side of the wall. Get the corresponding arm ready by bringing 
your forearm and tricep together as if lifting weights and at the top of a curl. Next when 
you touch the wall you'll have a second of sticking that's when you pull down your arm and 
straiten it out at the same time. This will launch you to the other wall. Where you repeat 
the process above of 1 tricep curl whilst in the air, 2 touch the wall, and 3 pull your arm 
down and straiten it at the same time. Keep in mind this will take practice. Usually before 
I even play, I go to the monkey play ground and climb the wood walls for a bit till I got 
it down.

-=Step 3: Tips on Climbing=-
Now on with the tips! Firstly I find it much easier to climb when leaning a bit in the 
direction of the wall im going towards and away from it when I push off it. I think it does 
help you climb though I could be wrong. It seems to help me a lot. Another tip I found to 
help me is having some other monkeys climb with me. This makes me want to get to their level 
and makes me go faster, lastly a tip I found very useful is looking when im pushing off a 
wall. I look where im pushing off from mostly cause I use a quest 2 + virtual desktop, 
which means unlike some I don't have base stations around my room to track every movement 
I make with my hands. So if your like me make sure to look at your hands when pushing off 
a wall so your headset can track you.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by RPM YT

This guide will show you really cool tips and tricks for Gorilla Tag (especially jukes).

* In mountains when your going down the ice hill, avoid the ramps and then at the 
  bottom hit the ground really hard and you will be flying (Pro tip: when you fly 
  up press on the ice mountain to go higher)

* In mountains there is a really good juke, so on the left of the igloo, put your arm  
  through the ice wall corner on the left and then push and kinda forward then you will
  go to the other wall very fast. 
  (Pro tip: when your on the other wall you can try to wall surf)

* If you are new, never move with both hands at once, because that is not really fast, 
  instead use one hand at a time.
* Never look back on a chase (but when you’re trying to do something you can always look 
   back if it includes it.).

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