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  Hints and Tips for: Gothic 
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 Gothic Cheats


Cheat Codes
Update by: teocreisti
Update by: ISlayGhoulzForFun
Submitted by: nightraider

Cheat mode:
Update to v1.07 and press [S] or [B] in the game to get to the start screen, here
just type "MARVIN". Now the cheat mode and the console are activated. (If you have
a version less v1.07: In the file "gothic.ini" change test mode from 0 to 1, then 
you can press [F2] in the game to activate the console, here type in:

Effect                                      Code
God mode                                  - cheat god
Heal                                      - cheat full
Restore HP                                - cheat eat
Kill target                               - cheat kill
Hurt shark                                - hurtswampschark
Harpie                                    - harpie
Lurker                                    - lurker
Artifact for quest                        - lichtbringer
Spawn indicated item                      - insert [item name]
1000 ore                                  - marin
Toggle all cheats                         - autocomplement
Load position                             - load position
Load game                                 - load game
Save Game                                 - save
Screenshot                                - print
Display game version                      - version
Teleport to waypoint                      - goto waypoint
Teleport to the castle                    - goto pos
Teleport to Xardas' tower                 - goto vob
Move player to camera location            - goto camera
Move to waypoint by easiest route         - aigoto waypoint
Move to castle by easiest route           - goto pos
Move to waypoint by easiest route         - goto vob
Move to camera locationby easiest route   - goto camera
Set guild                                 - set guild [guildname]
Set trueguild                             - set trueguild [guildname]
Set clipping range                        - set clippingrange [1-3]
Recipe for Dexter                         - kalomsrecipe

You also can press the following keys in the game:
Use a text editor to edit the "gothic.ini" file in the game folder. Change the 
"test mode 0" entry to "test mode 1" to enable cheat mode. Press one of the 
following keys during game play:

Key   Effect
[F3] - Play in windows modw
[F4] - Normal mode
[F5] - Immobile camera
[F6] - Mobile camera
[F7] - Cycle trough game sections
[F8] - Health and mana refresh
[H]  - Character harms himself
[Z]  - Character spins around
[K]  - Character vanishes in the ground (press multiple times)

Submitted by: Xardas

With this, you can jump from great heights without sustaining any damage. Just
strafe left or right while in the air. Beat someone up with a melee weapon. Wait
for him to get up and walk around a bit. Then shoot him with a ranged weapon, or 
a magic projectile. You'll get the experience again.

Blood mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "gothic.ini" file in the game folder. 
Change the "bloodDetail 1" entry to "bloodDetail 3". 

Remove censor:
Version 1.08j was censored for American audiences. However, you can turn the censor
off by going into the "/data" folder and renaming or deleting the "textures_bikini.vdf"
file. The bathing woman in the castle will now be nude.

Edit abilities:
Press [F2] during game play to display the console window. Type edit abilities to display 
a menu of all your character's attributes. "lp" corresponds to skill, "xp" to experience 
points, "xp_next" to the experience points needed for the next level, "level" to your 
current level, "voice_pitch" to your vocal pitch, and "guild" to your guild number. 
Note: You can only use this trick to raise your level.

Unlimited food:
Kill a Scavenger in order to get some raw meat. Then, go to the old camp and find a pan 
somewhere there. There should be one somewhere near the south gate exit. Stand in front 
of the pan so the name is selected, go into your inventory, and select the meat. 
Hold [Use] and press [Up] as if you are going to use the meat. You will then kneel in 
front of the pan. Do not press [Up] to cook the meat. Instead, release [Use] and you 
will stand back up. Check your inventory and you will find you have double of what you 
started with. Keep repeating this to double it each time.

Quick level increase:
Enable cheat mode and enter the "Edit Abilities" screen. Set your level to "0". If you 
fight an Orc or a Snapper/Biter, you will gain a level very quickly. 

Weapon code warnings:
* If you are not in God mode and you insert someone's weapons, such as Lee's Axe, Innos
  Rage: Gomez, RedWind: Y'borron, and others, they will attack you. Y'barron has the 
  Pyrokennesis spell, which will freeze your character. When he runs out of mana, he 
  stops and you can walk away. However, you cannot go into the exit menu, to save, etc.

* If you try to insert Ore Armor, including the Improved, it will fail and will freeze 
  your game.

* If you insert someone's weapons, excluding the bastard swords, the person who sees 
  you will say "Using my weapon eh? I'll teach you", and then punch you out. You cannot
  get back up. 

If you want to pickpocket, sneak behind someone while unarmed. Press [Ctrl] + [Up]. You will 
have little time, and if they catch you, they run to a guard or an invulnerable NPC.

Orc Hammer:
You use the Orc Hammer to kill Trolls and Stone/Bridge Golems very easily.

Castle armory key:
Barthalol has the key to the armory in the castle. You can take control of him and have 
him drop it.

Taking items:
If you have someone drop an item that you want, make sure they do not see you pick it up. 
You can control someone to have them drop their armor. Then, make them get attacked, or 
draw attention while you pick up their dropped items. 

Unlimited strength and dexterity: 
In some versions of the game, you can get unlimited strength and dexterity. First, press 
"S" then type marvin quickly. Press S again to activate cheat mode, then get the Ring Of 
Strength or any other rings. Put them on and off. When they are taken off, the effect of 
the ring should remain. 

Glitch: No damage after fall:
When you fall or jump off willingly from a high area, hold one of your Strife just before
you hit the ground. Your character will reset, stand up, then go back to falling. When 
you land, you will not take any damage or die.

Glitch: Guards in the old camp:
In the old camp, you can enter the castle gate without a grant or giving money to the guard. 
Draw your weapon and run past the guards. Instead of stopping you, they will just yell. Once 
you are in, put away your weapon so that other guards do not mad.

Submitted by: Sharaf

Press "B" and Then type "MARIN" then you will have extra 1000 ore by the way I descovered 
this by accident i wanted to type MRVIN but I made a Useful Mistake.

Submitted by: ShaoMaryus

HOW TO LEARN ALL ABILLITIES, First enable the MARVIN cheat. At the console menu enter:
INSERT CH. Ch means Character Helper. Talk to the man that just apear. 

Submitted by: leu_radu92

This an update for the existing cheats written by YSlayGhoulzForFun and nightraider.

You can have almost any kind of creature by simply typeing,in the cheatmenu,"insert and it's
name. Example: insert troll; insert scavanger; insert waran; insert firewaran; insert s

You can have any custom weapon in the game. In my console, if i simply press "i" the remaining 
part of the word "insert" apears instantly. You can do the same with custom weapons. Just type 
"insert", the posesers name and BANG! you have a weapon.
If this doesn't work, you have to know what type of weapon a person has. Then type "insert" , 
the persons name and the type weapon in GERMAN. Here are a few types of weapons in german:
Schwert=sword, keule=club, bogen=bow (if you want more, consult a dictionary!).

A lot OF stuf:
You can have amost anything by simply typeing "insert" and any kind of creature or object. 
Some of them are in english, but because it's a german game, most of them are in german. 
So if you don't know german, take a look in the dictionary. 

Submitted by: Hardass

Open your statistics, and type "MARIND", without "". Then you canread a poem by John Keat, 
and all people will be as thin as skeletons!!!

Open doors:
* Enable the marvin code. Face a locked door and press K. Note: You may fall though the ground
  and will be unable to get back up, unless you find water.

* If you fell through the ground when doing this trick, press [F8] several times to recover.

Take over other bodies:
Note: This code requires the v1.08j patch. Load a saved game. Press B once in the game to 
display the player stats. With the player stat screen displayed, type marvin. You will not 
see your entry. Do not press [Enter]. Instead, immediately press B again. The player stats 
screen will disappear and "MARVIN-MODE" will appear in the upper left-hand corner in white 
text. Press [F8]. You will move forward once. Press [F8] again. You now flip to another body. 
Press [F11]. You now inhabit that body. You can (more or less) do what you usually do (except 
talk to NPCs in a meaningful way) unless you are a "babe" object or an animal of one kind or 
another. Note: If you decide to be a babe, you are very limited in what you can and cannot do. 
Gomez does not like it when his babes walk out the front door. Note: If you walk too far away 
from the "me" object (your actual player character), then the "me" object will disappear 
permanently and you will have to reload the game. If you reload a game and press [F8] again 
while in Marvin mode, the game dies and you have to relaunch the game after killing it in 
the Windows Task Manager.

Transformation tricks:
If you transform into a Bloodfly and try to fly off a cliff to another, you will fall down. 
The Bloodfly must stay a certain distance from the ground.
Transform into Shadowbeast. You cannot go into the daylight. You will run from it.
If you are transformed into an animal and insert the same animal, you will turn back into 
yourself because you pressed [Enter].

Infinite meat trick:
There is a bug in the game (at least in the original German version I played) that allows 
you to have a very large amount of meat. To perform the trick, collect some meat off scavengers
you can kill in the forest, and then use any pan you can find in one of the camps. As soon as 
you start frying the meat, press space bar to activate combat mode. The result will be an extra
piece of raw meat in addition to the one you just fried. Repeat this ad infinitum, and then 
sell the meat for 5 ore each. 

Lockpicking without any skill:
Given that the lock combination are solely made up of left or right movements and it stays
the same between saves, you can abuse the save/reload option and pick any pickable lock in
the game without spending any skill points on lockpicking.
Get a pair of lockpicks. Find a locked chest (make sure no one can see you) and save. Use 
the lockpick and choose left or right. If you fail and the lock breaks, reload and try it 
the different way. Then try it again, reloading and re-doing the parts of the combo you know.
Eventually, you'll know the correct way to pick the lock (most are only 3 or 4 levels worth 
of choices). 

Mass produced swords for profit:
Early on in the game, you'll want ore or valuable items to trade. Since you need ore to learn
how to collect most of the valuable parts off creatures (who are difficult to kill as well), 
one of the easiest ways to make some early profits is to find the Sect Camp member in the Old
Camp who's willing to show you the way to the Sect Camp. Follow along with him (he'll take care
of any creatures you run into) and once you're at the Sect Camp, find the Blacksmith (if you 
head left once you're in the camp, you'll eventually wind your way around to it). Trade whatever
you have for as much raw steel as you can buy (don't worry, you can get it all back in trade). 
Then run over to the forge and heat the steel (you can just quickly heat all your steel by using
the action key over and you stand sticking the hot rods in your pocket is beyond me).
From there, run over to the anvil and tap them all once with a hammer. Then dunk them all in 
the water and barely touch them to the grind stone. 

You can sell each of these quickly and crudely made, mass market blades back to the smith for 
10 ore more than it cost to buy the raw steel for them. If you spend five minutes doing this,
you can buy back all you sold him, plus all his ore and whatever else you want. A few more 
minutes, and you'll have a couple dozen swords that you can trade with anyone in the game 
for their items and ore.

Note that although you can clean the blacksmith out of his small amount of raw steel quickly,
if you close the deal and offer to trade again, he'll usually have at least five new raw steel

Insert [item]  Create an item/Charcter where [item] might be:



more People:


grd_armor_i (royal guard armor)


Other items:

edit abilities Type then EXP = XXXX

Autocomplement Complete cheats automatically ON/OFF:
create       Exact notation still missing
camera       Exact notation still missing
print        Exact notation still missing
parerd       Exact notation still missing
remove       Exact notation still missing
set          Exact notation still missing
soundstat    Exact notation still missing

Submitted by: Erhiel

First press {B} then type MARVIN and press F2 to open the console
then type insert urizielrune "THE MOST POWERFUL RUNE OF MAGIC"
NOTE: You Must be in a 6th Circle of Magic to use "THE MOST POWERFUL RUNE OF MAGIC"

Get up if you fall under the plattform:
Submitted by: Ellidan

If you use B Then Marvin and B your,e gonna get the marvin mode. if you are falling under 
the plattform because you have used ,k, 2 much in marvin mode you can just press [F8] several
times and your,e gonna get up agin. I hope this cheat can help you.

Submitted by: Paladin

Press "B" type "marvin" then press "B" again open console with F2 then type: 
insert adanos_ring.
Thats very powerful ring. Insert two of them and you nearly have armour.

Item names: Food:
Use one of the following values with the "insert" code to spawn the indicated food item. 

Food           Code 	
Apple          itfoapple
Beer           itfobeer
Soup           iftosoup
Rice           itforice
Loaf of bread  itfoloaf
Wine           itfowine
Meatbug ragout itfomeatbugragout
Rice schnapps  itfobooze
Grapes         itfo_wineberrys_01
Ham            itfo_mutton_01
Strong beer    itfo_om_beer_01

Submitted by: VIKASH GUPTA

Take a transformation spell no matter which one but it best done with a transformation into 
a meatbug spell.Transform and stand in front of the object and hold the up button and your 
character will be running but wont get through but interestingly half of your body will be 
on the other side of the wall/door/etc and at that moment press ENTER to change back into 
human again.If done correctly you might get through the object or whatever it is.
Remember that it not 100% guaranteed trick but there a slight chance that it might work, 
also do not do it in front of any NPC.THE BEST THING IS THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENABLE 
THE MARVIN MODE.I tried it in front of the abandon mine's door and i got through but you 
will find nothing except a new loadind screen the area is totally dark an might crash if 
walk further so make a save game before trying.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by LordIronSpine

A guide of sorts for those weird game mechanics and other stuff i found out.

* Ctrl + W to interact/pick stuff up.
* You can b-hop to go faster.
* Dont pay taxes, use your money for better stuff.
* Use sleeping to get free health and manna. There’s a dining thing in the outer 
  circle of the old camp that has a bed you can use without annoying anyone.
* Time your attacks, all of the melee stuff can do combos if you press at the right 
  time. Is easier if you level up your one-handed.
* Armor is expensive but also necessary. Following the main quest will give you armor 
  but its gonna be freaking hard.
* Some characters are invincible, but enemies with high armor will not take any damage 
  (like minecrawlers). Increase strength to do more damage, so you can kill them.

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