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  Hints and Tips for: Gothic 2 - The Night of Raven 
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 Gothic 2 - The Night of Raven Cheats

Gothic 2 - The Night of Raven

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Gerovit

This is not a cheat but a wery usefull hint. Now dragons have regenerating ability
so you can not use tactics hit and run to heal your self. BUT, now you can smoke 
swampweed and kill dragons in the same time. ewerything you have to do is when 
fighting a dragen just summon a deamon with help of spell scroll and he will do 
the rest, you just have to sit back and enjoy the show. Scroll isn't expencive, 
its only 250 gold coins. I hope this little thingy will help someone. 

Submitted by: Marvin

You should try the following if you want to max the 1-handed or 2-handed skills.
For this you will need these weapons: "Wind Servant" for 1-handed and "Storm 
Servant" for 2-handed. So here it comes : transform yourself into an animal, 
doesn't matter what : lurker , shadowbeasts.... After that make sure that in 
your inventory the best weapons that the game will automatically equip you with
are Storm or Wind. Press Enter to become human and if the game equips you with 
one of these weapons you will get a boost of 10 points in that particulary skill.

P.S. To make it clear : before you transform yourself into an animal don't have
these weapons equiped.

Easy stat points:
Get a potion that gives you a bonus to any of your statistics (for example, 
Strength, Agility, etc.). Go to a place crowded by goblins. When they start to
hit you, open your inventory and drink one of the potions. You will drink it and
get the bonus to the statistic, but bottle will not disappear. 
Note: You must get hit in the moment that you drink the potion.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Micu Tiberiu
Submitted by: godofjocuri
Submitted by: HellAwakened525

Press "C" during game play, then type "marvin" to activate the console. Press "C"
again to exit, then press [F2] to display the console window.

Code                          Effect
it is too hard              - Skip to next chapter
insert itar_raven_addon     - gives you ravens armor
insert itar_thorus_addon    - gives you a Heavy Guard's Aromr like in Gothic 1
insert itar_orebaron_addon  - gives you an ore baron armor like in Gothic 1
insert Itemhoshi            - Spawn Hoshi for all items (*)

(*) All Possible Items:
Make sure you have A LOT of Health, when this character appears you will be struck
by lightning and if you aren't strong enough, you will be instantly killed, but if
you survive, type "kill" in the F2 Console to kill Itemhoshi, then, loot his corpse.

However, If you want to, You can also take his armor and Very Special runes that 
the player CANNOT get normally, press the "O" key to take control of him (only works
when MARVIN is activated) Itemhoshi must be in focus to do this, make him drop all 
the stuff you want, then Focus on your hero (obviously named Me) and press "O" again
to take control of your main hero, Then, If you want, type "Kill" in the F2 Consol 
if ya want, then, take whatever ya want, This can be done as many times as you want!

Submitted by: A Gothic Player

You probably are sick of traveling through the world of gothic and encountering all 
kinds of beasts that you must fight, so here are some cheats that will take you to 
some of the most important places, first of all activate cheat mode by pressing the C
key or B (to show you the character's stats), type MARVIN and press C or B again and 
then press F2 and write these cheats according to where you want to go:

City of Khorinis entrance 1 - goto waypoint city1
City of Khorinis entrance 2 - goto waypoint city2
Khorinis market place - goto waypoint markt
Landowner - goto waypoint bigfarm
Lobart's farm - goto waypoint farm1
Akil's farm - goto waypoint farm2
Bengar's farm - goto waypoint farm3
Sekob's farm - goto waypoint farm4
Monastery of the Fire Mages - goto waypoint kloster 
Orlan's tavern - goto waypoint taverne
The pass to the Valley of Mines - goto waypoint levelchange
The Circle of the Sun (ritual point where you find the Eye of Innos and then repair it with 
Xardas, Vatras and Pyrokar) - goto waypoint ritual
Xardas' Tower - goto waypoint xardas
Stat point - goto waypoint start
Valley where Lester is - goto waypoint lester
The cave that you have to find when your at the test of fire to become a fire mage - goto 
waypoint magecave
Black troll - goto waypoint blacktroll (or troll, i'm not sure sorry :))
These are all of them I think, at least as far as I know.
Well enjoy! :)

Submitted by: Earl22

ok here is a little tip that i found out while playing.
if you take the job with the smith in the first city make 3 sword of the same type 
( ex 3 long sword or 3 ruby blades) then put one on, after that talk to the smithy and 
tell him you have swords to sell he will buy the 3 swords, after that look into your 
inventory and you will see all that happened was that you unequipped the weapon.
then put the blade back on and repeat what i told you in the beginning and watch the 
cash roll in $$$$$$$$$$$

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