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  Hints and Tips for: Governor of Poker 
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 Governor of Poker Cheats

Governor of Poker

Submitted by: RM

Tips for San Saba (the first town):
* It's easier to play in the tournaments than play the pick up games because all
  you need to do is come in third. When you don't have the Big Blind or Small 
  Blind, you can fold without penalty. So unless you have a great hand, don't 
  push your luck. Simply bide your time by folding and let the other players 
  duke it out. So just play cautiously enough to make it to the top 3 and then
  shift gears and try to bully chips out of the other players.

* If you're low on money and you want to play the pick up game, don't push your
  luck too hard. You have to have over $200 to make any money. Once you make in
  between $300-$400, leave the table unless you're really on a roll.

* To beat Ron (san saba) Dixie, the best player in town, you have to be 
  aggressive. When I play this guy one-on-one, I rarely fold and almost always
  raise, especially when I have the chip advantage.

Tips for Level 2 (the next three towns):
* You must buy all the buildings in all three towns to be able to play the guy
  for the wagon. 

* The tournaments here are considerably harder because you must come in the top
  5 out of 16 players. If you try to use the same strategy as the first town of
  just folding when you don't have the small or big blind, you may not get far.
  You have to play at least one hand usually while you don't have the small or 
  big blind so you can keep up with the higher stakes.

Always Win:
Submitted by: Lenny T.

While playing the game, when the dealer is dealing the cards, type in the word 
"POKERTEN" it doesn't have to be capitalized. The code might not work the first time,
just keep typing it in. You know you got it when you have a K and an A of clubs...
just keep betting.

Unlimited money:
Submitted by: Jozsef Szadai

Start a cash game and after the first round, quit the game.

If your username is 'admin' then go to directory: "..\Documents and Settings\admin\
Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\GVP00001\localhost"

* There is a file there called: "GovernorOfPoker.sol"

Open this file with hexedit or other hexa editor and find your pokername, and then 
find again, after the 3rd appearance of your name in the file you will see string 
'chipAmount' and then in the hex view values 00 and 40 change the two bytes after 
the 40 to FF7F and save the game. You will have approx 127000 USD in the game and 
if you win in the cash game, you will have that amount to buy everything.
You can also change the blind by finding "blind" in the file and change the number
next to the '40' value to hexa 32, this makes the bblind 8000 and sblind 4000 so 
everyone must all in every time except you. 
The chipamount can be made even 64 million USD is you change the values 40 FF 7F 
(set earlier) to 41 80 6B

* Save the file to the same dir with same name and start the game.

Go for it:
Submitted by: adam

When a pickup comes, go for it you have at least a 70% chance of wining as long as 
you do not bluf, these guys often call at an allin! so do not waste your money 
bluffing. Stay in with the good cards or the BB. 

Tip: Ron(San Sabra) Dixie is a bluffer.

Closing game and opening again:
Submitted by: Cha

When you lost a good hand.. after showing your cards and losing.. close quickly 
the game and open it again. It will start on the beginning of this last hand.

Next day:
Submitted by: Xenia

If you keep losing in every game, just start a new day. When it's over start again
and again. Do it as much times as you want. When you have allot of money buy the 
whole town and then get a horse. Go to the map and then transport yourself to 
available cities.

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