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  Hints and Tips for: Great Marble Adventure 
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 Great Marble Adventure Cheats

Great Marble Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Unlocking 4-11 and 4-12 Levels (Hellish Dystopia):
Written by Telna

Stuck with the mysterious “0%”? This guide will teach you. Includes 
multiple levels of hints if you still want to work out most of it 
for yourself.

Levels 4-11 and 4-12 have hidden unlock requirements, heavily inspired by 
the “anomalies” from Arcaea, and simply display as “0%” until these 
requirements are met. In reality, each of these “hell” levels are accessed 
through secret exists in the previous “heaven” levels.

If you would like to simply leave with some hints:
* Cheat your way into heaven.
* The beginning and end are the same.
* For the full details, see below!

-=Within the Anomaly=-
Simply finding the secret exit is not enough to unlock the anomaly level – 
you are thrown into it with a time limit (similar to challenge mode) you 
must clear the stage in to permanently unlock it.

The faster you reach the secret exit, the more time you will have within 
the anomaly! Every second saved is another second you will have to clear 
the level.

Because of this, however, there is also a time limit to reach the secret 
exit in the first place. Once you exceed this maximum time, the secret exit 
will vanish. This guarantees that you will have a reasonable amount of time 
within the anomaly, if you make it at all!

One important difference compared to challenge mode is that time travel 
will NOT pause the timer. Your only objective is to gather all the gems 
and get out!

If you fail to clear the anomaly (and you probably will), all is not lost 
– the unlock screen will now display 20% instead of 0%! Every failed 
attempt will add a further 20%, and once it shows 100% (after five 
attempts), your next attempt will permanently unlock the level, win or 

-=Heavensdoor -> 4-11=-
Note: Full spoilers ahead!

The secret exit here is simple: Go to the normal exit without having 
collected all the gems.

But wait, the gate doesn’t open! As it turns out, only the bars of the 
gate are solid, and you can sneak in between them. You may need to wall-
hit the base of the gate to get enough height for this.

With this in mind, the only obstacle you need to contend with is the 
time limit to access the anomaly. Being able to clear this stage quickly 
is the key!

On easy difficulty, you have 2 minutes to reach the secret exit. Your 
time in the anomaly will be 3 minutes minus however long you spent in 

On normal difficulty, the time limit is 2m30s, and you get 4 minutes 
minus your Heavensdoor time.

-=Ouroboros -> 4-12=-
Compared to Heavensdoor, this secret exit is MUCH harder to reach but 
with a far more lenient time limit.

The secret exit here appears at the very beginning of the level after 
collecting all the gems. However, the final gem is at the very end, 
and you can’t backtrack from the end without a powerup! Time for some 
creative thinking – you will need to find a way to keep an extra 
powerup in storage to escape the end area.

Note that you can collect the same powerup multiple times.

In easy difficulty, you have 3 minutes to reach the secret exit, and 
your time in the anomaly will be 5 minutes minus the time spent getting 

In hard difficulty your time limit is a very generous 5m, with the 
anomaly clock starting at 7m minus your time in Ouroboros.

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