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  Hints and Tips for: Grim Dawn 
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 Grim Dawn Cheats

Grim Dawn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

No Weapon Swapping Guide (Two Methods):
Written by Draug   /   Updated: July 27, 2021    

This guide is about how to never accidentally swap your weapons.

Have you ever been running around and had your super awesome mythical sword of 
killyness replaced by some weak sauce splintered club? If so, you have a 99.9% 
chance of having accidentally swapped your weapon. This guide contains 2 methods 
to eliminate or reduce this as a possibility.

-=Method 1=-
The first method applies only to new characters and it requires you to do exactly 
nothing! Yes, you read that right... nothing! And as long as you keep doing the 
specific nothing I describe below, it 100% eliminates the possibility of weapon 
swapping. This is the method I've been using for over 7 years now to avoid
 accidentally swapping weapons.

When you start a new character, take a look at the bottom of the UI next to the 
"Rift Travel" button. You should see a greyed out "Weapon Swap" button. If it isn't 
greyed out, you somehow already screwed up. Start a new character and try again.
Open up your character screen and take a look between your helmet slot and your 
right hand(weapon) slot. You should see a small button with a sword and 2 little 
green arrows.
No matter how tempting it is, don't press that button.
Seriously, just don't press it.
Have you successfully not pressed it? If yes, congratulations, you did the right 
nothing to not have to worry about weapon swap.
What do you mean you pressed it? I mean, come on. I told you repeatedly not to 
press it. All you had to do was literally nothing! But no, that was too hard! 
Well, tough. You screwed up for that character, now you have to deal with weapon 
Do I really have to make a UI mod to remove that button? 
Because I really shouldn't have to, not when you can just not press it.

-=Method 2=-
The second method will work for any character, but does require you to do a 
thing once... and it will fix it for all your characters. 
This is the method more commonly suggested in the forums.

* Press ESC to pull up the game menu.
* Press the "Options Menu" button.
* Go to the "Keybindings" tab.
* Scroll down and find the "Switch Weapons" function.
* Clear the binding.
* Press the "OK" button on the bottom of the menu 
  (or press ESC and then the "Yes" button to apply changes).
* If successful, when you hover over the Switch Weapon button at the bottom 
  of the UI, it should say "Unassigned" If it instead lists a key, like "W", 
  you screwed it up. Go back and start over from the beginning.
* Now, the only way for you to switch weapons is by clicking on the switch
  weapon button at the bottom or on the character page.

A reminder, only method 1 will completely eliminate the possibility of weapon swap, 
so long as you manage to never press that button. With method 2, you can accidentally 
weapon swap if you lose your mouse pointer and click the button. Sure, it is very 
unlikely, but technically possible.

Easy fix to play with friends without expansions:
Written by BlackBeorn

Disabling DLC's to play the base game with friends who don't own expansions.
-=Launch commands=-
Are you in the uncomfortable situation of getting:

Originally posted by Dumbass Crate:
This game is using an incompatible game mode. 
Your mode: "Ashes of Malmouth", Sever's mode: "Grim Dawn"
and not being able to join your bud's game just because Crate Entertainment couldn't 
add a freaking "Expansion Character" toggle?
Well, hold the refund and send everything to hell horses just for a bit. 
(Because I was there)
You can disable the expansions at the Launch Options menu on steam, Following:
Right click->Properties
-=Under general use this commands to disable either=-

/nogdx1	Ashes of Malmoth
/nogdx2	Forgotten Gods
or both.
The expansions won't be uninstalled and by just removing the command, 
the game will launch normally.

Console Commands & Cheats:
The cheats are already activated by default, so we will simply explain how to 
use the console commands in the game:

* Launch Grim Dawn
* Go to Custom Game (Below the start button)
* Press ~ or ~ and type the command of your choice

These are all the available commands:

-=Console Commands=-
These are the general console commands of the game

Audio Stats: sound.Stats - Enables or disables displaying a variety of sound stats
Debug Physics: debug.physics - Shows data of when occurrences affect the physics engine
ScreenShot: ScreenShot - Takes a screenshot
Reload Resources (Graphics): graphics.ReloadResources - Forces all resources to be reloaded
Graphics Stats: graphics.Stats - Enables or disables displaying a variety of stats (including frame rate)
Close Console: Close - Closes the console
Execute Script Command: Exec - Executes a command script
Exit the Game: Exit - Exits the game

-=Binding Commands=-
BindDown - Binds a command to the next key pressed
BindToggle - Binds a command with "True" or "False" values to toggle with the next key pressed
BindUp - Binds a command to the next key released

-=Character Commands=-
These console commands directly affect the character

character.AnyoneHasToken - Returns "True" if anyone has the token
character.ClearPlayerTokens - Remove all stored trigger tokens from the player
character.GiveTakeGold - Gives the amount of gold specified
character.GrantPlayerToken - Gives the player the specified token
character.LogData - Shows Info & details above player, NPCs, & monsters
character.RevokePlayerToken - Revokes the specified token from the player
character.ServerHasToken - Returns "True" if the server has the token
character.SetPlayerInvisible - Makes the player invisible to enemies
character.ShowAngerLevels - Debug information for AI
character.ShowPlayerTokens - Dumps the player's trigger tokens to the console
character.WarpCursor - Makes it so the player always warps to the destination

These console commands can be considered cheats

game.decrementdevotion - Removes a devotion point
game.Give - Gives an object to the player
game.God - God mode
game.IgnoreRequirements - Allows the player to equip anything
game.IncrementAttribute - + attribute point
game.incrementdevotion - + devotion point
game.IncrementLevel - + player's level
game.IncrementSkill - + skill point
game.IncrementSkill - + number of points allocated to the specified skill
game.Invincible - Invincible Mode
game.KillMe - Kills the player (suicide)
game.LargeDumpFiles true/false - Enables or disables exporting of large dump files
game.PlayStats - Shows player stats on the screen
game.ShowCursor - To Show or hide mouse cursor
game.ShowErrorMessages - To Show or hide Skill not ready error messages
game.ShowHud - Enables or disables the User Interface (UI)
game.Spawn - Spawns an object at the player's location
game.Speed - To change game's speed
game.Teleport - To teleport the player
game.Uber - Enables or disables mana loss

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your 
achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the 
game hub that corresponds to [Grim Dawn]. Select the "View Stats"
drop down option, then choose the option for your username's achievements.

Achievement       How to unlock
Bunny Rabbit!   - Make 0 or less threads whining about test achievements.
Burrwitch!      - S ecure the Burrwitch riftgate.
Iron Fever      - Earn 1,000,000 iron on a single character.
Kill The Warden - Defeat the Warden in his hidden laboratory.
Sheer Insanity  - Play 3000 hours of Grim Dawn.

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