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  Hints and Tips for: Grimm's Hatchery 
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 Grimm's Hatchery Cheats

Grimm's Hatchery

Save Your Dragonflies & Create New Eggs:
In Greenwich Square, there is an apothecary who has an egg lab. You 
can use this egg lab to create new types of eggs. One important thing 
to note is that dragonfly eggs are magical. Therefore, when you mix 
and match eggs, make sure that you always include a Green, Blue, Red, 
or Gold Dragonfly egg. With the right egg combinations, you can create:

- Green Dragon eggs 
- Ruby Gryphon eggs 
- Purple Dragon eggs 
- Golden Goose eggs 
- Firebird eggs. 

Shaz's Hints:
-I found it beneficial to save money and sell eggs from my one dragonfly 
 until I had enough to buy a gryphonette straight away (at the end of day 
 2 or 3) and enough grain to feed both pets.
-Each time you return to one of the sectors you may find things lying on 
 the ground - if you are running very short of money and grain you can go 
 between the hatchery and the sector as often as you like (without starting 
 the day at the farm), to see if there is money or grain.
-Don't worry if you're over half way through the game and you still have next 
 to nothing to show for it. It doesn't mean you're going to fail so don't quit.
-Once you have enough money for Hobb's Cottage, it may pay to spend another 
 day or two working Grimm's Farm. 
-Once you are definitely finished with a hatchery and you know you won't be 
 going back there again, you can sell all your pets for that hatchery.
-If Petriwood starts far away from where monsters appear, "lead" him to the 
 right area by allowing the monsters to wander for a short while, then kill 
 them before they get too close to your pets. 
-When you see the bomber bird appear, follow it very closely with your mouse.
 If you click continually as you follow it, you'll be able to destroy most of
 the bombs immediately.

Astral_Sorecer's Pet Zapping Hints:
Blue dragonfly Egg + Green dragonfly egg = Green dragon egg 
Red dragonfly egg + Gryphon egg          = Ruby gryphon egg
Red dragonfly egg + Green dragon egg     = Purple Dragon egg
Gold dragonfly egg + Goose egg           = Gold goose egg
Gold dragonfly egg + Icebird egg         = Firebird egg

Tron's Hints:
-Don't buy more than three Green Dragonflies.
-Don't buy more than 15 Gryphonettes.
-Always keep at least 5 medicines.
-If you only have Grimm's Farm, sell all of your Golden Geese, but keep one 
 for the next farm.
-In Greenwich Square, search for Rowan's lost money in the urns. Say you are 
 taking it to give it back. Sure you can keep it and have 200 free gold, but 
 by returning the money you drop the price of Hobb's Cottage from 1400 to 980, 
 a 320 gold discount.
-In Greenwich Square, purchase a Raven Sword or Silver Sword as fast as possible.
-When you purchase Rosewood Manor, create Green Dragon eggs in the pet lab and 
 hatch them. Once you've got two Green Dragons, sell the rest of your pets.
-After you obtain the tractor part from Rosewood Manor, talk to Wimbeldy in the 
 poor section, and have him make you the tractor.

Getting the Lightning Rod:
The Lightning Rod is a secret weapon that is not available in any store. The Lighting 
Rod is so powerful that it will kill a monster with one click. If you perform some 
good deeds for a merchant's sisters, he will sell the Lightning Rod to you.

-In Pemberly Keep, take the ruby ring.
-Give the ruby ring to Metilda and she'll be grateful.
-Buy an Ice Gryphon from Hatir in the noble sector. (Again, I'd recommend buying 2 or3.)
-Go to Pemberly Keep and collect the Ice Gryphon eggs that the Ice Gryphon(s) lay.
-See Metilda's sister (Genevieve) and offer her one Ice Gryphon egg. (You only need to 
 give her one.)
-Talk to Aldab and choose the gossip option. He'll mention that you have been generous 
 to his sisters and will now reveal his secret stash of weapons. Then -choose buy items 
 and you should now see the Lightning Rod available for purchase.

Bad Eggs:
Black: Kill Some Pets
Green: Some pets are poisoned

Good Eggs:
Yellow: Makes all pets lay an egg
Purple: Kills all Monsters
Pink: All pets are fed
Light Blue: All pets are Healed

Hack money:
- First, open this file path (/Grimms Hatchery/Hatchery/gameScripts/Saves)
- Second, then open the .dso file with notepad (Save1.dso = Save Slot1)
- Then you can see a row of numbers like this: 10440 55 84......
- The first set of numbers should be your money amount.
- Edit the numbers to how much money you want to have in your save. 
  (e.g. 10440->300000)
- Save the file, then you're done!

Easy Money:
It is actually easier to earn money by hatching the eggs and selling the pets rather 
than just selling the eggs. pets costs more than eggs, so take some time to hatch all
your eggs and sell the pets, leaving about 1-2 pets and selling the rest. you'll find
that you earn a whole lot more money that way.

Tip: Hatching:
Each egg has a 1 in 6 chance of hatching. Note: Your difficulty level determines what 
your pets are worth. In Easy mode, pets are worth 70% of their purchase price, in Medium
mode, 60%, and in Insane mode, 50%. Note: Pets that lay eggs you should sell usually lay 
eggs at the fastest rate. However, these fast egg layers require more maintenance, so you
will need to feed them often and keep them safe from monsters.

Magic eggs:
Your pets will occasionally lay magic eggs under the Medium or Insane difficulty 
setting. These eggs will glitter. They will have the following effect. 

Blue/White Egg   - Feeds all pets, cures all poisoned pets. 
Red/White Egg    - Feeds all pets. 
Yellow/White Egg - All pets lay an egg. 
Purple/White Egg - Kill all monsters. 
Black/White Egg  - Kill some of your pets. 
Black/Green Egg  - Poison some of your pets. 
Rainbow Egg      - Feed all pets, cure all poisoned pets, all pets lay an egg, 
                   kill all monsters; only appears under the Insane difficulty.

If you wich a 100% hatching succed rate:
Submitted by: Ashes

Save each time you succed a hatch. Reload each time you fail one. You will need patience 
for this but it will pay! (this method had already make her proof with FF4 Chocobo breeding).

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