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  Hints and Tips for: Ground Branch 
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 Ground Branch Cheats

Ground Branch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Intel Retrieval PC Locations List:
Some hints to find the intel PC objectives.

* Buildings inside the central compound.

-=Small Town
* Inside buildings.

-=Power Station
* Top floor, Server Room area.
* Ground floor, northwestern block.
* Maintenance tunnel, ladder/hatch section.

-=Storage Facility
* All 3 are in deeper tunnels area.

* Central camp, in one of the barns.
* Cave/tunnel.
* Next to one of the barns in the South.

-=Run Down
* Basement.
* Courtyard.
* Top floor.

* Bridge (top level of the superstructure).
* Console room (level 5 of the superstructure).
* "Valley" section in the middle of the deck.

* Cockpit.
* Luggage hold.
* Hangar.

* Subway, northern area of the platform.
* Travel agency, upstairs.
* Cafe/pub.

How to Make Patches Useful for Call Signs:
Written by Blackheart_Six

Instructions to create call signs that work, and allow you identify 
the person in front of you.

Make patches great again.

Standard call signs begin with an alphanumeric followed by another 
alphanumeric or number. For example AC1 or B23, etc etc.

But since we really don’t have anyway of ID’ing the person in front of 
us while maneuvering I found a way to use the letter patches are the rear 
of helmet(AF) to identify by team.

* Open "servermanagement.lua"” mutator file. Search for it.
* Make the following changes:
* Line 17 = 1 (ForceUseElementCallSign)
* Line 25 = 0 (AllowDuplicateCallSigns)
* Line 41 = 7 (ElementCallSignFormat)
* This will give you a reversed hyphenated call sign. I.E. 1-A, 1-B.
* Open the server roster, and set everyone to delta element.
* Start at the top person, and set the team element to Alpha.
* Set the next person to Bravo.
* Set the next person to Charlie.
* Set the next person to Delta.
* The call signs will be 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D. Think of it as SEAL Team One. 
* Each arm callsign patch will lead with Team Number.
* Every person should equip the Helmet (AF) as it is the only one that 
  allows a rear patch.
* Each person sets the rear patch to the letter they have been assigned.
* Any follow on players will be assigned to TEAM Two. 2-A,2-B,2-C,2-D. Etc 
  Etc for total of 4 four man teams on 16 player server.
* When you spawn in play area, read the call sign on side arm and group up by 
  team number, and move out with respective teams. You now can ID and call out
  members by their letter on the back of the helmet. Use local VOIP chat to 
  contain to team, and radio chat for ALL TEAMS chat.

Hopefully this is just a temporary workaround, and call sign patches will be on 
the back of the helmet.

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