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  Hints and Tips for: Gruntz 
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 Gruntz Cheats


Press [ENTER] during game play, type one of the following codes, 
then press [ENTER] again to activate it.
Result                              Code
Level skip                          mpstepitup 	
Previous level                      mpstepitdown 	
Questz Level 3                      mpriorio 	
Questz Level 4                      mplemonbuttercremez 	
Questz Level 5                      mpyouresomoney 	
Questz Level 6                      mpmakemesomepie 	
Questz Level 7                      mpgolfandgamez 	
Questz Level 8                      mpusetheforce 	
Bombz                               mpkamikaze	
Boomerang                           mpremotecontrol 	
Brick Layin Toolz                   mphomeimprovement 	
Clubz                               mpungabunga	
Explosionz                          mpletsblowstuffup 	
Gauntletz                           mpbrassknucklez 	
Glovez                              mppunchout	
Gooberz                             mprealmendontusestrawz 	
Gravity                             mphitopz	
Gunhatz                             mphardhatmack 	
Rockz                               mprockon	
Sponge Gunz                         mpfirepower 	
Shield                              mptrojan	
Shovelz                             mpfuninthebarn 	
Spyz                                mpxfilez	
Swordz                              mparrrrrrr	
Toobz                               mpquackage	
Wandz                               mpcopperfield 	
Welderz                             mpvasflam	
Wingz                               mpfearofflying 	
Babywalkerz                         mpgerber 	
Beachballz                          mptheball 	
Big Wheelz                          mpwheeliez 	
Gokartz                             mpmalibugrandprix 	
Jack in the Box                     mpultimatecheeseburger 	
Jumprope                            mpgetinshape 	
Pogostickz                          mpboingee 	
Scrollz                             mpmagicpaper 	
Springz                             mpkinetic	
Squeaktoyz                          mpmousey 	
Yoyoz                               mplametoy	
Toyz                                mpfaoschwartz 	
Timebombz                           mpplastiquez 	
Ballz                               mpindianajonez 	
Timer                               mptimer	
Bomb stone                          mpblackbrick 	
Unbreakable stone                   mpgoldbrick 	
Gauntlet breaker brick              mpredbrick 	
Teleport stone                      mpbluebrick 	
Deathtouch                          mpohmygodtheykilledkenny 	
Ghost mode                          mpcloakingdevice 	
Invincibility                       mphighlander 	
Kill Gruntz                         mpbillgatez 	
Roidz                               mpcreatine	
Current Gruntz is faster            mpmeepmeep 	
Change colors                       mppicasso 	
Earthquake                          mpseizure 	
Turn off light briefly              mplightzout 	
Mini camera                         mpclostrophobia 	
Health                              mptacobell	
Rebirth                             mpback2life 	
Teleport                            mpelephantpork 	
Grunt creation enabled              mpilovethisgame 	
Grunt destruction enabled           mpihatethisgame 	
Traitor mode enabled                mptraitor 	
Freeze all Gruntz in the area       mpchillout 	
Give selected Grunt reactive armor  mpplusfivemagicalplate 	
Programmer jokes                    mpcheatcheatcheat

Run through the training levels to figure out all of the 
Gruntz's capabilities. Time is always of the essence; try to achieve your 
objectives quickly. Breaking rocks will uncover secrets and power-ups. 
Fighting enemies isn't always the best course of action; 
creativity is rewarded in this game.

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