Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas 
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 Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Cheats

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Vatsal Chanana
Update by: Aakash Walia
Update by: akhil
Update by: Aviral
Update by: Hari Krishnan Prasad
Update by: hari
Update by: sarvagya verma
Update by: sarvagya
Update by: Annu Shrivastava
Update by: karim nagy
Submitted by: PY$O
Submitted by: Skar
Submitted by: Snake
Submitted by: PhoeniX
Submitted by: Haspa

Type these codes during the game (do not pause). Do not save the game with the 
codes active. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase. 

Code       Effect
MUNASEF  - Adrenaline Mode 
YLTEICZ  - Aggressive Drivers 
COXEFGU  - All Cars Have Nitro 
ZEIIVG   - All green lights 
XJVSNAJ  - Always Midnight 
CIKGCGX  - Beach Party 
IOWDLAC  - Black traffic 
CPKTNWT  - Blow Up All Cars 
AFSNMSMW - Boats fly 
BSXSGGC  - Cars Float Away When Hit 
RIPAZHA  - Cars Fly 
ASNAEB   - Clear Wanted Level 
BMTPWHR  - Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit 
ASBHGRB  - Elvis is Everywhere 
FOOOXFT  - Everyone is armed 
YSOHNUL  - Faster Clock 
PPGWJHT  - Faster Gameplay 
CFVFGMJ  - Foggy Weather 
OUIQDMW  - Full Weapon Aiming While Driving 
PRIEBJ   - Funhouse Theme 
MROEMZH  - Gang Members Everywhere 
MROEMZH  - Gangs Control the Streets 
BAGOWPG  - Have a bounty on your head 
YECGAA   - Have Jetpack 
AIYPWZQP - Have Parachute 
HESOYAM  - Health, Armor, $250k 
NCSGDAG  - Hitman In All Weapon Stats 
JHJOECW  - Huge Bunny Hop 
OSRBLHH  - Increase Wanted Level Two Stars 
WANRLTW  - Infinite Ammo, No Reload 
BAGUVIX  - Infinite Health 
CVWKXAM  - Infinite Oxygen 
XICWMD   - Invisible car 
JYSDSOD  - Max Muscle 
OGXSDAG  - Max Respect 
EHIBXQS  - Max Sex Appeal 
LFGMHAL  - Mega Jump 
IAVENJQ  - Mega Punch 
AEDUWNV  - Never Get Hungry 
AEZAKMI  - Never Wanted 
AFPHULTL - Ninja Theme 
OFVIAC   - Orange Sky 21:00 
ALNSFMZO - Overcast Weather 
AJLOJYQY - Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club 
BGLUAWML - Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher 
PGGOMOY  - Perfect Handling 
LLQPFBN  - Pink traffic 
AUIFRVQS - Rainy Weather 
SJMAHPE  - Recruit Anyone (9mm) 
ZSOXFSQ  - Recruit Anyone (Rockets) 
THGLOJ   - Reduced Traffic 
IOJUFZN  - Riot Mode 
CWJXUOC  - Sandstorm 
LJSPQK   - Six Star Wanted Level 
KVGYZQK  - Skinny 
LIYOAAY  - Slower Gameplay 
BEKKNQV  - Slut Magnet 
JCNRUAD  - Smash n' Boom 
CQZIJMB  - Spawn Bloodring Banger 
RZHSUEW  - Spawn Caddy 
EEGCYXT  - Spawn Dozer 
OHDUDE   - Spawn Hunter 
JUMPJET  - Spawn Hydra 
AGBDLCID - Spawn Monster 
AKJJYGLC - Spawn Quad 
PDNEJOH  - Spawn Racecar 
VPJTQWV  - Spawn Racecar 
JQNTDMH  - Spawn Rancher 
AIWPRTON - Spawn Rhino 
AQTBCODX - Spawn Romero 
KRIJEBR  - Spawn Stretch 
URKQSRK  - Spawn Stunt Plane 
AMOMHRER - Spawn Tanker Truck 
UBHYZHQ  - Spawn Trashmaster 
KGGGDKP  - Spawn Vortex Hovercraft 
SZCMAWO  - Suicide 
AFZLLQLL - Sunny Weather 
VKYPQCF  - Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop 
MGHXYRM  - Thunderstorm 
BGKGTJH  - Traffic is Cheap Cars 
FVTMNBZ  - Traffic is Country Vehicles 
GUSNHDE  - Traffic is Fast Cars 
ICIKPYH  - Very Sunny Weather 
LXGIWYL  - Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools 
KJKSZPJ  - Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools 
UZUMYMW  - Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools 
OHDUDE                - HELICOPTPR
YECGAAG               - have jetpack
ghosttown             - reduced traffic
fullclip              - unlimited ammo
crazytown             - funhouse theme
bubblecars            - cars float when hit
vrockpocky            - spawns a car
stinglikeabee         - mega punch
professionalskit      - professional tools
speedfreak            - all cars have nitro
allcarsgoboom         - blow up all cars
monstermash           - spawns monster truck
testeducationalskills - no police
ninjahood             - ninja theme
Testeducationalskills - neverwanted
kangroo               - have a higher jump
hesoyam               - have a money$25000
yecgaa                - jetpack
PAINTITBLACK          - Black Traffic
RLMJHSC               - Cars Drive On Water
AGENTCITY             - Everyone Has Pistol
IMTOFULL              - Fill Hunger
DEATHGUN              - Have a Machine Gun
GIVEMESOMELIFE        - Max Health

Unlock pimping mission:
Enter a broadway (low-rider vehicle) and press R3. Drive the prostitutes to their
destinations for big cash. After the tenth "trick" prostitutes PAY you rather than
you paying them. 

Enable fireproof      - Complete level 12 of the fire fighter missions.
Unlock BF Injection   - Get First place at the Dirt ring race Las Venturas
Unlock Super GT       - Get all Bronze medal in Driving school.
Unlock Dune Buggy     - Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring.
Unlock Hotknife       - Get all gold medals in the Driving school.
Unlock Jet Pack       - Complete the Airstip asset near Las Venturas.
Unlock NRG 500        - Get all gold medals in Bike School. This bike can be
                        found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson 
Unlock Rustler        - Get all Bronze medal in pilot school.
Unlock Freeway        - Get all Bronze awards in Bike School.
Unlock Hotring racer  - Get First place in 8-Track.
Unlock Monster Truck  - Win it by beatin the 8-Track Tournament.
Unlock Stunt plane    - Get all silver medals at the pilot school.
Unlock Medic Outfit   - 100% with Katie Zhan.
Unlock Pimp Outfit    - 100% with Denise Robinson.
Unlock Racing Outfit  - 100% with Michelle.
Unlock Police Outfit  - 100% with Barbara.
Unlock 50% - complete level 12 of the paramedic mission.

Keep weapon after getting busted - Date Barbara.
Keep weapon after getting wasted - Date Katie 

Unlockables in Los Santos:
Unlock Ak-47 to spawn in the Johnson's Family Home - complete all 100 tags.
Unlock Tec-9 to spawn in the Johnson's Family Home - complete all 100 tags.
Unlock Sawn-Off Shotgun spawn in Johnson's Family  - Complete all 100 tags.

Unlock Molotov Cocktails to spawn in the Johnson's Family Home:
Complete all 100 tags in Los Santos.


This is not really a cheat its a hint , while you playing if you wanna shoot someone
or defend your self with shooting , shoot at the head its the perfect spot that any 
weapon can kill the victim with and you only need one bullet cool haa!

Submitted by: carl the man of gta

When you play the first mission you get a cycle to finish the mission n when u get
left behind u get ataked by the gang members u just have to do is put the bazokka 
cheat and blast them then finish it by staying behind.

Submitted by: Lizzer

When you come to end of the state(that's then when you will see a blockade's and 
stop sign's)with car don't try to get into the water and cross the state line bicose
your wanted level will increase by 4 stars.Even if you get back in your state then 
you will have still 4 stars.Why??Bicose you had crossed state line!You can cross 
state line when you have finished the first state and all mission's in her.
If you have any problem's contact 

Submitted by: Rahul

You Can repair your vehicle for free by just going to Carl's home & parking any 
vehicle in his garage. Roam around for some time & when you will be back your v
ehicle will be as good as new.

Hint:Store More vehicles in garage:
Submitted by: Prathmesh Mhatre

At CJ's home in Los Santos you can store maximum 2 Cars or Bikes or so.To fit more 
park one car near the wall Find BMX and park it extream end of garage find some more
bikes this time garage won't open.Park bike in front of the door and get off the bike
door will open up.Get on the bike casually CJ will take a run up on the bike and bike
will enter the garage without any problem.You can store as many as bikes fit in the 
garage. You'll find BMX parked in front of the house opposite CJ's at certain timings. 

Hint:Ride on bicycle be healthy:
Submitted by: Prathmesh Mhatre

Drivers in Los Santos are always in hurry even an old lady don't hesitate to bump
the stopped car(This reminds me my driving in Liberty City & Vice City) it difficult
no navigate around Los Santos with such traffic.Since people don't give up their cars
easily like previous versions of GTA;riding on BMX is the best way to get around as 
well as increase the Stamina.Railway lines,Water cannals are safer & faster to travel
Or simply stick to footpaths to not to be squashed 

Stuck in Los Santos?:
Submitted by: Prathmesh Mhatre

You're stuck in Los Santos up to the mission'A break from Los Santos...'.But stil
you can have a close look of other cities here are the tips:

1.Go to the South-east corner of Los Santos walk along the railway lines.Swim towards
  north reach to the coaste quickly.
2.Keep going north along the railway lines soon you'll reach station.(You'll be 
  declared 6 star wanted as soon as you enter other city.Even cheat can't wipe that
3.If you're lucky you may catch up the train if there isn't any train wait and defend
  yourself from Army and Police.Soon there'll be a train.Get into cotrol room by 
  pressing F standing near he engine.
4.Accelrate train backwards.Now cops and army can't get you DO NOT SLOW DOWN TRAIN 
  MUCH or you'll be busted.
5.Now all you have to do is manage your speed High on straight lined Medium on curved
  ones.Have fun watching at least.


Submitted by: Goofy

You can skydive with CJ,some tall buildings have a yellow marker at the bottom to
take you to the top of the building.On top of some buildings there is a parachute,
take it and jump of the building,press Left Mouse Button to deploy the parachute.
Otherwise use the parachute cheat,then spawn the Hydra (Use NumPad8 and NumPad2 to
move the thrusters) the fly very high and jump out of the plane! 

Submitted by: Vlad

After you complete the missions Torreno gives you, drop by at his house. You'll find
some mass-destruction weapons that you can use.


After finishing the mission that you rob the bank in las venturas you can play it 
again by having a date with millie and kill her while the date is running but you 
must have a big progress with her.


This is not really a cheat this is a hint its about a rear plane that locates in 
las venturas in the corner of the airport its name is AT-400 and its bigger than 
shamal plane in about four times its a jumpo its just for one passenger 
"what a plane" cool ha!

Submitted by: hannan

you can find a nrg-500 near the export ship and the crane near it in eastern 
bay airport in sanfierro.It is to the left of the crane.You can complete the 
mission but you can have it without it.You cannot save it in a garage. 

Submitted by: jahanzeb

It is not really a cheat,but just a hint.During gameplay if you type "COXEFGU" 
all cars will have nitrous,but it is limited.When you activate the nitrous,it 
will finish after some time and will not recover soon. To get all nitrous back,
just step out of the car and then get in. Now see,u got full nitrous again. 

Submitted by: AbbasJin

How to destroy a moving car without any gun: Here's a way that i found while 
playing GTA: SA, first jump onto the top of a car on any highway or road, dont
stand on the bonut but on the top or back of the car. Now when the car starts 
moving, start tapping the attack button, Carl Johnson will start kicking the 
car.. you'll see the car waving around when the drive panics. Dont stop and 
keep kicking, eventually the car will become on fire.. jump away and look the
car being blast by the engine fire caused by your actioons :)

This is a Glitch that I noticed in the game:
Submitted by: GHAZI MAKKI

Go to the boxing Gym is Ls and when you get there kill all humans in it and 
then tyoe the jetpack cheat and stand on the marker by the door and fly up 
through the square above you and you will be in the outer space its a little
bit hard but if you go east for a little while you will find a yellow marker
go into it (without the Jet back ) and you will see somethings you didnt ever
see in the game. P.s : you must kill all the people in the gym or this hint 
will not work.Enjoy! 

This is a weapon skill cheat!:
Submitted by: nathan

go into the johnson house in los santos then walk out again,then go to ur 
left behind the wall.type the weapons cheat (uzumymw) then get a gun shoot 
people get the cops shoot the cops and it goes up note:(need to type it more 
times 4 more ammo)!! 

If you want to repair your car without going into the garage, try this:
Submitted by: Chirag Agrawal

Sit in the damaged vehicle and type 'hesoyam'. This will repair the damage 
instantly and also gives money and full health.

Submitted by: Jay Desai,India

You must have noticed using cheats decreases you Criminal Rating Level
(or Points which can be seen in STATS menu) But if you sit in a Police Car 
and then you type the Health-Armour-Money cheat ie.HESOYAM then your 
Criminal Rating Point will raise by 24/40 pts.

Unlock Dune:
Submitted by: smasher_20042000

Break the record Of Kickstart which is 25 points at dirt ring stadium.

Submitted by:  Paresh
If you want to cross your city type AEZAKMI and cross the city no wanted 
level is there.

here is the way how to change sa taxi into fast car:
Submitted by: junaid

first of all back up your handling.cfg present in data.after backup open 
it with text document.after openning it find TAXY with some numbers like 
TAXY 1400 300.0 and so on after finding it replace the whole line with this 
line 1200.0 3000.0 2.0 0.0 -0.2 -0.2 70 0.80 0.9 0.50 5 230.0 30.0 10.0 R P 
11.1 0.48 0 35.0 0.8 0.20 0.0 0.10 -0.15 0.5 0.6 0.40 0.54 105000 c0002004 
208000 0 0 1 now when you wiil drive taxy it will run very fast like CHEETAH. 

Infinite Ammo cheat:
Submitted by: Ashish Kumar,
C/O D.K.Verma,
Project Manager(UPSBC),

Buy the weapons mainly(M4,SMG)from any ammunition shop
in any area of city then you will find that you got
near about normal bullets as you purchased,But if you will go to that 
ammunition shop which have available 'Shooting-Range Challenge' then 
when you will find highlight red-marker(of 'Shooting-Range Challenge')
which shows as a large at corner or another side in the arms shop then 
you can make infinite ammo of weapons,Ignore the challenge by pressing 
reject button again and again this will increase your weapon's ammo,when 
your weapon's ammo becomes 10000 then when you again press then it will 
become infinite ammo. 

Note:- This cheat is valid only for selected weapons(M4,SMG).

Submitted by: Rajic(Kambelovac)

When your car is burning quickly type HESOYAM it will recover and be like new

Submitted by: Pratik Tambe

Here's is a tip to do wheelie as many seconds 
only u have to do is just keep your bike speed normal and then tap wheelie button 
and tap it simultaneously(dont keep on pressing it only keep on continuosly tapping 
otherwise u will fall of the bike) hence by doing it u can do the wheelie as many 
seconds u want.

How to prevent a car from being blast:
Submitted by: R.Ashwinak

If your car is wrecked or burning just type the health cheat (HESOYAM)while game
play and your car will be back to normal stage.

Submitted by: Hardik darji

In this game to remain healthy we must eat something. When we eat we have to 
pay money. But we can get money back. After eating something kill all men in 
pizza place. You will get money back. THANK YOU FOR READING. 

Uncontrollable HVP1000 Rumbler:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in 
the  "\rockstar games\gta san andreas\data" directory. You will see a list of 
vehicles with their details. Search for a bike called the HVP1000 and change its
mass to 17999. Save your changes and start the game.

Submitted by: hoodibaba

I found a crazy thing in san andreas.Just go to any eating place,go to the red
marker,and buy a heavy food.When you press SPACE,you've purchased it. Keep on 
purchasing continuosly until you find carl vomit like anything.Remember,you can 
try it just for fun,but is costs some of carl's health.

Drive cars underwater:
Submitted by: Jaddy

This is not exactly a cheat.this is a hint.To drive a car underwater,take your 
car into the water & type the cheat for flying cars "RIPAZHA" & let the car reach
the ocean floor.Then you can drive the car under water. You can even fire bulets 
while driving underwateras you can while driving on land.

Submitted by: Pancham.R.Bharadwaj

you can place the bomb on top of any vehicle or pedistrians by going closer to 
them and clicking the mouse button and use the remote to explode the bomb. Its 
very funny, cool, joky. Try it out

Submitted By : Amogh.P.Bharadwaj 

There is a half damaged AUDI A8 L car in Flint County next to the highway which
connects from Flint Intersection to the city of San Fierro. It is found next to
a shortcut.

Submitted by: Nihas

When you want to health,money and repair car.Type "HESOYAM" when you are in the

Submitted by : Pancham.R.Bharadwaj 

Maximum vehicle skills  - naturaltalent 
Taxi missions completed - vkypqcf

Submitted by: Nihas

When you want to health,money and repair car.Type "HESOYAM" when you are in 
the car.

Submited by: Amogh. P. Bharadwaj/ 

When you use the cheat code of stunt plane (urkqsrk), you can make some awsome
stunts in it.  For example:-turning it upside down, rounding it in a circle 
from below to above or above to below.

Submitted by: sarvagya

you can easily find chaingun on the rail track connecting san fierro & las 
ventures. When we move from sf to lv ,there is a platform on which the chaingun
is revolving.But it will be found only when you have completed more than 45%.

Submitted by: ninja

u can edit the speed of vehicles by going to hanlig file in the data in
directory by changing the mass.

Submitted by: Swapnil Thakur

If you want to increase your stamina,just type "vkypqcf" and see that now you can 
lift up heavy things.

Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri
Email : 

After completing the "Just Business" level, Just go to "Santa Marina Beach". 
(See the Map to get there). There, you could see a red colour at the shore of
the beach. Its the starting point of a Competitional Race. First, try to swim
using Sprint key, as normal. Then you will reach the other shore. Then, from 
there you have to get on a cycle, to reach the other point of this race. Go as
you wish, but try to use the accelerating key continuously to go faster. Then,
when you reach the next point of race. You will be asked to get down from cycle
and to Run faster to reach the Final Point of the Race.

Sometimes you will be going on 7th or 8th Position. Never mind them !

Now, just type ROCKETMAN to get jetpack. Then you might be able to Run Faster 
if  you press Sprint key along with accelerating key. But, please not that you
have to go in ground level height, or else you cannot win the Race. By using 
this Cheat, you can get $10000 very easily!

Please Note:- This Trick will not work, if you try to get a vehicle using cheat
code, because you have to run on the roads, or else you will be Failed in the 

If you would like to edit this article, or if you found any mistakes in it, 
kindly copy this and correct and then send to my e-mail id.

Get New Rare Car: 
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri, Email: 

To get one of the very rare car in GTA San Andreas, Go to "Angel Pine". 
Use your map if you dont know how to get there. (It can be traced at the 
left side of Carl John's House, in the Map) You can get a car that is used
to carry dead bodies at Angel Pine ! for this find the Medical Centre there
at Angel Pine (You can see the Ambulance close to this Medical Centre).
At night time, you might be able to get the car that has dead body in it ! 
Its the one of the Rare Car in GTA San Andreas.
If you cannot find the Medical Centre, type Suicide yourself to get Wasted, 
then you will be automatically Begin from the Medical Centre. Try to be wasted 
again to let the night to come.
This car is super. But Only one problem is that it might lose control & even 
may damage very soon !

Submitted by: djDanc3r

By ending all of the missions, that doesn't mean you have already finished with 
the game! By finishing missions ONLY you get only to 75% of completing the game. 
You will need to make all competitions of driving, flying, low riders and pick-up 
all hidden objects around San Andreas. Then you will get 100% of the game. 
Also buying all houses will do the trick (it will raise you the completance of 
the game).

Submitted by: Hari Krishnan Prasad

I have heard that some users find that they find the races difficult.If you want
to win the races then take a car and drive carefully without damaging it even if
you are in the last place.Just go slowly and at one point the other racers will 
slow down and you can catch up with them.This hint is given by my personal 

Need new and rare Military Helicopters ?:
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri,
Chalissery PO, Palakkad DT,
Kerala, INDIA. 

Near Bone County, you can see a region marked as "Restricted Area" in the GTA San 
Andreas Map. Go to there and when you just enter the Area, you can see s Missile 
launching machine at the two sides of the area. Get Near to there and destroy 
them using Rockets / or Missiles. Please do not go very close to them.
After you have successfully destroyed them, you can safely go to the Restricted
area. Or Else those launchers will arm you with Rockets & Missiles which will 
follow you wherevr you go and will finaly can kill you.
Then enter the Buildind and you will have 4 Stars Wanted Level, Just Do not Mind
them. Get the helicopter. And get out of the area as quick as possible. Then Type
"ASNAEB" or Similar Cheats when you reach outside the Area. (The ASNAEB or Similar
Cheats will not have any effect when you are inside the Restricted Area.)

Take Helicopter to wherevr you like. Happy gaming.

(Note: if you found any errors/mistakes, kindly correct them and send me to my 
email id. For any queries regarding the cheat/tip i have submitted, please do 
not hesist to contact me through email. I will be happy to Hear from you and to
Take care of you.)

Do something funny with Police Vehicle:
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri,
Chalissery PO, Palakkad DT,
Kerala, INDIA. 

unlike in that of in GTA Vice City, Police Vehicles are not kept in Stations. (In
some Police stations of Vice city, you may see Police Vehicles in the Station 
itself). If you want to take the Police vehicles directly from the Garages, where
the vehicles are keep in safe custody, Get around the Police station and you can 
see an entrance (at any nearest Building of the Police Station) at which there you
can see police checkpoint. You may kill them from distant far away and then enter 
there. You can see many Police vehicles are parked inside that Building.
Get any of them which are not LOCKED. Then if you press horn to make the 
emergency lights to turn on, the other POLICE Vehicles will also give you way.

Note: This will be valid if you get a police vehicle by the above methode only.

(Found any errors/mistakes? Kindly correct them and then send it to my email id. 
For any queries regarding the cheat/tip i have submitted, please do on thesist 
to contact me through email. I will be happy to take care of You.)

Do something Naughty with Vehicles:
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri,
Chalissery PO, Palakkad DT,
Kerala, INDIA. 

Get a Packer (Lorry). Then you may use 8 or 2 to move the Packer function to Up or
Down. You may take vehicles upstairs of this packer and you may carry them wherever
you like. BUT, you have to drive very carefully or else the vehicle above the packer
may fell-down and even may explode. This Trick might be useful if you need a vhicle 
and at the same time you just dont want to drive that vehicle at that time and you 
would like to carry a vhicle by another. I'm doing something naughty with this idea.
I use these packers when cops are to catch me. I will throw cops using this idea. 
When cops hit the back of packer, up the packer function and finaly you might be 
able to throw the cops. The Cops will constantly hit the vehicle since the Packer
is not having Good Speed on the Roads. Is it really something naughty ?

(Note: if you found any mistakes, kindly copy article and correct changes. Then 
please send me the corrected article to my email id. Also, please do not hesist 
to mail me for any queries regarding the Cheat/Hint I have submitted. I will be 
happy to take care of you.)

Want to Get the FBI's Car in Vice City ?:
If you want any cars that are desgned for FBI.
NORMALLY, You may get them when higher wanted level arises, and then, when they 
come to catch you, you may simply get them. BUT IF YOU NEED A FBI VEHICLE AT ANYTIME
DURING THE GAMEPLAY, Then Go to Pizza Restaurant in "Downtown". On the Left side of 
the Entrance of Pizza restaurant there is a small way near the side of a building. 
If you go through that you will see a car designed for FBI which is Named "FBI 
Washington". This car will be available at almost all the time during Game Play.
You can also perform Vigilante Missions in it.

Happy Playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
(Note: If you found any mistakes or for more queries please do not hesist to mail
me  ( in detail. I will be happy to serve you.)

Submitted by: Ash

For some rare vehicles,additional task can be done other than carrying you to other
places. A vehicle called "packer" can store cars in it."tow truck" can be used to 
carry other vehicles with it's can be done by using the special motion keys.
find it on "redefine controls" on the game menu.if any doubts ask me at

Submitted by: Ash

I've found a car on san andreas that have a Big size it's name is can be seen 
during a mission on san andreas.after the mission, go to the quarry you can find it and 
drive it.coool ha!

Unlock: Girlfriend's Cars:
Bandito       - Date Helena
Green Hustler - Date Denise to 50%
Monster Truck - Date Michelle to 50%
Pink Club     - Date Millie to 50%
Police Ranger - Date Barbara to 50%
White Romero  - Date Katie to 50%

Bug - Hood Loss:
While playing the European English version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with the 
latest patch of 1.01, I encountered a bug. 

The bug occurs near CJ's house. I bought in the northwest of ballas territory when it
comes to fighting turf, not too far from the beach and ammuNation. While fighting a 
turf war normally there are 3 waves, ie you survive the first wave and then the second
and when you survive the third "the hood is yours". The trouble occurs near Jefferson's
neighborhood as you drive to a nearby drive to take territory. While standing on rooftops,
I survive the first wave of attacks but as I shoot a lot of Ballas a couple of them run 
away from me and are noted as purple triangles and squares in the green grove street 
territory. If I wander too far from the Flashing Red "contested territory" I get a 
message saying to "get back into the war zone". I have stood in the war zone for 20 
minutes only to just stand there with nobody coming after me, hence if I leave the war
zone I don't get to win that area because after a couple minutes I lose it. Therefore 
I cannot simply go way out of the warzone and chase down the enemies. It is a glitch 
because there is no way to win the territory.

Submitted by: Dhruw

To easy passing the villigant mission go to safe house which contains a garrage. Put
your police vehicle there and turn the mission on.then you should type cpktnwt(after
getting out of it & from a safe place).get back your vehicle will be good as new.

Secret interiors:
Go to the Ganton gym in Los Santos and kill all four people. Enable the rocketman code
to spawn a Jetpack. Go to the entrance and fly up until you exit out the top. Then, fly
to the east two blocks. You will see a yellow marker. Land around the marker and take off
the Jetpack. Walk into the marker and you will be in a secret room. It resembles a hotel 
or strip club). Then enable the rocketman code again and use the Jetpack to fly up and 
look around. Next to that room, you will see another. Fly to it and look for the entrance.
Fly to it and you can fly around the level.

Modify vehicle characteristics:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before 
proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the 
"\rockstar games\gta san andreas\data" directory. 
You will find a list of all the vehicles and a description of each multiplier factor. 
You can modify the acceleration, top speed, mass, monetary value, transmission, gravity 
center, and much more.

Tommy Vercetti Cameo:
This changes part of the character01 file. Delete the extracted file if you want things 
back to normal. 
Go to the file character01.rar in the directory .../install/gtasa/... and extract it. 
You will find the code for the character known in the game as C.J. But if you want good 
old Vercetti back, then change the three digit number from 0 1 1 to 1 0 0. This should 
change the character.

Submitted by: Rishbh Sharma, house no 1\2 upper nihal bilaspur

Open The file C:\Program files\Rockstar games\GTA San Andreas\data
\ar_stats.dat with notepad. Edit the file. Just Edit like:

stat_inc_max_health 15 stat_inc_max_health 999
stat_time_limit_max_health 600 stat_time_limit_max_health 1
Edit The file As you want

When you walk your health will be doubled.
When you get in a car you will get full driving skill.
When you get bicycle in a you will get cycling skill.
When you get in a plane you will get full flying skill and recieve a pilot license.
When you get in a bike you will get full bike skill.
And also you will get hitman level in all weapons.

Submitted by: randhir singh (roshu) st georges school 8e

hahaha my intelligent brain had give me a easiest way of winning races this is 
a easy way to win in all the races just get in the car and when the time start 
321 go just type (bagowpg) with this all the racer hop out of the car and attacks 
you don't be scared of this people just concentrate on your racing if you want 
you can crash them by driving on them

Submitted by: Imran Khan

If u have difficulties for completing any mission just type 'JOB DONE'now u see 
the mission is completed.But it only works when u r trying any misssion again and 
again and u r not able to comlete it

Submitted by: Ayush Baid

When you go to any pizza place or burger shot eat more and more and you start warmthing.

Submitted by: Aakash Walia

hi guys if you want a cool and fast bike named nrg500 you just have to type yecgaa
{jetpack cheat} near carl's house go up and you will find two cylendrical pillars near 
them you will find a rounded building{parking slot} go on top of it and you will find a 
NRG500 and an INGRAM as well use this hint and enjoy the speed.

Submitted by: Aakash Walia

If u have difficulties for completing any mission just type 'JOB DONE'now u see 
the mission is completed.But it only works when u r trying any misssion again and 
again and u r not able to complete it

WIN all RACES easily!!!:
Submitted by: Rohit Naik , Uran,Maharashtra

JUST type 'RIPAZHA' before a race.When the race begins,don't speed up, just watch all 
cars fly in the air away from racing zone.Then slowly win the race.
NOTE:Maintain a slow speed or your car will also fly.This will not work in case of bikes.

Submitted by: Santosh

In the mission explosive settlement from Four dragons casino,, you are asked to collect 
the dynamites before they get exploded.But if you will kill the person who's going to 
explode the dynamites,, the timer will disappear,,and then you can collect them easily.

Update by: anshul adukia
Submitted by: Aky

No need to go to the niko.It is so far.

Try These Out. They Are SUPERB :

Weapons, Health, Armor & Money 
LXGIWYL          = Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
PROFESSIONALSKIT = Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW          = Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAM          = Health, Armor, $250k
BAGUVIX          = Semi-Infinite Health
CVWKXAM          = Infinite Oxygen
ANOSEONGLASS     = Adrenaline Mode
FULLCLIP         = Infinite Ammo, No Reload

Police, Stats & Gangs: 
TURNUPTHEHEAT      = Increase Wanted Level Two Stars
TURNDOWNTHEHEAT    = Clear Wanted Level
BTCDBCB            = Fat
BUFFMEUP           = Max Muscle
KVGYZQK            = Skinny
AEZAKMI            = Never Wanted
BRINGITON          = Six Star Wanted Level
WORSHIPME          = Max Respect
HELLOLADIES        = Max Sex Appeal
VKYPQCF            = Max Stamina
PROFESSIONALKILLER = Hitman In All Weapon Stats
NATURALTALENT      = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats

Spawning Objects:
AIWPRTON         = Spawn Rhino
OLDSPEEDDEMON    = Spawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH          = Spawn Rancher
VROCKPOKEY       = Spawn Racecar
VPJTQWV          = Spawn Racecar
TRUEGRIME        = Spawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEW          = Spawn Caddy
JUMPJET          = Spawn Hydra
KGGGDKP          = Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
AIYPWZQP         = Have Parachute
ROCKETMAN        = Have Jetpack
OHDUDE           = Spawn Hunter
FOURWHEELFUN     = Spawn Quad
AMOMHRER         = Spawn Tanker Truck
ITSALLBULL       = Spawn Dozer
FLYINGTOSTUNT    = Spawn Stunt Plane
MONSTERMASH      = Spawn Monster

CPKTNWT              = Blow Up All Cars
WHEELSONLYPLEASE     = Invisible car
STICKLIKEGLUE        = Perfect Handling
ZEIIVG               = All green lights
YLTEICZ              = Aggressive Drivers
LLQPFBN              = Pink traffic
IOWDLAC              = Black traffic
FLYINGFISH           = Boats fly
EVERYONEISPOOR       = Traffic is Cheap Cars
EVERYONEISRICH       = Traffic is Fast Cars
JCNRUAD              = Smash n' Boom
SPEEDFREAK           = All Cars Have Nitro
BUBBLECARS           = Cars Float Away When Hit
OUIQDMW              = Free Aim While Driving
GHOSTTOWN            = Reduced Traffic
FVTMNBZ              = Traffic is Country Vehicles
BMTPWHR              = Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit

SPEEDITUP         = Faster Gameplay
SLOWITDOWN        = Slower Gameplay
AJLOJYQY          = Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
BAGOWPG           = Have a bounty on your head
FOOOXFT           = Everyone is armed
BLUESUEDESHOES    = Elvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWML          = Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
LIFESABEACH       = Beach Party
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED = Gang Members Everywhere
BIFBUZZ           = Gangs Control the Streets
NINJATOWN         = Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV           = Slut Magnet
CJPHONEHOME       = Huge Bunny Hop
KANGAROO          = Mega Jump
CRAZYTOWN         = Funhouse Theme
SJMAHPE           = Recruit Anyone (9mm)
ROCKETMAYHEM      = Recruit Anyone (Rockets)

Weather & Time:
TOODAMNHOT     = Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO       = Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS       = Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ        = Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL        = Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER   = Always Midnight
OFVIAC         = Orange Sky 21:00
CWJXUOC        = Sandstorm

Submitted by: Sudipto

When you get stuck in the low rider challenge,just before entering the red marker type 
"slow it down" without quotes. The arrows which come in will become a lot slower than 
normal and opposition can be easily beaten by scoring higher points.(Mission Successful). 
But do not waste the low rider car keep it for the next level. Go to CJ' s
garage and keep it in. Then save it. Cesar Vialpando will i.e.CV will appear in the map

Big Smoke : Wrong Side of the Tracks:
Submitted by: Lipinkumar

I think this is the easiest way to do the mission. It seems that Big Smoke is not an 
expert in shooting. If CJ could help, all the four guys will be down quickly. For that 
we must enter the cheat "OUIQDMW" [Full weapon aiming while driving] so that CJ can 
shoot the guys on the tain very easily. CJ should try to finish the guy standing at 
the very front, he is the toughest person for Big Smoke.

Modify characteristics of things you can buy:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file 
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "shopping.dat" file in the "\rockstar 
games\gta san andreas\data" directory. You will find a list of all the items you can 
buy in the game such as cars, clothes, haircuts, tattoos, food, weapons. This also 
shows the effect on your fat, health, stamina, respect and sexiness. You can modify 
the fat, health, stamina, respect and sexiness by changing the numbers beside each 
item. Save your changes and start the game.

Secret interiors:
Go to the Ganton gym in Los Santos and kill all four people. Enable the rocketman code 
to spawn a Jetpack. Go to the entrance and fly up until you exit out the top. Then, 
fly to the east two blocks. You will see a yellow marker. Land around the marker and 
take off the Jetpack. Walk into the marker and you will be in a secret room. It resembles 
a hotel or strip club). Then enable the rocketman code again and use the Jetpack to fly 
up and look around. Next to that room, you will see another. Fly to it and look for the 
entrance. Fly to it and you can fly around the level.

Invincible car:
Use the following trick to make your car invincible, so that it will not show body damage 
or explode. Enable the jcnruad code while CJ is on foot. Then, enter a vehicle and enter 
the cheat code again to disable it. Your vehicle is now invincible. After you get out of 
the vehicle, it may or may not stay invincible. Occasionally the car will become vulnerable
again for no apparent reason, but most of the time it stays invulnerable.

Flying car:
Enable the bubblecars code. Get a PCR 600 and drive directly into another car. You should 
fly off your bike directly on top of the other car and it will fly away with C.J. still on

Croupier mission: Invisible tow ropes:
When doing the Croupier mission, pull up to the red marker in a Tanker with the trailer.
Your trailer will turn into the nearest car as if you were towing it with invisible 
towing ropes.

Modify population cycle:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before 
proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "popcycle.dat" file in the "\rockstar games\gta 
san andreas\data" directory. You will find a list of all the different types of locations 
in the game, such as the airport. You can edit the number of different types of pedestrians
in a place in a specific time period by changing the numbers beside each item. For example,
you can change the amount of cops at the beach on a weekday at noon and increase the amount
of beach folks or farmers. Save your changes and start the game.

Modify gang reactions:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before 
proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "ped.dat" file in the "\rockstar games\gta san 
andreas\data" directory. You will find a list of the different types of characters in the 
game. Change the way the other gangs react to your gang. Your gang is "GANG2". Beside 
"Respect" under each gang, enter the gang you want them to respect or hate. To find a list
of what gang numbers represent each gang refer to the "pedgrp.dat" file in the same folder. 
Save your changes and start the game.

Stand on Hydra's wing:
When your flying in the Hydra with the bubbleman code, apply the thrusters forward and use
[Down] to aim the Hydra up. Then, monitor it for a while so it does not over or under 
balance, and it remains pointing up by itself. After that, leave the Hydra, but do not 
touch anything. You should be standing on the wing of a Hydra that should still be flying 
up, faster because of the thrusters. You can jump off at anytime to continue the rest of 
the code.

Submitted by: : mayur & pari

It is a hint that will help you to make your own gang.
First press the aiming button of your gun at a HOMIE.
[They will be wearing a green colour dress]you will be able to see a green coloured arrow 
mark holding the aim button of your gun press g and that homie will be in your gang

no damage in vehicles:
Submitted by: shaunak

First get in front of any vehicle then enter the code JCNRUAD then get inside the vehicle 
and write the same code again.You will see that the vehicle has no scracthes or any damage 

Submitted by: Bhaumik

If you want to change your skills or progress you have made just go to your my document 
folder then to Grand theft auto san andreas user files then open STATs.html with ms 
office word then change your skills or progress or anything you want ENJOY

No Counting:
Submitted by: Aswin A S 

If you are taking photos with your camera then the photos will be counted and there is a limit.
But taking photos of you with the help of your gang members will not be counted. Use the cheat 
'WANRLTW' or 'FULLCLIP' to take infinite pictures.
If you would like to edit this tip, or if you found any mistakes in this, kindly 
Copy this and correct and then send to my e-mail id.

Take your own photos:
Submitted by: Aswin A S 

Take the camera from the bedroom of the safe house by pressing the tab button. Then make 
gang members (pointing gun towards them and pressing 'G').If you are just started you have 
no respect and so that you can use the cheat 'SJMAHPE' for making anyone as gang member. 
When your gang members come closer then a message will appear that 'PRESS TAB TO HAVE YOUR 
PICTURE TAKEN'. By pressing the tab another message will appear and then press the tab once 
again. Thus you can have your photos and enjoy. 
If you would like to edit this tip, or if you found any mistakes in this, kindly 
Copy this and correct and then send to my e-mail id.

Car is now Rocket:
Submitted by: Aswin A S 

Get a super car and fly with it with the help of the cheat 'RIPAZHA'. And then type the cheat 
'COXEFGU' then activate the Nitro. Then you can see that the car is moving like a rocket with 
a tremendous velocity.How is this?

Submitted by: Tinku omanakuttan

Type JCNRUAD in front of a vehicle,enter into that vehicle and deactivate the same cheat by 
typing JCNRUAD after that type ALLCARSGOBOOM,you will find that all cars will destroy except 
your car.

Submitted by: Vatsal Chanana

Go to las venturas airport and you will see a garage there .stand in front of it the garage 
will open and You will get a big plane named as at-400.Fly it and enjoy.

Cheat for go another country:
Submitted by: Narendra

When you are not go another country then type "AEZAKMI"(whithout " ").this cheat don't 
type at closed bridge ; but when you are go with jetpack ;then cops wills follow you with 
four stars ; they reduce at type "AEZAKMI"(whithout " "). ***THANK YOU***

Get card from Millie:
When you've played the mission: 'A key to her heart', you need to 'wine and dine' with 
Millie to get the card for the mission: 'Robbing the bank at Caligula's' When your relationship
is 35%, you'll get the card. To get the 35% without dating her and stuff, go to a save house, 
put on your gimp suit, go to Millie, the date will start, go back home, save a few times (2 or 
3) to get to the next day, get your gimp suit, go to Millie and join her for some hot coffee. 
Millie will call you to get the card!

This is the biggest cheat in San Andreas:
Submitted by: nina

CAINEMVHZC - With this cheat your health is unlimited, except when falling of from big heights 
and in explosions.

Finish the Vigilante Missions Easily:
Actually a glitch that can be taken advantage of to cheat your way through the Vigilante
sub-missions. Anytime the player accesses an indoor environment and then returns outside
during this sub-mission the target(s) with self-destruct automatically. This means no more
messy pursuing.

Fast Reload:
When the current weapon clip you have is about to run out press the next weapon button and 
then the previous weapon button to equip you with the weapon that was running low. It will 
now have a full magazine. This trick doesn't work if you are reloading at the time of 
switching as you will have to let Carl reload it when you switch back.

Flying Tips:
Among the hardest missions in the game involve flying aircraft; chief among these would be
the "Learning to Fly" missions at flight school with the many coronas in between success 
and you. Most players make the mistake of steering with the main flaps and not the rudder; 
the former are the flaps on the wings and the latter is the flap on the tail. 
The big difference is that steering with the former gives the player a tighter turning 
radius but with less precise control; the latter restricts your controls greatly and so is
less popularly used. Try a combination of the two: first turn with the stick and then 
compensate by using the rudder. The rudder will act to stabilize your plane and return 
control to you. Also, know which camera to use. The default camera during flight should 
be the one trailing the plane that gives the widest field of view so that you can easily 
see where you are going as well as your relative position to the ground. The First person
camera is good to use when doing the barrel roll or when using the Hydra to dogfight.

Submitted by: Viswanath Keerthi

In gta san andreas go to babera house make love with him to impress her more she will 
ask to take me a dinner,fast food,etc take him in the maverick so she will be very happy.

Easy mission "Vertical Bird":
Submitted by: Omega

This mission isn't too hard. But there's an easy way to complete this mission:
After get in the Hydra there are 2 or 3 Hydras chasing after you. Don't Worry, just find 
some where surrounded with rocky mountain to land the plane (the desert is quite good). 
Then get out of the plane quickly. Keep a distance from the plane. Watch the radar and 
you'll see 2 red marks will disappear (I guess they're 2 planes destroyed by their own 
rockets). The last redmark is the last Hydra. You should watch cuaze it's quite fun: 
it will repeatly fly around you and your Hydra and soon hit the rocks around you.
After several hits it will catch fire and "go boom". Get in The plane to find the location
of the agency boats, get out then destroy the boats (using rocket launcher or minigun). 
The last thing you have to do is flying home. (Note: Find a place without cars and easy 
to land/take off. Get out of the plane quickyly or some rocket will hit the plane or you.
If the last plane is not destroyed simply take it down by using Minigun or rocket launcher)

Submitted by: Omega

My favourite weapon in this ganme is the barrel Shotgun (I don't remember its name but it 
is shorter than other shotguns). This weapon is real fast and powerful. If you comebine it 
with infinite ammo code "WANRLTW" and hit man code "NCSGDAG" this will be the most powerful 
weapon in this game (I think).
With this you can kill the target in short distance without cause damage to your health. 

Finding some rare car in Export car mission:
I really enjoy this mission so I give this to you. 
Some cars will appear many before the exportin mission but after startin the mision they 
are almost impossible to find. I recommend to save before the mission start, then watch 
the list of cars. Load save, store some rare cars that you can't find them easily (such 
as Sentinel, Stafford, Journey ect.) then do the mission
I will guide sone way to find those rare car: 

* Sentinel:
A foor doors car which can be found at the the tv studio (not far from the "Vinewood" 
Sign). This place is just like the film studio in GTA Vice City and it could be easier
 to find it if flying with Jetpack. 

* Journey:
A white RV. Sometime park at bar in the country side but when the export mission starts 
you have to look it up in the country road. Other way not to go to the country is using 
the code "FVTMNBZ". 

* BF Injection:
Can be found in the moutain country or at the westcoast of San Fierro. Another way is 
using the code "CRAZYTOWN". It will apear a lot. (better not using this way cauze you 
will becom freaky ugly clown). 

* Euros:
Go to the The Camels Toe casino (pyramid with a sphinx in the front) in Las Venturas. 
The Euros is under the sphinx. 

* Cheetah, Comet, FCR - 900, Buffalo, Slamvan:
Easy to find in Las Venturas at night. 

* Stafford:
Appear alot in the Northest area of Las Venturas

Submitted by: Sahil Manocha

To get the key card u have to date millee upto 50% date progress. a short cut to get the 
keycard is that get negative date progree with millee i.e by smashing ur vehicle when 
with millee, not take her to place she likes etc etc. when miley dumps you. you can kill
her and get the key card.

Submitted by: ryo_xaz

1)Take a stretch (car) and enable the cheat "RIPAZHA" and go to a straight lane and 
  acclerate at high speed when you fly at high sky and stop accelarating and when you
  go towards down now acclerate and when you land you"l get a bonus of 800-900$

2)When you take a HUNTER and fly at high sky and press RMB and next get out of the 
  hunter you"ll automatically have a parachute.

Liberty city:
1: Go in the Gym and kill all the peolp inside.
2: Spawn JetPack and head to the Yellow Marker (East Beach).
3: Enter and spawn the Jetpack and fly over to Liberty City (West VineWood).
4: Out for Non Soild Street. and have fun exporing. (with a Jetpack).

Note: Its only 40% of Portland. Not the Whole State Itself. beware and walk on Only 
Soild Street. use the jetpack To Fly Over non Soild Roads and Buildings.

Easy money:
This trick requires maximum bike skill for both motorcycles and a regular bike. Go to the
highest building in Los Santos, the circular one, and jump off using either the motorcycle
or bike. While you are in mid-air, you can spin for a little bit or try to do a back flip.
Stay on the bikes until you land and you will receive an insane stunt bonus for over $200.

Planes with two person capacity:
Even though the Dodo is the most well known aircraft with a two person capacity, it is not
the only airplane with this feature. There are actually many aircraft that can hold two 
people. They are the Dodo, Beagle, Maverick, Leviathan, Raindance, Sea Sparrow, Sparrow,
Skimmer and Cargobob helicopter.

Easy money:
In order to waste time to allow money to accumulate without dealing with CJs eating needs,
simply press Triangle in front of the television in your hideout. His health will remain 
constant, without him needing to eat. You can leave the PlayStation2 idling in this state
to accumulate money easily.

Easy money:
Find a save point that is close to a betting shop. The one in the Montgomery are is ideal
because it is near to the save point where you have to do the four missions for Catalina.
Save your game, then go to the betting shop and bet all your money on a horse. It takes 
awhile to enter the numbers, but is worth it because you can make a huge amount of cash 
(especially if you bet on horses with odds of 10/1, 11/1, 12/1, etc.). It takes roughly 
three to four minutes to bet the maximum amount of money, which is $9,999,995. You will 
not win every time. When you lose, reload your last saved game. It is possible to get 
$250,000,000 by betting your winnings of $30,000 to $700,000 to $2,000,000 to the 
maximum bet.

Quick reload:
When you are short on time (for example during the gang wars), you can quickly reload 
by switching to another weapon. Your ammunition must be 1 to 30. When at 0 it automatically
does the longer reload.

8-Track mission:
Enable the "Slow motion" code and you will be able to easily take first place. This is 
helpful if you are trying to get the Monster Truck.

Go into Ryder's back yard (to the right of your house) in the Ganton area. There is a 
shovel next to the back of the  house.

Easily unlock minigun:
A part from Area 69 there is a minigun available on the cement concrete of the Kincaid Bridge
in San Fierro.

Submitted by: Chinmay Bawdekar 

In one of the Smoke's mission, u have to go to unity station to follow the train and shoot the 
4 Mexicans. The one standing ahead it the most difficult to kill and keep smoke away from train 
otherwise all his bullets hit the train only..!! 
For instant killing all of them here's a trick, it worked with me :-) 
AR one time u have to go on a high land and a train comes from ahead, here if u will quickly 
jump ur bike on that train and then land on the adjoining train containing the Mexicans, then 
they all die at one instant without hitting bullets..!! It works really...!!

How to Complete Vigilante and Shooting Range Missions (Easy Way):
Written by Rough Remi

In order to help you get 100% completion of GTA: San Andreas, I found for two specific 
missions (Vigilante and Shooting Range) an easier way to complete them.

-=Tips to Missions=-
Many people have problems with two specific missions. I found for both missions an easier 
way to complete them and would hereby mention two improvements: 

1) In the guide shooting range is given a 10/10 on difficulty. I agree that some (for example 
with shotgun) of them are not so easy, but you can make it much easier if you first aim for 
the head. The opponents shoot always on the body or on the leg. If you are a fraction late 
and you shoot for the body or legs, you have the chance that you won't hit anything and end 
up with 0 or 1 point. By shooting on the head you directly have 1 point. The second shot 
should be to any part that is left after you shot the head. That way you will end up each 
round with at least 3 or 4 points and it is much more easier to win (takes maybe 2 times to 
complete). I think a 7/10 will be more appropriate then. Try and you will see it helps :) 

2) Vigilante. Oh yeah, this is a tough one. But it can be made much easier then is described. 
Of course it helps if you know the locations (print a map where the police bribes can be 
found or learn them before you start the mission). Anyway, if the heat goes up, there is an 
easy way to get rid of the stars: go to a paint shop. The easiest one is the one nearby your 
safehouse in los santos (where you start the game) and drive west to the pizzaria. As you can 
see, there is ALWAYS a stationcar parked on the parking of the pizzaria. If you do the 
vigilante with a police motorbike, just park the motorbike next to the car, hop in the car, 
drive across the street to the pay & spray, drive back to your police motor bike which is 
now parked/left at the parking of the pizzaria, and hop on. You will have more then 10 
seconds left before you are too long of your bike and the mission fails. That way you get 
rid of all your stars and the mission is actually pretty easy. It only takes a time, but 
difficulty can be lowered to 6/10 - 8/10. I completed the mission in 1 try.

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