Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Grand Theft Auto - Vice City 
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 Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Cheats

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City

Cheat Codes:
Update by: nihar
Update by: mkh_vista
Update by: Abhishek soni
Update by: Nandu
Submitted by: Zulkar Nayeen Nahiyan

During Gameplay, type any of these cheats. (Note: codes are not case sensitive)
Cheat codes can also be entered while the game is paused. This way you can enter 
cheat codes when you have to enter them quickly.

Code                         Result
MIAMITRAFFIC               - Aggressive Drivers
NUTTERTOOLS                - All heavy weapons
THUGSTOOLS                 - All light weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLS          - All medium weapons
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK        - All cars are black
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR           - All cars are pink
GREENLIGHT                 - All traffic lights are green
BIGBANG                    - Blow up nearby cars
SEAWAYS                    - Cars can drive/hover over water
COMEFLYWITHME              - Cars can fly
STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP        - Change Skin/Clothes
ICANTTAKEITANYMORE         - Commit Suicide
LEAVEMEALONE               - Decrease Wanted Level
ABITDRIEG                  - Dense Clouds
AIRSHIP                    - Fast boats can fly for short periods of time
CANTSEEATHING              - Foggy Weather
ASPIRINE                   - Full Health
CHICKSWITHGUNS             - Girls Carry Guns
PROGRAMMER                 - Gives Tommy girly arms/legs
FANNYMAGNET                - Ladies Man, Women Follow You
APLEASANTDAY               - Light Clouds
ONSPEED                    - Makes everything faster
BOOOOOORING                - Makes everything slower
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS          - Makes Tommy fatter
CERTAINDEATH               - Makes you smoke a cigarette
WHEELSAREALLINEED          - Only the wheels of a car are visible
NOBODYLIKESME              - Peds Hate You
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT            - Peds Riot
GRIPISEVERYTHING           - Perfect Handling
ILOOKLIKEHILARY            - Play as Hilary King
MYSONISALAWYER             - Play as Ken Rosenberg
LOOKLIKELANCE              - Play as Lance Vance
WELOVEOURDICK              - Play as Love Fist character (Dick)
ROCKANDROLLMAN             - Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)
FOXYLITTLETHING            - Play as Mercedes
ONEARMEDBANDIT             - Play as Phil Cassidy
CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED      - Play as Ricardo Diaz
IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY     - Play as Sonny Forelli
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE         - Raise Wanted Level
CHASESTAT                  - Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars)
TRAVELINSTYLE              - Spawn a Bloodring Banger
GETTHEREQUICKLY            - Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2
BETTERTHANWALKING          - Spawn a Caddie
GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED     - Spawn a Hotring Racer
GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST      - Spawn a Hotring Racer #2
PANZER                     - Spawn a Rhino
THELASTRIDE                - Spawn a Romero's Hearse
GETTHEREFAST               - Spawn a Sabre Turbo
RUBBISHCAR                 - Spawn a Trashmaster
ROCKANDROLLCAR             - Spawn Love Fist's Limo
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY          - Speed up game clock
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS        - Sportscars have big wheels
CATSANDDOGS                - Stormy Weather
ALOVELYDAY                 - Sunny/Clear Weather
ipo20                      - givs 1000armor.
superonspeed               - tommy becomes fast and drives car and bike fast
noisy bike                 - gives 2 sanchez & pcj 600
LUNDTOOLS                  - All "super power weapons" weapons

Submitted  by: by: Praveer dhaliwal

During the game type the following cheats

bigbang              - blow all cars 
panzer                - get a tank
getthereamazinglyfast - get a racing car
Enjoy with the following cheats .

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

Start the game and type any one of those cheats (without "") when playing the game.

Code           Result
"MONEYMONEY" - get 1000$
"JOBDONE"    - Current mission completed 
"LIONARE"    - Always get 100% of health

Update by: ram 
Update by: abhilashbajpai
Update by: Evan
Update by: arihant arya
Update by: Sreekanth.A.R.R
Update by: kareem nabil
Update by: Nirav
Update by: mohammad assaad
Update by: Davy Stolk

Submitted by: BXR na wp

Start the game and type any one of those cheats when playing the game.

Cheat                        Result 
General Cheats             
THUGSTOOLS                 - All Level1 Weapons 
PROFESSIONALTOOLS          - All Level2 Weapons  
NUTTERTOOLS                - All Level3 Weapons 
ASPIRINE                   - Full Health 
PRECIOUSPROTECTION         - Full Armor 
FANNYMAGNET                - Ladies Magnet (women follow you) 
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE         - Higher Wanted Level  
LEAVEMEALONE               - No Wanted Level 
ICANTTAKEITANYMORE         - Commit Suicide 
youcantleavemealone        - can't die
fullcitypeoplemines        - buy full city
freewayforangeljoy         - Get 100 bikes
americahelicopter          - get ahunter helicopter
flyingways                 - get a aeroplane dodo or kimo
DEMONSPEED                 - makes faster the whole city including Tommy
leavemealone               - No Police
jetcomes                   - spawns a jet plane
finish                     - finishes your mission
nomission                  - complete the mission

Character Skin Cheats
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS          - Fat Body 
PROGRAMMER                 - Skinny arms and legs 
STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP        - Random Change of Clothes 
CERTAINDEATH               - Smoke a cigarette 
CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED      - Play as Ricardo Diaz 
LOOKLIKELANCE              - Play as Lance Vance 
MYSONISALAWYER             - Play as Ken Rosenberg 
LOOKLIKEHILARY             - Play as Hilary King 
ROCKANDROLLMAN             - Play as Love Fist character Jezz Torent 
WELOVEOURDICK              - Play as Love Fist character Dick 
ONEARMEDBANDIT             - Play as Phil Cassidy.  
IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY     - Play as Sonny Forelli.  
FOXYLITTLETHING            - Play as Mercedes 

Vehicle Spawn Cheats  
PANZER                     - Spawns a Rhino 
TRAVELINSTYLE              - Spawns a Bloodring Banger  
GETTHEREQUICKLY            - Spawns Bloodring Banger#2  
GETTHEREFAST               - Spawns a Sabre Turbo  
GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED     - Spawns a Hotring Racer  
GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST      - Spawns Hotring Racer#2  
THELASTRIDE                - Spawns a Romero's Hearse  
ROCKANDROLLCAR             - Spawns Love Fist's Limo 
RUBBISHCAR                 - Spawns a Trashmaster 
BETTERTHANWALKING          - Spawns a Caddie 

Vehicle Cheats 
Update by: CyberWolf

AIRSHIP                    - Ships have flying ability 
BIGBANG                    - Blows up all nearby vehicles 
MIAMITRAFFIC               - Aggressive Traffic  
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR           - All Pink Vehicles 
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK        - All Black Vehicles 
COMEFLYWITHME              - Vehicles have flying ability 
GRIPISEVERYTHING           - Better Vehicle Handling 
GREENLIGHT                 - All Traffic Lights are green 
SEAWAYS                    - Vehicles drive on water 
WHEELSAREALLINEED          - Makes only vehicle wheels visible 
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS        - Sportscars have bigger wheels 

Weather Cheats 
ALOVELYDAY                 - Clear Weather 
APLEASANTDAY               - Lightly Clouded 
ABITDRIEG                  - Dense Clouds 
CANTSEEATHING              - Foggy Weather 
CATSANDDOGS                - Stormy Weather 

Miscellaneous Cheats  
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY          - Speeds up Game Clock  
ONSPEED                    - Makes everything faster  
BOOOOOORING                - Makes everything slower  
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT            - Aggressive Pedestrians  
NOBODYLIKESME              - Everybody wants to kill you 
OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS - Pedestrians carry weapons 
CHICKSWITHGUNS             - Only Female Peds carry weapons 
CHASESTAT                  - Shows Media Level  

Drive Car In Mansion:
Submitted by:  Calum Starkey

Get A fast Car and drive towards the entrance of the mansion, then 
bail out at the last minute and the car will go flying in. go inside 
and it will be waiting for u to drive. Happy Carpet Wrecking!

How not to let your vehicles explode:
Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat b. Rohimi

When you see you vehicles (cars,motorcycles and etc) pause the game 
and type aspirine.It may look wrecked but it wont explode.

Mission: Keep your friends close:
Submitted by: Kala

As soon as you get control of your character stay in your office and protect 
the safe with a colt python (handgun that kills people in one shot) then when 
it tells you to kill lance just sprint up to him and chase while ignoring 
everyone else. continue chasing lance up the stairs and kill everyone in your 
way(Just before you go on the roof you may want to use cheats like restore 
health and restore armor). When you get to the roof run towards the helicopter 
pad and pick off everyone slowly while hiding behind the wall near the 
helicopter pad. When you kill lance run back down the stairs and get the large 
wide stairs in the huge hall. Then a cutscene with sonny forelli will appear 
and as soon as that is over run away from him and run back upto the rooftop 
where you killed lance, then get out your rocket launcher (use cheat if necessary, 
and remember to refresh your health and armor). With your rocket launcher stand 
on the edge of the rooftop on the tiles until you can see the !
three limosines that spawn enemies then blow those three up to make life easier. 
Then jump all the way down to driveway but make sure you re well away from the 
front stairs when you make your jump. When you hit the ground remember to kill 
anyone attacking you (refresh your health and armor with cheats if necessary). 
Then approach the from the large stairs( you should be outside now). Then fire 
at Sonny like there's now tommorrow with rockets it took me five rockets for 
me to kill him.

Submitted by: zishan akhtar
If you want to fight ruthlessly against the police, then go to the
dock areas and get on to the first ship and try shooting the police and the
pedestrians from there. The police wont be able to shoot you from there.

You can start a race in this game too. for this, you have to purchase
sunshine motors in the dockareas. The racing missions will be in the
backward garages.

Submitted by: Harvey
Its not really a cheat,but its a trick. you can get 40grand per round with this. 
first you at least have 40 grands to buy the showroom near the airport, go to 
the basement, in the right room there is a map of vice city and a list of 
illegal street race. put your bet on 40k winning race. get a vehicle, any 
vehicle, even if you only find a golf cart, use it. go out the show room and 
3 rival cars already park waiting for you. dont park near them yet. go around 
them from the grass field, keep straight until you reach the cross road. go 
to the marina hotel near by, in the middle of the hotel there are bazzoka 
launcher ready to be picked. you know what to do next. go back to the cross 
road, out from your vehicle, take a few steps, watch for cops, aim, and FIRE! 2 
Bazzoka will be enough for your rivals BBQ. get to your vehicle and enjoy a very 
peacefull joyride over the Vice city and win the 40K! in the end of the trips.

Keep Your Friends Close (how to beat it without cheating):
Although using cheats, it's relatively easy to beat any mission, it's 
a fun challenge to go through the game without cheating (or at least 
not saving when you do)
For the final mission, the best gun to use (in my opinion) is the 
Minigun, which you can buy from Phil's place for the giveaway price 
of $10,000 (but by this point you should have enough money for this 
to be no problem). Also buy extra ammo...
When the mission starts, stand at the top of the stais and shoot 
people before they even get in the front door... you shouldn't even 
get shot once. When Lance comes in, you might have to move back into 
the office, because more men will come from the sides. With the minigun, 
you dont need to chase Lance at all, just shoot at him (and hit) for like 
a second, and he'll die. Same for when Sonny comes in... I beat the 
mission like that only losing about 70 armour. It was easy.

While doing vigilance mission:
Submitted by:MadMahi(Mahesh)

Type the cheat panzer and get into a tank. After pressing the 
capsLock the mission starts by showing yellow dots the outlaws 
to be eliminated at this point get down from the tank and get 
to a distance from the tank and type big bang the level will be 
completed. Again u can type panzer to get a tank and you can do 
as many level as possibel.

Submitted by: Varun Pandey

Quick Cash:
To get some quick cash, go get a gun with auto targeting. I suggest getting a 
Tec9, Uzi, Ingram Mac 10, or MP5 for this part since you can run with those 
weapons. Now that you have it, go to North Point Mall. When you get there, go 
to the Tool Shop. Once there, rob it. Then when you have your wanted level, 
run to The Gash and change costumes. Then, rob The Gash and run to the tool 
shop and change clothes. Now, just repeat the process and the money will rise.

Free Pay N Spray:
To do this, just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray 
and it will spray it for free. 

Coppers Can't Get Me Now:
If you are in a Coach, the cops cannot arrest you. They will simply make you 
lose control of the Coach but you will not get arrested. To gain control 
again, just get out of the Coach and get back in. 

Make Decent Money Fast:
This is a really good way to make a quick $1,000. As it turns out, parking is 
ridiculously expensive in Vice City. On a North and South running street in 
Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo), there is a street 
covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street, I am not sure). If you 
run into them (or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat), you 
knock about $2-400 out of them. The only problem is if you hit them too fast, 
you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. 
Explosions are usually imminent. I don't think that this willful destruction 
of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just 
able to get decent cash with minimal effort. 

No More Wanted Level:
To automatically have no more wanted level, just save your game. Now, load it 
again and no more wanted level. 

Get To Little Havana Early Trick Involving Any Car:
To do this, just put in the Cars Float On Water cheat and drive there. It's 
as easy as that. 

More Armor:
If you enter a Enforcer, you will get Body Armor.

More Health:
To get more health, just enter an Ambulance and you will get more. 

More Shotgun Ammo:
To get a Chrome Shotgun and ammo, just enter a police car. 

Higher Accuracy:
To higher your accuracy, get a machine gun with lots and lots of ammo. This 
works best when you have infinite ammo from either a cheating device or 
getting 100 percent. You can either get a tank and keep shooting it and it 
will higher your accuracy over time or you can shoot a blown up car carcass. 
If you want to do this without actually having to play, just tape down the 
shoot button and go to sleep. When you wake up, you have a lot better 
accuracy. Try to do this with the M4 and in 3rd person view and not first. 

Look At All The Sea Animals:
I forgot who first made this strategy, but if you go waist high in the water 
along the coasts of the islands, you can crouch down in it and not drown. To 
use this, use your sniper rifle and zoom in and you can see all kinds of 
animals like sharks, turtles, jellyfish, and regular fish. 

Go to the roof of the building where you first started G Spotlight and there 
will be a Sparrow parked there.There is 
also one on the roof of a house near the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. To get 
to it, go to the Collars And Cuffs in Ocean Beach. Then, go down that alley 
where Collars And Cuffs is and there will be a parking garage on your right. 
Go to the top floor and there will be some ramps. Before jumping, look around 
and find the Sparrow and then jump to it. I'm not sure if you can reach it in 
one jump or not so you might half to jump more than 1 roof. The parking 
garage is also located near the Pay N Spray. It is white and has around 5 
stories. For the easiest way, just get to the Pay N Spray in Ocean Beach. 
Now, go to that place right by it with the parked PCJ-600 and Banshee (or 
sometimes Cheetah's or Infernus's). Now, get the PCJ-600 and back up all the 
way from the white stairs. Back up until you have crossed the street and have 
went in the alley with the gray pavement. Keep going back until you reach the 
shrubs. Now, punch the gas and go fast and hit the stairs. You need to clear 
the first building and land on the second one. It is pink. The Sparrow will 
be up there. There is also one across from the Links View Apartment. Across 
the street from it is a building with an arched entrance that you can go in. 
Go inside the arch, there will be some backyards. There should be a Sparrow 
in the first one on your right. 

Guy In Freezer:
In the opening sequence where Sonny Forelli is talking to all of his men, 
eventually a freezer will be shown in one of the scenes. If you look inside 
it, there is a man being hung by big slabs of meat in the freezer. I guess he 
got on their bad side. 

How to increase your health to 125:
Submitted by: MadMahi(Mahesh)

In the night Get a nice car and get near any prostitute (probably 
wearing black dress - 2 piece) and press horn she will come and talk 
to you. Then she will get into the car park the car near any corner 
place. After some times your money will be reducing and your health 
will increase upto 125 get her back to the road. She will get down. 
If you want the money back you can kill her and take it back. 

Constellation Rockstar:
Submitted by:Varun Pandey

At night, there is a constellation of stars that makes up the Rockstar games 
symbol. It is the R with the star/* at the end. 

Someone Give Him A Hand:
Submitted by:Varun Pandey

First, go to the butcher shop in Little Havana. If you look in the window, 
you can see a severed arm. Ouch. 

Submitted by:Varun Pandey

If you complete any of the races at the Hyman Memorial Stadium, you will get 
a trophy according to what race you completed. They appear on top of your 
television at the Vercetti Estate. There is also a trophy for doing the 
shooting range missions at the Downtown Ammunation

Guy With Cement Shoes In The Middle Of The Ocean:
Submitted by:Varun Pandey

Get a boat and from the Leaf Links Golf Course, head towards the second 
island. Now you should see a couple of big rocks under the water. You should 
see a guy with cement shoes just in the bottom of the ocean. If you still 
can't find him, get a boat and then head to Diaz's mansion. Now facing the 
mansion (you should be facing North according to the radar), turn right and 
keep going straight and you should see him. 

Submitted by: MadMahi(S.Mahesh)

when on a mission, if you want to kill the enemy driving in any vehicle 
(indicated with a marker in the map) just type bigbang. boom, the mission 
is completed.
Note: If you are inside any vehicle, get down from the vehicle and move 
to a distance and type bigbang. 

Money Cheat:
Submitted by: Sanju

First buy any property that has garage. Then get A police car. 
Drive the car to your garage. Start the vigilante mission. 
Get out of the car. You will be give 60 seconds to return to a 
police vehicle. Get out of the garage. When the garage door closes 
type the cheat "BIGBANG". All nearby vehicles including the criminals 
vehicle will blast. And the vehicle you stored in the garage will be 
auto repaired. Then you will get a reward of 50 bucks. Then again 
enter the car that you stored in the garage. Again get out of the car. 
Again get out of the garage. Type in "BIGBANG". Again the threat will 
be eliminated. You could do this as many times as you like.

Hints - Get Past Airport Metal Detectors:
Submitted by: Varun Pandey

To do this, first get a car and bring it to the Escobar International 
Airport. Now, park the car where the hood is facing the entrance to the 
airport. Now, run around to the back end of the car and jump on and then walk 
up to onto the hood. Now, jump from there over the metal detector and you are 
in with all of your weapons. Now, you can cause havoc with any weapon you 
please inside the airport. 

Helicopter With Wheels:
If you put a helicopter in the Pay N Spray, it will come out with wheels. 

Quick Cash:
To get some quick cash, go get a gun with auto targeting. I suggest getting a 
Tec9, Uzi, Ingram Mac 10, or MP5 for this part since you can run with those 
weapons. Now that you have it, go to North Point Mall. When you get there, go 
to the Tool Shop. Once there, rob it. Then when you have your wanted level, 
run to The Gash and change costumes. Then, rob The Gash and run to the tool 
shop and change clothes. Now, just repeat the process and the money will rack 

Faster Reload:
To get faster reload abilities, complete the shooting course at the Downtown 
Ammunation with a score of 45 or higher. 

Garage Trick:
This trick lets you put more garages than the designated amount. All you have 
to do is drive a car halfway in to where the door won't close. Now all you 
have to do is drive as many vehicles as you want in until it is packed. This 
will cause the garage to eat your cars sometimes so use at own risk. 

Free Pay N Spray:
To do this, just put in the Health cheat before going inside the Pay N Spray 
and it will spray it for free. 

Coppers Can't Get Me Now:
If you are in a Coach, the cops cannot arrest you. They will simply make you 
lose control of the Coach but you will not get arrested. To gain control 
again, just get out of the Coach and get back in. 

Make Decent Money Fast:
This is a really good way to make a quick $1,000. As it turns out, parking is 
ridiculously expensive in Vice City. On a North and South running street in 
Downtown on the second island (south of the Hyman Condo), there is a street 
covered in parking meters (it may be a curved street, I am not sure). If you 
run into them (or maybe use a tool like the hammer or baseball bat), you 
knock about $2-400 out of them. The only problem is if you hit them too fast, 
you will wrap your car around them and they'll get stuck in the engine. 
Explosions are usually imminent. I don't think that this willful destruction 
of private property even generates a wanted level so you're basically just 
able to get decent cash with minimal effort. 

No More Wanted Level:
To automatically have no more wanted level, just save your game. Now, load it 
again and no more wanted level. 

Submitted by: awaismalik

To have 150 armour take a tank by applying cheat(panzer) or by some other way then 
press capslock button to active the mode then destroy the cars pointed till leve 12
then you will have 150 armour.

Submitted by: Daegan

If you want to drive a blown up vehicle, go to the drivers side, pull the guy out.
When you're half way in the car, hit ESC and type BIGBANG, hit ESC again and you 
should be driving a blown up vehicle. 

Submitted by: Abdul Sami Siddiqui

NOTE: The Cheats Are Specially Made By Me With A GreatMind. The First Cheat of The
Game: Go in the Grand Theft Auto Folder Now In DATA Folder and Then open HANDLING
Named File i Forget the Extension But There is Only One File Named This. 
Now Open It With NotePad:

After Some Sentences There is Written Colum A B C D E F ....

Now What is the Name of Car You Drive Find it Once you Have get Now Change 
the Second Colum to 999999 

And N Colum to 999999

Then the O Colum to 50

Thats All I will Give you More
From THis Cheat Teh Car Will Run More Fast That you Cant see the Envioment 
and When Hit Some One The Car Of Other Will Just End And Fly Out to SKy

Tell me The Result or ASk Question At my EMAIL ADDRESS.

Submitted by: turbo-x 

In gta vice city when you get into an ambulance you get a 20% lives that is very needy
when you're in trubles.

Submitted by: Manie De Goede

Gta Vice-city:
Note:Just type in the cheats during gameplay

Atraction cheat:
Type in fanny magnet for a atraction to you.Not only do the women follow you,but they 
also gards you from gangsters and police men.
Remember if you are dead this cheat will be automaticly on the next time you play.

On speed cheat:

Type in on speed during game play.This cheat helps you develope an much faster play.
This cheat is for anything including the people! 

Hayle's winning car.Free!:
This is an strange thing to say,but you can get one of the best cars handed free to you!
There's always an catch in this special cheat this one is:drive to Hayle's that is writed 
on an fireball.
Go in Hayle's and go right threw the mall.Somwhere in the middel you would see an lot-a-like 
Lamborgini winning car. 

Nutter toolsssssssssss and it will go on and and on!I'ts unlimited:
Type in Nutter tools {as much as you like}and you will see that you have all the regular 
weapens like the chainsaw.

Come and fly with me:
I'ts in the logo 'come and fly with me' type this in and press jump while you are riding 
and see how far you can jump. 

Watch out for special agents:
Watch out!I'll say it happend alot to me there are special agents with special rer cars.
If you have 5 stars and the S.W.A.T are following you try and hide somewhere infront of 
an building and the agent will try and shoot you,rather take a machine gun to kill the 
agent cause his dam good after you killed him take his car and ride it on maximum,so 
the police won't find you. 

Special weapen scanner: 
Go to the golf caddy's and shoot one of them they will ran and go to the weapen scanner.
Walk trew it and you will lose all your guns pick it up
and you will have a larger amount of ammo.

On water with a car:
It sounds unbelievable ,but it's turned to believable.Never underestimate Gta , 
because since the new Gta everything has changed,now the cheat ride just before 
any water and type in sea ways.Now you can stole an boat easier than normally 
and ride on the water with an quick 

Leave me!Police freaks!:
Tired of police men following you in times that you don't want to be followed?! 
Just type in 'leave me alone' and the police will certainly leave 
you alone. 

Note: There is over 50 cheats on Gta Vice city.

Submitted by: bahaa2010

How To Get 150 health :
You have just to finish The Pizza boy mission and you will Get 150 health and 5000 $.

A Very Dirty Play and get very fast money:
It is vey esay so I could collect 17000000 $ On half an hour You only need a tank
cheats(panzer) and blown up cars cheat (bigbang). first type The the tank cheat and
get into it turn The tank mission on By Pressing (+ or Caps Lock) Then get out of the
tank get away from It Then press The blown Up cars cheat Then you will get the reward
Then (Before The Time Finish) Reenter The tank cheat and get on it you will gave another
time Then get out of it and get away The enter The blown cars Up cheat and you will get
the reward Still do it untill you get The Money you want.

Submitted by: Connor Goodwin

GTA Vice City : how to stay on a bike what ever you hit ok ile give away this secret in 
full. hehhhe.

1st. Go To Raffels clothes Store (on a Bike).
2nd. Reverse the Bike Onto The Change Clothes Icon (only the Back Wheel should be on The
icon) Then Step Off the bike (nothing Should Happen). DONT PUST ANYTHING (Besides Button 
to get Bk Onto Bike). You'll See The Video Cut In and he Changes Clothes. Then You Apear 
But You can Run lol Jog on the Spot.

2 Known Bugs Ive Found is

1 You Cant Use The Side View (wich is a shame as would make such a good video)
2 Its a diffent Button to acelerate (thus Proving an acual Code Flaw)
Discoverd By The Wraith

Submitted by:hussain

First u have u type [panzer] this will give u tank when u get the tank go sit in it & 
start the mission by pressing [capslock]when the mission start they will aske u to kill
the car that will been shoun on u map in yellow block come out of the tank go to some 
distance from the tank then type [bigbang] all neare by car will blow up & the money 
will br transfare to u aacouuant.

Mission G-Spotlight hint
Submitted by: Big-T

After you make your first jump through the office and get the first marker, 
ride off the side and go to police station and "borrow" their helicopter. 
After getting the helicopter, all you have to do is fly around and land in 
the markers. This is a much faster and easier way of tackling this mission.

Submitted by: Abd El Monem

If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just 
shoot the same car to finish it

Submitted by:Rajabullah

If you have found a rampage thet you are using the rocket lancher in it just 
shoot the same car to finish it

You drive a blown up vehicle:
If you want to drive a blown up vehicle, go to the drivers side, 
pull the guy out. When you're half way in the car, hit ESC and 
type BIGBANG, hit ESC again and again hit ESC and type health Cheat 
(ASPIRINE) and hit ESC Now you should be driving a blown up vehicle. 

Submitted by: Nitin Bohara

To tweak your vehicle use the file handling.cfg in the game folder.
Make sure you backup it first.You can change the weight, acceleration, 
top speed, centre of gravity & many other parameters of your vehicle.
Make sure you stay in limit of the parameters.

In Checkpoint Charlie it is very difficult to complete the mission using 
the speedboat.To make it easy all you have to do is to park an Infernus 
or Cheetah in the dock near the speedboat.As soon as the countdown beguns 
step into the car & type SEAWAYS.Now you can drive the car on water and 
complete the mission.

Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa

*It's pretty easy to make money:
Take a melee weapon and bash everyon up except th cops!evryone'll 
leave ack some money + weapons

*Easy way to get weapons:
Get to the AMMUNATION shp ad shoot the gut straight in the head!

Hint - To get the hunter/army helicopter:
Submitted by: Nathan

To get the hunter get a police helicopter/any helicopter then fly nextto the
hunter in the army base [makesure u have typed the nutter tools cheat loads] 
get out then fast get the hunter.

Submitted by: Levydee

1.That's not really a cheat but's a usefully tip (i think).

2.When you are in LOVE FIST limo and it's gonna to blou you can go to the 
STADION and go around it. They disarm the bomb and the MISSION is comlete.

Usefuly Game Bug!!!
This is a TIP it's not very good because it's my first TIP.

When you are folwed by cops go through a bridges beacause they drop off throught 
the bridge.
NOTE: I try that just on unpached game.

Submitted by: Bilal
Go Gat Money get atank get job get out of thr tank and ritten
[bigbang] get a new tank and do it what ever you wont when you done 
it 50 times you so mush mony and 150 armo 
mail me at this adress

Submitted by: bilalyaqoob

ons u got the bike u can try to jump one wheel u cannot do this . 
u got the bike and press num(6) when it wheel is come up u can free 
the race button and hold the button num(6) then the wheel is going to 
long..and another one is if u can enter the helicopter to the spray bay 
the helicopter get the wheel.

Submitted by: Pravin

If you want to sprint constantly just press shift button and leave it 
(Do this several times while you r walking till u reach your destiny.

Hints:(how to beat it without cheating):
Submiited by: veeru

u collect more than 60 hidden packages u get gift packs like guns & armor.the 
gifts always in ur vicecity house & u r hotel room.

Hint: For milataryhelicopter:
Submiited by: veeru

enter into the milatarybase (i.e back side of portauthority building in airportarea)
with policedress uget a milatary helicopter.u press mouse right&left buttons it 
release bomms&bullets.u press capslock get copter u get more money

Submitted by: saad

If in the game you want to increase your health to 175 then you have to do is to 
complete the "pizza boy" mission.To get it simply go to the Malibu Club and nearby 
it, you will find the pizza resturant there will be a red bike that you will have 
to enter,complete it and you will get 150 halth + 5000$ now in the night time from 
20:00 to 5:00 I think get a sports car like cheetah,banshee or infernus go near a 
prostitute walking along with the road stop near them and press horn after some time 
they will enter your car then drive the car onto a grassy field and stop, car will 
bump about 30 times and your health will be 175.When prostitute gets out of the car 
kill her and get your money back.

Quick cash:
Submitted by: ankit

It is a easy way to get some money first go near the mauli club with a pcg 600 go 
to the grass just beside the club and accelarate your pcg600 as you go further you 
will find a hump just race your bike on the hump when your bike is in the air look 
at your money it will be increasing. this is a well good way to get quick cash.



Getting health to 300!:
Submitted by: Arpit Singh

If you want your health to increase to 300, do a wheelie for about 1min 20 sec, 
and suddenly do a stoppie for 5sec, if you do it your health will increase to 300.
use PCJ600 or Santchez!!

Submitted by: sun_walka aka Allan A.

Here's one of the coolest Easter eggs for GTA: Vice City. 

Fly toward the "V.C. Hotel" or is it "D.C. Hotel" or 
something from the direction of the river behind the "Malibu", 
or just stand a little behind the "Malibu" club as the sun sets 
and you should see it, it will appear as the lights on the building 
are switched on in the shape of a phallus with two balls on either 
side, you can watch it for a minute or so more after it has formed 
to watch it "spout" semen (as the rest of the lights go on) as the 
Rockstar owner said in one PCF magazine (which is what started me 
on my hunt to find it, as he said it was his favourite part of the 
game, but I only found it while fooling around in the game yesterday 
with a completion meter of 75%).

Once found, you'll be able to see it almost every time it's there and 
you'll ask yourself why the heck you didn't see it in the first place! 

Another cool easter egg, you can find part of the city of "GTA3" 
depending on how well you know it (if you remember those stupid 
movie ads they had up in GTA3 like "Chuck Swartz is "Half Cocked""), 
go to the movie studio and look around at the sets near where you find 
one of the only hummers in GTA:VC (others at military base and Phil's 
place), there you'll find a set resembling one of GTA3's streets in 
Staunton Island I think, near the movie cinema, complete with a "Bolt 
Burgers" outlet.

Also, there are several pools on the island where Diaz's mansion used to 
be, but which becomes yours eventually in the middle of the game (denoted 
on the map by a giant "V" or "D" depending on where you are in the game)
where you can see a pool shaped like a woman's "bikini top and bottom" 
from the neck down (and observe where the diving board is placed ), one 
shaped like the Rockstar logo in which you can find a flame thrower, two 
with a beach ball inside them which you can use to test the "power" or your 
various guns and which blows up and fragments in an explosion and one which 
has a turtle picture drawn at the bottom of it. 
There are other interesting ones as well, but these are my fav.

The guy in the "Ammunation" store who sells you the guns also is wearing a 
jacket which has the Rockstar logo in the top corner, check it out with a 
sniper rifle for easy viewing (esp. on higher resolutions).

I'll just add that the little signs at the airport(which look like small 
read and yellow prism shaped ramps on the ground) can be used to do several 
good flips in a car, esp. if you're in a fast car like a Hotring racer 2 
(the one with chrome bumpers) and if you come all the way from the end of 
the opposite wall.

Submitted by: AbdulMuqeet Arshad

the best way to have money is that type 'panzer' 4 tank and then enter in it. 
after pressing caps lock come out from the tank and go some meters away from 
tank. now type 'bigbang' 2 distroy criminal then type 'panzer' 4 new tank and 
do what do u did first. gradually money will start to rise up with the increment 
of missions.

GTA Vice City - Gang Members Won't Shoot You Hex Trick:
Submitted by: Shakespeare

About: This mod will stop all of the gangs from shooting at you.

Go to the "\data" folder in your Vice City directory
Open "pedstats.dat" with any text editor (such as Notepad)
Look at where it says "STAT_GANG[#] (going 1 through 7)
Under column "D" where it has 20, change that to 80
Do it for the gangs you want to have respect with (they won't shoot you).
Here's an example of how it looks:

STAT_GANG1 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 6
STAT_GANG2 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 14
STAT_GANG3 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 6
STAT_GANG4 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 6
STAT_GANG5 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 14
STAT_GANG6 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 6
STAT_GANG7 17.0 7.5 80 65 10 40 1.0 1.0 6

Hints for Grand Theft Auto - Vice City: 
Submitted by: Shakespeare

Tip 1: If you go to ship yard and buy the first building on the east next to the first ship on 
       the east. You will acquire the 2 fastest boats.
Tip 2: when you have the cops on you and if you want to get rid of them simply go back 
       to a save point and save it then you will not have the cops after you

Tip 3: To help get rid of the cops, jump off any of the slow-mo movie cam jumps and if 
       you land upside down get run and hide and they will not be able to find you for quite  

Tip 4: To get a submarine stand by the boat house (in the harbor) face the water and do 
       the caddy cheat. A small yellow submarine will appear in the water ,it also fires missiles.

Tip 5: if u wanna win a street race 2 make a lot of money get a rocket launcher and shoot the 
       other cars while they r on the starting line. They will blow then u can drive 
       around the course and win the cash.

Tip 6: If u want to get easy cash just look for a cop chasing someone and start to punch 
       the person the cop is chasing and u will get 50 bucks each time u punch the guy try not 
       to punch the cop. Go to the mall there is alot of cops chasing people there.

Tip 7: In Vice City it seems the army trust the cops. Idiots!! Anyway to get the Rhino or 
       the Hunter out the army base without being shot at, simply make sure you are wearing
       the cop uniform! Works every time.

Tip 8: In the shooting range in the downtown ammu-nation, get a score of 40 or more to 
       have unlimited ammo on the pistol and you always have it -no matter how many times 
       you are busted or wasted.

Tip 9: Go to the Pay 'n' Spray in Ocean Beach. A block away you'll find a pink 
       apartment. Enter 3C and check out the bathroom.

Tip 10: Shoot the moon with a sniper rifle and watch it expand.

Tip 11: You can call the numbers mentioned in the radio commercials.

Tip 12: Check out the hotel lights near the Malibu at night.

Tip 13: A really good way to get weapons fast

Tip 14: SECRET PAY N SPRAY If you go to sunshine autos go down the ramp turn left and it says 
        spray n go.

Tip 15: Buy All The Houses that u can and people will respect you and the street, even 
        the cops will say hello.

Submitted by: Abdul Muqeet Arshad

best way to save yourself from the polic.
go to the 'data' file in gta vice city then open 'handling' file in the word processor. 
now type 9 in every other digit like 6 or o or others. when u will play the game all the 
cars of the police will autoamtically distroyed. it will realy help u to save u from police.

Submitted by: 

*following is the very usefull hint for the g-Spotlight mission 
=when you go throught lift and collect one check point.go to your mansion or pick heli... 
4rom anywhere.after then collect all the checkpoints very easily. 
*followong cheat is for the races in sunshine autos 
=first own the sunshine autos.then go to the the biggest race there.then type 
cheat "getthereveryfastindeed.and take that car to grid which spawns there.after countdown 
finished and the race is start get out of car and type "BIGBANG".now spawn other car and 
complete the all race without any tension.enjoy and win $4,0000 

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Sanjeev

Want some money? Here is an Easy Way First you have to buy the Sunshine Autos. 
After that if you have 10000$ you are millionare. You know you can go races start a 
race then go near the strating point and just shoot a car the race will begin pause 
the game and tye big bang cars will explode and u will be first. You'll just have 2 
go round the track and earn money! Repeat it as many as times u want. Good Luck!

Submitted by: Siddhant Mahajan

To Get a police Helicopter go to the police station on the First side which is 
double storyed or more.It is on a Four Way crossing . Climb the stairs from out 
side and you will get a helicopter.

Submitted by: Arka

While you are engaged in the racing mission in the Malibu club just type the 
code "comeflywithme" and other racer will race straight ahead with out taking 
any turns.

To Pass Police/Ambulance vigilate Missions Easily:/ TO get 150 Armor:
Submitted by: Ammar Khan

if you have bought the showroom you will have a big garage in the basement. 
Get a police car or ambulance whose vigilate missions you want to pass. 
Press CAPS Lock to activate the missions, bring the police/ambulance vehicle 
inside the garage, get out of the vehicle and came out a little far from garage 
so that its door can close.Type BIGBANG to destroy the bad guys whereever they 
sre. go back inside the garsge SIT IN YOUR VEHICLE AGAIN, AGAIN CAME OUT AND 
number of timews you want, when you will pass 30 missions your Armor will 
increase to 150

Submitted by: Raja

Hey Friends Now You can listen to your own music just copy your mp3 files in 
the mp3 folder of the game folder then while playing hte game press r till 
you get the mp3 player by this you can listen to hindi songs also during game play

Submitted by: Jesús Manuel

For fast money you only must type, panzer, now go in tank, push Mayus Bloq 
and you play as a police, only fire or touch the enemy and you obtain more 
money, do it as you want.

Get more money:
Submitted by: Jesús Manuel

To get more money, you must find a tank, to do it more easy, only type 
Panzer... now your must puss Mayus Bloq to play as a police, and now your 
only can fire or touch the enemy to be killed, you can do as you wanna.

GTA Vice City Tips:
Submitted by: Shakespeare.

Helicopters On Water:
If you do the cars hover on water cheat, you can have your heli land in the 

More Money:
If you enter a taxi, you will automatically get money. 

Secret With Taxi:
When doing a taxi mission (not for Kaufman Cabs), if you drop someone off 
right when the timer is at 0:00, the timer turns off and you can take as long 
as you want to drop people off at their destinations. You can do as many 
missions as you want. It's an easy way to make a lot of money if you have the 
time and patience to do it. 

Pogo The Monkey And Degenatron Arcades:
In the pizza joints and inside Kaufman Cabs, you can find these arcades but 
they are not playable. 

Australian American War:
On the Vrock radio station, you will hear an Ammunation commercial that talks 
about the Australian-American War. If you remember correctly from Grand Theft 
Auto 3, there was a caller on Chatterbox that talks about fighting in the 
Australian-American War. 

Wow, What A Reward:
After you complete all of the movie studio missions, a huge poster will 
appear at the Vercetti Estate of a nude Candy Suxxx and various pictures of 
her and the guy from "Martha's Mug Shot" will appear on your desk. 

Army Women:
To do this, put in the Ladies Man and Women Have Weapons cheats. Now, just 
steal a coach and let them on. Now, when you get off, you will have an army 
of women following you around. Quite funny. 

The supercop is a cop that can bust you in just about any place! You could 
be going as fast as you can on say a PCJ-600, with no cop in sight (with a 
wanted level of course)m and you will suddenly get knocked off and busted. 
Or you can get a wanted level of some sort, 3 or more, and get in a Helicopter 
and rise as high as you can, and begin slowly moving forward to stay up 
there, but suddenly the door flies open and you come dropping out with a 
cop standing right next to you, gun down right at you and your Helicopter 
lying on top of you, busted. There is no way to kill him at all. The supercop 
also has super human speed. He runs faster than the PCJ-600 at top speed. 
The supercop is a menace to criminals worldwide! We must find a way to stop 

Submitted by: Aidan

1.To get big bucks for a simple motorbike trick, take a PCJ-600 and rid on the 
diagonal runway of the airport, from the end nearest the ocean, to the end near 
civilization, in order to gather good speed. Now Ramp up the steepest of the two 
ramps, and when in the air, press the 'wheelie' key until the bike is vertical, 
then press the 'stoppie' key to bring the front wheel down. do this as many times 
as possible while you are in the air, because every time the bike 'stands' vertical, 
it is recorded as a flip, and the more flips you have in a trick, the better the 
trick is and the more cash you get for it. Try this on any steep ramps.

2.Also, Try ramping on the 'ramp'-signs, but come in at an angle, and push the 
'wheelie' button. This makes for a really awesome jump rotation. I've gotten over 
2000 degrees.

How to get a stocker:
Submitted by: Luke

when you stop your car near a girl that will bring your health to 125, and she stops 
at you're car, drive up the road a little bit. but to far to the point where you can't 
see her. now, once she starts going towards your car, get out of the car. now you've 
got a girl on you're side. but once you get in a car again, she will not climb in, but 
rather just wait. then, once you drive away, she will chase you're car. it's a pretty 
cool cheat. i use it all the time.

In Downtown at Hyman memorial stadium: 
Submitted by: zahir

will be opened at 20:00 To 23:00 you can enter in the first door on the top floor. 

Submitted by: Siddharth Goswami

In the game many times you don't know where to go for the next mission. 
So, easy way is to caught by police by increasing wanted level. You can 
increase wanted level by killing people. The when you released from the 
police station a taxi is waiting out side, sit in it, it will take you to 
the next missions' destination.

Submitted by: gokul.c.j.

When you are in a vehicle and its gonna blow you up,type aspirine to 
stop it burning.

Submitted by: kausik

After purchasing malibu club, u hav to accomplish jobs, such as Recruitment drive, 
Bank job. The job Recruitment drive, a little bit tough. search for the file 
handling.cfg, it is usually in data folder. open it in notepad, there u wil find 
all the vehicles specifications. change the cars specifications. such as HILLARY 
uses ROCK AND ROLL CAR,I hav simply replaced the entire specification list of 
ROCKANDROLLCAR with PANZER, and ur car is SENTENIL u hav to replace specification 
with HOTRING car. simply save the file. Try the RECRUITMENT DRIVE ,Bingo u wins, u 
can also tangle with POLICE,ENFORCER etc.. make their weight 0, police cant get u. 
Enjoy Vicecity !

By Mayur

Following are the files in data directory in Grand Theft Auto Vice City folder
these can be edited by notepad(Turn word wrap off)
(Generally located in c:\program files\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data)
handling.cfg contains data about cars it contain such data

; (A) vehicle identifier [14 characters max]
; (B) fMass [1.0 to 50000.0]
; (C) Dimensions.x [0.0 > x > 20.0]
; (D) Dimensions.y [0.0 > x > 20.0]
; (E) Dimensions.z, [0.0 > x > 20.0]
; (F) CentreOfMass.x [-10.0 > x > 10.0]
; (G) CentreOfMass.y [-10.0 > x > 10.0]
; (H) CentreOfMass.z [-10.0 > x > 10.0]
; (I) nPercentSubmerged [10 to 120]
; (J) fTractionMultiplier [0.5 to 2.0]........................................

here (A) means vehicle name see it like information and the lines below like an excel document
; A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z aa ab ac ae ad AE AF
;BLISTA 1900.0 2.1 5.5 1.9 0.0 0.0 0.2 70 0.8 0.75 0.54 5 170.0 20.0 F P 7.0 0.65 0 30.0 1.4 0.
11 0.2 0.8 20000 0.25 -0.15 0.5 0.0 2 0 1
;BELLYUP 2600.0 2.2 6.5 2.8 0.0 0.0 0.2 80 0.85 0.80 0.5 5 180.0 22.0 4 D 4.5 0.80 0 30.0 2.0 0.
09 0.46 0.5 22000 0.30 -0.20 0.5 0.0 422 0 3
;MRWONGS 3500.0 2.2 6.5 2.8 0.0 0.0 -0.2 80 0.95 0.85 0.48 5 180.0 20.0 4 D 4.5 0.80 0 30.0 1.8 0.
12 0.46 0.22 28000 0.30 -0.22 0.5 0.0 423 0 3
;YARDIE 1800.0 2.1 5.0 1.6 0.0 0.0 0.0 70 0.80 0.79 0.52 5 160.0 22.0 R P 6.20 0.55 0 25.0 1.8 0.
07 0.36 0.45 30000 0.30 -0.15 0.5 0.0 8103 1 1
;YAKUZA 1400.0 1.9 4.7 1.6 0.0 0.25 -0.3 50 0.95 0.9 0.5 5 200.0 30.0 4 P 11.0 0.45 0 30.0 2.6 0.
1 0.25 0.7 35000 0.28 -0.14 0.5 0.0 180 1 1
;DIABLOS 1500.0 2.2 4.5 1.9 0.0 0.0 0.1 70 0.9 0.80 0.53 5 180.0 30.0 R P 6.1 0.52 0 30.0 1.5 0.
07 0.3 0.65 45000 0.33 -0.09 0.5 0.0 9902 1 1
;COLUMB 3200.0 2.4 5.7 2.6 0.0 0.0 0.3 80 0.82 0.77 0.48 5 175.0 22.0 4 P 15.0 0.51 0 25.0 2.0 0.
08 0.28 0.15 50000 0.32 -0.17 0.5 0.0 9A00 0 1
;HOODS 2000.0 2.1 5.0 2.3 0.0 0.0 0.0 85 1.0 0.82 0.52 5 150.0 24.0 4 P 10.5 0.45 0 30.0 1.4 0.1 
0.2 0.5 26000 0.33 -0.21 0.5 0.0 8023 0 1
;PANLANT 2600.0 2.0 6.0 2.6 0.0 0.0 0.1 80 0.85 0.70 0.46 5 160.0 15.0 R D 6.0 0.80 0 30.0 2.2 0.
07 0.2 0.45 20000 0.35 -0.15 0.4 0.0 22 0 1
;BORGNINE 1900.0 2.1 5.0 2.2 0.0 0.0 0.0 75 1.05 0.9 0.53 4 190.0 27.0 4 P 15.0 0.54 0 40.0 1.9 
0.1 0.2 0.15 10000 0.25 -0.22 0.45 0.0 2 0 1

These lines are in the file handling.cfg see for car you want to tweak and edit it 
eg. making police car slow find this line there (line 106)
POLICE 1600.0 2.1 5.0 1.6 0.0 0.0 0.15 75 1.05 0.78 0.52 5 200.0 28.0 4 P 11.1 0.53 0 35.0 2.0 
0.12 0.2 0.24 25000 0.28 -0.17 0.5 0.0 9002 0 1
now in data(line 37 in handling.cfg)
it is (N) TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity [5.0 to 150.0]
so in chart go to N(search in line 81) and in police ( line 106)edit value to say 1 the line 
(106) will look like this
POLICE 1600.0 2.1 5.0 1.6 0.0 0.0 0.15 75 1.05 0.78 0.52 5 1.0 28.0 4 P 11.1 0.53 0 35.0 2.
0 0.12 0.2 0.24 25000 0.28 -0.17 0.5 0.0 9002 0 1
simillarly you can edit weapon.dat and change damage(G) to zero so that you wont die due 
to any gun

you can still kill others with a gun with zero damage just shoot their head or shoulder 
and they cant kill you!
but still keep a gun with some damage you need to shoot vehicles

Unlimited Chain Gun Ammo:
Submitted By: Thilak Raj Rao

It’s easy to kill enemies with chain gun, but it has limited ammos, so to get 
unlimited ammo, simply type "NUTTERTOOLS" 20 times.
If you have any trouble using the cheat code please contact me.

Submitted by: nirvan pareva

when u are at the right side road of malibu club go straight till the 
end over there search for a parking lot. then go to the top of the parking 
lot there u will find a topfun van if u enter it, there will be a rc plane 
flying comp. if u win u will get $100 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: M.Slaman

1. When on a bike just Press num6 to Wheelie and get extra points.
2. Just Type "Panzer" and have a powerful Rhino

Submitted by: Naveen.N.R

1.How to make others fall in WATER
First of all get to the ocean beach.You will find a walking bridge just 
before the boatyard.Just before that the grass gives way to the sea. 
Now go and beat a person. He will come to beat you. Now just walk along 
the edge of the grass.!!!Don't fall in the water!!!If he comes through 
the same path he will surely fall in the water.If he doesn't just repeat 
this one more time.If this cheat doesn't work Just mail me and i will 
give you a much detailed explanation.

2.How to get Vehicles you Want
While doing Sunxhine auto missions you may need different types of vehicles. 
To get the vehicles just save your game and load it again. Every time you 
will find different types of vehicles on the road. Repeat these steps to get 
the desired vehicles. You wont get special vehicles like this. To get STRETCH 
go to Vercetti's Estate, for MR Whoopee buy the Ice cream Factory and for 
Baggage go to Escobar Internationale.

3.How to get help from Women
For this first type FANNYMAGNET. Soon you will find women around you. Now if 
you beat anybody in their presence the will come to help you.They will also 
cover you.But if you take weapons the may fled.

4.If you want to fight with Police just go to the top of a building without 
stairs by doing a stunt. Only Helicopters canshout you.

5.Little Haiti is the most hostile palce for you.So buy all the buildings you 
can in that area so that your men will be around there to help you.

G-Spotlight Mission:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R
My Mail-
You can easily complete the mission using a helicopter than wasting your 
time on doing bike stunts.Its really easy

Cap The Collector Mission:
Submitted by: Naveen.N.R
My Mail-
You can complete the mission by typing bigbang.You dont have to move even 
an inch to do this mission.

Submitted by: Rumman Rubaiyat Kalam
Change Weapons Damages:
Go to your gta vice city directory
and open the folder named: data.
you will find a file named weapon.dat open it with notepad and turn off the 
word wrap.
NOW you can edit anything you like.

Change Ped Stats:
open the folder: data in your gta vice city directory And do the same thing 
as shown above 

HEX Cheat:


Submitted by Naveen.N.R

1.How to get back on land.
When you are on a boat far from the land you can get to the land quickly by 
doing this trick. First of all be full health and armor. (Use cheats if you 
want.) You must be standing in the boat and not driving it. Now just type 
BIGBANG. The boat will burn and you will be standing on it .In about 10 
seconds you will find yourself in the nearest land area. Check this out.
Just mail me if you need more guidance.

2.How to find other thieves in VICE CITY
The most thief prone area is around north point mall. Between north point 
mall and pay n spray if you park a good car in the night you will soon find 
many people fighting for the car. To see this the best place there is a 
parabolic curve in this area towards the sea. Look in the game map in the 
main menu to find it. Now get a good car like Cheetah or Phoenix and get 
there in the night. Park it anywhere on the roadside. Just move some 50 
metres and you will see some guy in red or black shirt taking your car. 
If you want you can get back your car by throwing him out. After you get 
your car and get the non-driver side towards the thief he will enter the 
car and you will be forced to get out. If you accelerate before he completely 
gets in, you can travel with him. Some times he may do the driving and push 
you to the back seat. Check This Out. Just mail me if you need more help. 

How to Do a Upside Down Stunt:
Submitted by Naveen.N.R

First of all get to the top of a building from which you can make a long 
and high jump. After you get to a corner and accelerate towards the high 
hump like structure start doing Wheelie using num 6 button. When you are 
in the sky press the wheelie button continuosly. You will surely do an 
upside down stunt. But very few times the reward will be given for it.

2.The invisible wall in the sea

Just go tho the horizon using a boat and far from Vice City. After some 
time you will find yourself being hit by something whuich rotates your 
boat by 180 degrees. If you again turn and go you will again be hit.

3.How to kill people in a large way

First of all burn a vehicle using a cheat or by firing. Soon people will 
gater around the burned vehicle. Now again type BIGBANG and many will die 
and much more will come near. By doing this you can kill a large number

Suicide Zone:
Submitted by: Mohammed Asif Khan

First go the the beach area at the Washington Beach in Vice City. You
will be able to see a lighthouse far away. Go and follow the peo-
ples walking there. There's a small wooden bridge at the front and it
ends with the ocean ahead. Peoles walking there will drop at the ocean
and drown like idiots. If needed, shoot one of them and you will see
all of them running around and falling in the ocean. 

Submitted by: Akhil Shukla

When you see a cop running after anyone, go and hit that man with your 
bare hands, remember no ammo. You will get a bonus of $50 per man for 
behaving as a Good citizen.

Other Vehicle Cheats:
Submited by:Lizzer 
BIGBANG Blow Up Cars 
SEAWAYS Cars Hover Over Water 
MIAMITRAFFIC Aggressive Drivers 
HOPINGIRL Girls Get In Your Car 
AIRSHIP Boats Can Fly 
Weather Cheats 
ALOVELYDAY Sunny Weather 
APLEASANTDAY Partly Cloudy Weather 
ABITDRIEG Very Cloudy Weather 
CATSANDDOGS Stormy Weather 
Foggy Weather 

Miscellaneous Cheats 
ONSPEED Everything Is Faster 
BOOOOOORING Everything Is Slower 
CHASESTAT Media Level Meter 

Armed Peds 
GREENLIGHT Set All Traffic Lights Green 
FANNYMAGNET Tommy Groupies (they attack whoever you target) 
Girls Carry Guns 

I don't reply on questions and email sent to my email!

Get Easy Passed Mission(GTA-Vice City):
Submitted by. Triratna Manandhar

In The Mission,"all Hands On Deck" Given By Colonel Cortez You can 
Type A Big Bang when the Boats Come Near.
You Can Also Use This In The Way Of Taking Candy Suxxx.

Submitted by: Triratna Manandhar(Tero Hajurbou)

In The Mission Of Haitians,"Bombs Away"'You Have To Blast 
The Boats By Throwing A Bombs.
But Now U Can Kill Cubans By Driving Over Them By RC Plane.

Submitted by: Balaji.N

To make the player a HOLLOW MAN,
first,backup the file player.bmp in the folder where u have installed vic city .
secondly, open the file player.bmp in microsoft paint .
press ctrl+a and press del in ur keyboard . 
save the file and play the game with the hollow man.
this could be done by using other colors also (just fill the player with ur 
desired color)

To get soda bottle etc:
Submitted by: Binoj D

To get soda bottle etc . type "thugstools" while playing. Throw it and enjoy !!!
Now to play your favourite mp3's in the game while driving vehicles, follow the 
following steps.
(I) First copy your favourite mp3 files.
(II) Go to the game's installation folder.
(III) Browse for a folder named "mp3".
(IV) Paste all the files here.
(V) Now go to the game and get into a vehicle (Note. Dont get into police or 
    fire vehicle) There will be a new radio station as mp3 player. (pres 'R' 
    to change the station). Happy cruseing vice city.

Haw to make more than 1000$:
By Tedi in Korca
MY adress email

When you go to by something in the shop(no in the shop tools) ,direct
the gun to the shop assistant.He will give you more then 1000 $.But will increase 
3 star.You put the cheat(leavemealone) and the cups don't follow you.

Submitted by: Akshay

if you want a car which never blasts then whenyou meet D for first time with 
lance do not win the mission then you take car which was beside D it will never 

Earn money in easy way:
Submitted by: Bimatshu Pyakuryal

If u want to warn money easily,first get a RHINO by typing cheat "panzer" 
,you will get a tank.Enter into the tank and be vigilant by pressing CAPS 
LOCK.After you become vigilant u will be given a job to complete.Then come 
out from the tank and type a cheat "bigbang".
one mission will complete and you will get money.Then again do the same 
process ,you will complete another mission.Go on doing continously.
You will earn more and more money......

NOTE:Before typing the cheat "bigbang",first come out from the tank and 
be far from tank.

Submitted by: Sohail Ansari

Vehicle Repair
Tired of looking for payýn spray? Well now you don't have to look for it. 
Buy a house with a garage and if your car is damaged you can put it in the
garage and make the garage close. Then open it up and walla, your car is 
NOT damaged or broken. Also works on motorcycles. (does not work with the 
Rhino The Tank) And what i like most about it you can blow the car into 
pieces in your garage and open it up again and it's like new! (This is 
the best part) It's FREE! 

2] Tip For 'Waste the Wife' Mission
Here's just a little tip if you're having problems with the 'waste the 
wife' mission (i.e your car blows up before hers does) Answer the phone, 
listen to the call and get into the position either in a car or on a 
motorbike (motorbikes are easier) Watch the wife get in the car and 
drive off- chase her. She'll stop at some traffic lights, get close and 
jump off the bike (or out of the car) and quickly type in 'bigbang' her 
car and any other vehicle close by with explode. Instant mission success. 
Note: if you're in a car or on a bike when you type in the bigbang cheat 
then your car/bike will explode too, so it's best to get up close (without 
hitting her car otherwise she'll panic and flee) then jump out before 
typing the cheat. You'll still complete the mission, but you'll get wasted 
at the same time.) 

3]Check out at the check in
For this mission, you need to go to the airport, kill some guy, and drive 
through a gauntlet of cops, cars, and machine guns. It is usually impossible,
but there are a few alternatives. You can take the chopper from your mansion 
to the airport, fly to the airport, and then fly to the Amu-Nation. 
The other way is to run. Once you get the briefcase, go out of the airport 
and turn right on the road. Take the next left. After the turn, get on the 
next road and jump the rail. From there you are clear to run behind the 
junkyard and Phills place and come out from behind the Pizza place.

4]Secret Room
Go to the rooftop of the VCN building (on the second island) and walk to 
the closest wall facing the helipad (head West). There are a lot of windows
on the wall but one leads to a secret room. It is the easiest one to reach 
but if you have trouble finding it look out for any little white dots on 
the wall, just jump through it and you appear in a small room with a 
chocolate Easter egg saying happy Easter. 

Weaird invisable thing:
Submitted by: Andrue

Put the flying car cheat in(comeflywithme)THIS CHEAT CAN GET YOU STUCK AT 99%! 
Best to use it after you beat the game.Now get a tank(panzer).Turn the turret 
180 degres. FIRE FIRE FIRE. while hitting th gas DO NOT STOP SHOOTING OR YOU 
WILL FALL! Fly higher than the airoplanes do(not the little red one).go over 
the stadium and go streight down( it took me a while to get there because 
I kept on missing) If you have 2 stars this is eazier because you can try 
to land right beside the "floating" cop car.I am not shure what it is I 
think it is the hot ring track suspended in the air with no senery. 

Earn money in easy way:
Submitted by: Bimatshu Pyakuryal

If u want to warn money easily,first get a RHINO by typing cheat "panzer" 
,you will get a tank.Enter into the tank and be vigilant by pressing 
CAPS LOCK.After you become vigilant u will be given a job to complete.
Then come out from the tank and type a cheat "bigbang".
One mission will complete and you will get money.Then again do the same 
process ,you will complete another mission.Go on doing continously.
You will earn more and more money......

NOTE: Before yout type the cheat "bagbang",first come out from the tank and
be far from tank.

Submitted by: Toor

whenever you have wanted level go to the washington beach and drive on 
the sand for a while and your wanted level will be gone. 

Submitted by: saurabh_mysterio (Gwl)

When You are on a Mission "Alloy Wheels on Metal" in which TOmmy has to 
race with Harley Davidson Bike, dont worry for that. Just ride your bike 
as usual, you will see that all your opponents will fall down after 
sometime (Poor Guys) and you will win the race very easily(drive carefully 
and don't fall off, no need to drive very fast). I played this race for 16 
times and never lost the race.

Submitted by: saurabh_mysterio (Gwl)
hey friends, 
This is game tip
When you are playing mission of Love Fist in which the Limo is going to blow, 
drive the car and jump into the water near the Hyman Memorial Stadium (Enter 
from the second lane and next right turn you'll find the water). Now the bomb
meter will stop and after their conversation ends and Tommy says "This One!",
after two seconds quickly type seaways ('Car on Water' Cheat) and the car 
will run on water and the mission is passed. Be Careful type the cheat with 
correct timing.
Happy Gaming
Saurabh (Gwalior)

Easy money through cheats:
Submitted by: anupam toor

type panzer (tank password)getinside it press capslock vigilant mode 
starts then get outside it go far from tank and type bigbang which will 
explode all the vehicles and the enemy would also be killed and you will 
have a reward of 50$ do that again , this time donot press capslock and 
do all above remember without pressing capslock(type panzer getinside 
the tank and wait till level 2 is written and get out of it far and type 
bigbang now you get a reward of 200$)now you do that again without 
pressing capslock every time except when start your fresh mission that 
is level 1 but now you are at level 2 now do that every time and in 3rd 
level you will get 450$, 4th800$and then more and more and if you want 
to cancel that misson then press caps lock and now you enjoy the money.

Submitted by: licketh

when you buy studio you will get a mission that to pick up the candy now 
when you go there you will see street light near that street light there 
will be a red colour small traffic stand now broke that stand with the 
help of car so you will get a money ass like that there will be more 
stand broke all that stand you will get plenty of money. 

Submitted by: Mickey

Write down the phone numbers you hear on the radio commercials in the game. 
They all work! Here's a list: 

1-866-9-BURY ME 
1-866-9-SAVE ME 

Submitted by: TJ

if u want ur health to be increased to 125 thenpick up a nice car that 
is neither ambulence or police car in night stop the car near a blondie 
(generally in a 2 piece dress) and press HOPINGIRL she enters ur car the 
car will rock & ur money will be reduced if u want kill her and take it 

Submitted by: licketh chawhan

if you want to play with a ball then go to the starfish island and there 
you will a house in which you can find swimming pool at that pool there 
is a ball now go straight that ball the ball will jump see down and you 
can find the shadow of the ball let the ball come in your head as this your 
hitting rate increase and you can see in the hitting rate in stats also 

Hints - Bullet proof car sabre tubro:
submitted by mickey

Go to the mission where you must race Hillary. When the race starts turn 
around and drive for about ten seconds, park your car across the street 
to make a road block. Wait for Hillary to come and shoot him in the head 
with a sniper rifle.

150 Armor:
Beat a level 12 Vigilante Mission 

Secret Cars:
Bloodring Banger:
Complete the Bloodring event at Hyman Memorial Stadium and two will spawn 
in the nearby parking lot. 

Black Voodoo:
Steal it during the Two Bit Hit Mission. 

BP/EP/DP/FP Admiral:
Steal it during the Guardian Angels mission. 

Complete the first list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on 
the first floor. The list is on the wall down by the garages. 

Hotring Racer:
Complete the fourth list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on 
the second floor.

Collect all 100 hidden packages or complete all of the main story missions 
and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base.

Love Fist Limo:
Take it to a garage during one of the Love Fist missions in which you drive 
the limo. 

Sea Sparrow:
Collect 80 hidden packages and it will spawn behind the Vercetti Estate. 

White Walton:
Steal it during the Gun Runner Mission. 

Submitted by: licketh chawhan

if you will buy car show room near airport you wiil find there is 
amore garage when you enter the garagethe right side of the garage 
there is a board in that is written (VEHICAL WANTED) and the list is 
given find all that car and you will get new car in gta vice city 

Submitted by: K.ULLAS AITHAL

If you see a police chasing a thief,go and kill the theif and you will 
get bonus of $50 as good citizenship

Submitted by: varad

bonus- when we put this cheat and sit in car and press 'shift' we jump 
and get200 to 300 Rs if good stunt we get 300 and otherwise we get 250 
or 200.

Submitted by: Vasuki Narasimha

To run, press 'Shift' key when you're walking.

Look At All The Sea Animals:
Submitted by: Alok Ranjan and Anshul kr. rai

I forgot who first made this strategy, but if you go waist high in the water 
along the coasts of the islands, you can crouch down in it and not drown. To 
use this, use your sniper rifle and zoom in and you can see all kinds of 
animals like sharks, turtles, jellyfish, and regular fish. 

Get Past Airport Metal Detectors:
Submitted by: Alok Ranjan and Anshul kr. rai

To do this, first get a car and bring it to the Escobar International 
Airport. Now, park the car where the hood is facing the entrance to the 
airport. Now, run around to the back end of the car and jump on and then walk 
up to onto the hood. Now, jump from there over the metal detector and you are 
in with all of your weapons. Now, you can cause havoc with any weapon you 
please inside the airport. 

Helicopter With Wheels:
Submitted by: Alok Ranjan and Anshul kr. rai

If you put a helicopter in the Pay N Spray, it will come out with wheels. 

Submitted by: monish_coolguy

Here is a list of which is the best weapon to use against

police- .357
Vans And lorrys-Minigun
Caddy-S.P.A.S. 12

*Tip-Minigun is good against all of the above

The Best Weapons of GTA Vicecity are
3).308 Sniper
4)S.P.A.S. 12

If more doubt persist you can mail me

Keep Your Friends Close...:
Submitted by: Vasuki Narasimha

To complete this mission easily, just get the chaingun and then shoot all the people from 
Lance & Sonny. After that, kill the Lance & Sonny with the Chaingun.
NOTE: You must get practiced Standard Controls to use Chaingun easily

Submitted by: Divya Chopra

This is not a cheat in fact it is a way how can you repair your car.
Buy any house with a garage and keep your damaged car in it.get out of the garage.let 
the door close and then get will find your car is new.

Howto get extra money:
Submitted by: Rishbh sharma

Type panzer to spawan a rhino.
Enter in the Rhino and press the capslock button or num + to toggle on "VIGIlTANE" 
mission.Then Press enter to exit rhino.Go far from the Rhino and type BIGBANG.

Submitted by: sahil

it is the biggest chet code of gta vice city.type allthe alphabets(A-Z)10 times.then quit 
the game and restart the computer 2 times and after it start the game.minimize the game, 
open taskmanager and end task all the programmes except gta.after maximization you will get
unlimited armour,unlimitedlife(do not get wasted),unlimited ammoalong with a jet pack.
comment:i have played the game with this cheat and the amazing fact is that the game is 
not become harder(very easy)and i had completed the game in just 45 missions.

Submitted by: gurtej pal singh

Now you can change colours of cars in GTA-VC
first open the gta folder and then open data folder then open carcol file in it with hex editor 
then there will be some instructions which you can understand with common sence and change the 
colour of the car as you like I gave a colour of taxi to a fire truck. you ca do many tricks 
like this by exploring files but before this make thier backup copies. you can send me your 
thanks to my e-mail if you liked this.

Publicity Tour mission: Easy completion: 
To pass this mission easily, keep tapping [F1] repeatedly for the replay effect to hear 
all of the dialogue without having to worry about the detonation meter. Note: The most 
effective way to do this is to drive extremely fast on a long stretch of road while also 
enabling the booooooring code, if desired. 

Easy Sir, Yes Sir mission:
Enable the nuttertools code ten to twenty times. Shift to the gun with the most ammunition.
Enable the gettherefast code and get in the Sabre Turbo. You can also get in a fast car 
that a civilian is driving but it takes longer. Get full health and armor. Get directly 
behind the convoy and aim for one of the lines of soldiers. Run over one line of them 
then drive for awhile and get out. Turn around and blow them all the soldiers and vehicles
with the gun. There is one soldier on top of the tank. When you kill him you can get in 
the tank. Watch your health meter. When it gets below 50, pause game play and get full 
health and armor again. Take the tank and drive it into the garage. 

Prostitute on bike:
Get a motorcycle (PCJ) then look for a prostitute. When you find her, pause game play 
and enable the hopingirl code. The girl will get on the bike, hide in some bushes, 
and do her thing.

How 2 make your car jump:
Submitted by: Keshav

If u want to make your car "JUMP", just type "GRIP IS EVERYTHING", and then press 
"SHIFT KEY" then your car will jump like U. Hint-[The bus jumps the highest]

Submitted by: prince_ranchi

It was a fun for me to clear it 100%.I wish that all can do this.
Here is a hint for all to get some quick cash. 
To get some quick cash, go get a gun with auto targeting. I suggest getting a 
Tec9, Uzi, Ingram Mac 10, or MP5 for this part since you can run with those 
weapons. Now that you have it, go to North Point Mall. When you get there, go 
to the Tool Shop. Once there, rob it. Then when you have your wanted level, 
run to The Gash and change costumes. Then, rob The Gash and run to the tool 
shop and change clothes. Now, just repeat the process and the money will rise.

Submitted by: Aayush

If you want to get to the highest point in Vice city, get in the helicopter of army
(hunter) not on any other.then activate flying cheat(comeflywithme) and press up.
the helicopter goes mad. keep pressing and you will reach so high, you cant see 
anything below.

Submitted by: sravan

Go to Starfish island. When heading west, go into the first house on the right. In 
the empty pool there is a beach ball. When you run into it, it will bounce. Bounce 
it on your head and numbers will appear. (The trick is to always be in the shadow 
of the ball.)

Submitted by: Tashi

If u want to show the stunt by flying in inclined places,hit the cheat 
'gripiseverything' just go little far away and come with great speed.while 
the front wheel steps on the inclined plane,press shift .your vehicle will fly 
on sky.(this is not applicable in bikes) 

Submitted by: akshay.d

Function-missions complete easily but when you are doing the mission.

Submitted by: santhosh

When you are in the game type "HUNTER" without"" and you will get a hunter helicopter.

Get more cash quickly:
Submited by:onkar

Go to the rode or city that have more traffic.Then move to a distance from 
the traffic and type BIGBANG and all the nearby vehicles blows up and all 
the nearby people can die and get all cash of the all people.Then repeat 
this process still you get more cash like $13000.


Go to the GTA vice city installated folder, then to DATA folder and then edit 
the file namely "HANDLING.CFG".remember open this file in only wordpad or 
notepad, then scroll the page down in notepad or wordpad, the car you want 
to make damage free, move infront of that car under "(Y)" column and change 
the given value e.g: 0.8 to your desired value i.e: 0.00 it will make your 
car free of damage. Enjoy this new cheat. 

Submitted by: Muhammad Bilal S
If u want to becomes a millionare now type PANZER and start PANZERS missions when u 
complete a mission you get lot of money. the monwy will increase after all missions. 
when u complete 50 missions lets see whats happen ............. u becomes millionare
For more information Send me mail on these addresses,, 

Submitted by: mihir gadkar

go near pole position club with a car and press horn[h]near girls wearing red 
dresses and they will come and look in the window of your car and sit in the 
car.after that take her into a dark area and then your money will reduce but 
the car will move[that means she is kissing you

Tip to play Police Missions very easily:
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri

If you have bought any properties already, check whether those have Vehicle Garage.
(You must have a Vehicle Garage to do this Trick, if you do not have one already, 
try buying properties that has Vehicle Garages)
Get any Police Car of Your Choice. Get it into the Garage. Press + (or any 
configured key for missions) to start Police Mission. Get down from the Car. 
You will have Around one Minute to get back to a Police Vehicle to continue playing 
Police mission. Walk outside of Garage. When the Shutter of Garage is closed, 
type BIGBANG. All vehicles (including the vehicle that we need to be destroyed) 
will be destroyed and those respective criminals will also dead.
You will pass a Level Very easily.
Now, go to Garage and get in the car and Repeat the Same steps. Its very simple to do.

Other methode:
Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri

Type PANZER and get on the Tank. Press mission Button (such as +). Type ONSPEED. 
With Tank, while touching desired car, you can simply blast the car and you can 
easily kill people in it.
The Driving Speed will be seems to be increased since you type ONSPEED. But Time 
Remaining will also be counted down equivallently faster.
You may use LEAVEMEALONE to clear wanted level if any and Type ASPIRIN to Repair 
your vehicle if any and if your vehicle is burning and you want to use that fired 

Submitted by: Arun Chand Palakkattiri

To get FBI Car (FBI Washington). Go to Pizza Restaurant at Downtown. On the 
Left Side of this Pizza Restaurant, there is a way. Go through that and you 
can find the FBI Car at anytime.

Submitted by: Preetish Pran Bhattacharyya

GTA Vice City (Best Cornering-angel bike)
In the Job place, as the sign one of the trump card .. There is a job of racing 
with three bikers whose bikes are angel (I forgot the name of the job). If you 
need an angel bike whose Cornerings (turnings) are very smooth, you will have to 
hijake anyone of the biker's bikes... After hijaking you will find that your bikes 
cornering are smooth! Enjoy!!!!!!

Submitted by: shrivathsa

panzer-spawns a tanker.
to heal cars which are about to explode when your car is burning hit escape and type 
aspirine.the car may look wreacked but will be not burning.

Submitted by: Mohsin

go 2 data folder main folder. then edit handling.cfg with a notepad there increase the 
speed of ur desired car in column b,n &o and see the result

PC Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Dishant Kapadiya

1.Type 'PANZER' for a tank.
2.Step in Tank.
3.Press "CAPS LOCK".
4.Step out of tank.
5.Run to some distance.
6.Type 'BIGBANG'.

Repeat this process as many times you want.

NOTE:-Amount of money will increase every time in process.
NOTE:-Follow time shown in game while following this process. 

More cars in your garage:
When you have bought a house with a garage, if it says no more space to park cars then
 you can park another car by getting a bike and parking it under the garage door (but 
you must park a car nearby so you can drive it inside the garage), so you have 3 cars 
in your garage instead of two.

Submitted by: Yashasvi !!!!!

During Phscyo Killer mission u can go to the spot which is near to skeleton mark .
After he gets into the sentinel or admiral u can get out of the vehicle move to ide 
and type BIGBANG. the mission is complete.

Submitted by: eric cartman

play as lance- i look like lance 
play as ....-cheatshavebeencracked
stoppe on a bike- press down and 6.
yo south park rocks.

Submitted by: Adrian Lepcha

You can enter this during gameplay when your vehicle starts to burst fire while 
in the car type aspirine and it will be back to normal.

Submitted by: utsal shrestha

When you start a new game go to type "seaways"and you can reach a very big ship.
near that youwill find a dock.take your car up from there .you cannot buy house 
because you have not completed you take a car and visit the whole place.

Submitted by: brandon

If you want girls to follow you, just type FANNYMAGNET.Only some girls will follow you.

Hold Weapon just like A colt45:
Submitted By Rishbh Sharma

Open Data\weapon.dat file in notepad\
see the text 
If you see well, you will find weapon named colt45 is holded as
colt45 and Unarmed weapons needs a scope
If you change m4's stats from rifle to colt45 you will be able to
shoot with it as a colt45 you can shoot while running
you can also inc. damage
And amm. clip capcity
for fast RKT launcher attack change cpcty. to 100

Submitted by: Sohan Patel

In the game if you want to earn more and more money,its one chance,that 
is if you kill peds u can get money but see that no cops(police)are near you.

Submitted by: abhishek raj

I want just to give a easy tip for those who are'nt able to pass the mission sir 
yes sir! in gta vice city.when you are in cortez's building .just get out of the 
building and type 'panzer' which spawns a tank .sit in the tank and drive safely 
to the milatry force .go infront of the vehicles and hit the fire button till the 
whole people in yhe milatry are not dead.then into the tank which you have to steal 
and drive safely to the garage and get out of the garage and type 'leave me alone'
and the mission is passed.

Submitted by: sudeep

I have almost completed all my missions but i dont get further mission after Martha 
Mugshot & G-spotlight. I have completed all the house assesment including paint works, 
film studio, Malibu club, Phil Etc. Can somebody tell me how does "KEEP YOUR FRIENDS 
CLOSE" mission comes. I'll be thankful for that.
Which mission after G-spotlight

Squalo - Sink It And It Will Rise:
This will effect if you purchase Boatyard at the Viceport for only 10000, then go to 
nearby sea and there you will see the two boats and one of them is squalo (in the right 
side) and try to destroy and explode. Wait for a few minutes and it will rise.

Get a new car :

This is a cheat i found while playing Vice City. Other cars can be renewed by entering 
in the Pay and Spray,which is not possible for police cars or ambulance.But,if you buy 
a house with a garage a,d then if you put the car in the garage and come oyut, you will 
see a new car waiting  case the car is not new, just type BIG BANG after the 
door of the garage closes.Enjoy with your new car

Submitted by: Ayush Baid

While pliaying the game type go urine and u start doing urine but e careful or else the 
police is going to bust you.

Want to get more money? Just rob a police car or swat vehicle:
Submitted by: Arun

Take it near to any of your property with a garage.Enter the police car and activate 
vigilance mission. Drop your car in the shed and get out of the car.Get out of the shed 
and press "bigbang". Then enter the car and again get out of the garage and press "bigbang" 
You will get more and more money from now. Don't forget to tell thanks

Submitted by: Saravana Kumar
Weapon/Health Vice City cheats

aspirine - Max health
canttakeitanymore - Suicide
thugstools - Thug Weapons
professionaltools - Professional weapons
nuttertools - Heavy weapons
preciousprotection - Full armor
youwon'ttakemealive - Increase wanted level
leavemealone - Decrease wanted level

Vehicle Vice City Cheats

bigbang - Destroy all cars
wheelsareallineed - Strip cars
comeflywithme - Flying dodo car
greenlight - All traffic lights are green
miamitraffic - Traffic moves faster
travelinstyle - Flying car
panzer - Spawn a tank
thelastride - Spawn a hearse
rockandrollcar - Spawn a limo
rubbishcar - Spawn a garbage truck
gettherefast - Spawn a sabre turbo
betterthanwalking - Spwan a caddy
gettherequickly - Fast car
getthereveryfastindeed - Faster car
getthereamazinglyfast - Fastest car
iwantitpaintedblack - Black traffic
seaways - Cars float on water
gripiseverything - Improved car handling
ahairdresserscar - Pink cars
loadsoflittlethings - Change wheel size

General Game Play/Character Vice City Cheats

apleasantday - Nice weather
alovelyday - Great weather
abitdrieg - Cloudy weather
catsanddogs - Rain
cantseeathing - Fog
lifeispassingmeby - Speed up game
stilllikedressingup - Change pedestrian clothes
fightfightfight - Pedestrian riot
nobodylikesme - Pedestrians attack you
ourgodgivenrighttobeararms - Pedestrians have weapons 
onspeed - Walk faster
booooooring - Walk Slower
chickswithguns - Bikini women with guns
chasestat - See wanted stats
fannymagnet - Tommy groupies
certaindeath - Tommy starts smoking
deepfriedmarsbars - Tommy is fatter
programmer - Tommy has thing arms and legs
hopingirl - Pedestrians get in your car
cheatshavebeencracked - Play as Ricardo Diaz 
looklikelance - Play as Lance Vance 
mysonisalawyer - Play as Ken Rosenberg 
looklikehilary - Play as Hilary King 
rockandrollman - Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent) 
weloveourdick - Play as Love Fist character (Dick) 
onearmedbandit - Play as Phil Cassidy 
idonthavethemoneysonny - Play as Sonny Forelli 
foxylittlething - Play as Mercedes

Keep your friends close:
As soon as you get control of your character stay in your office and protect 
the safe with a colt python (handgun that kills people in one shot) then when 
it tells you to kill lance just sprint up to him and chase while ignoring 
everyone else. continue chasing lance up the stairs and kill everyone in your 
way(Just before you go on the roof you may want to use cheats like restore 
health and restore armor). When you get to the roof run towards the helicopter 
pad and pick off everyone slowly while hiding behind the wall near the 
helicopter pad. When you kill lance run back down the stairs and get the large 
wide stairs in the huge hall. Then a cutscene with sonny forelli will appear 
and as soon as that is over run away from him and run back upto the rooftop 
where you killed lance, then get out your rocket launcher (use cheat if necessary, 
and remember to refresh your health and armor). With your rocket launcher stand 
on the edge of the rooftop on the tiles until you can see the !
three limosines that spawn enemies then blow those three up to make life easier. 
Then jump all the way down to driveway but make sure you re well away from the 
front stairs when you make your jump. When you hit the ground remember to kill 
anyone attacking you (refresh your health and armor with cheats if necessary). 
Then approach the from the large stairs( you should be outside now). Then fire 
at Sonny like there's now tommorrow with rockets it took me five rockets for 
me to kill him.

Extra money:
see when i herd theat you can buy the police station my aim was to buy that 
so here's what i did:
1)geta house that has a garage
2)get a police car (a little bit tricky )
3)get the car in the garrage
4)start the valintage mission
5)get out of the car!
6)you have 60 sec go out of the garage let the door close type bigbang
7)get back in the car (inside the garage undisturbed by the bigbang)
  you have passed one level keep on reapiting this till you get the disiered amount
  of money

Get past airport metal detectors:
To do this, first get a car and bring it to the Escobar International Airport. 
Now, park the car where the hood is facing the entrance to the airport. Now, run
around to the back end of the car and jump on and then walk up to onto the hood.
Now, jump from there over the metal detector and you are in with all of your weapons. 
Now, you can cause havoc with any weapon you please inside the airport.

Cheat and Hints:
Submitted by: jiteshkumar

GTA: Vice City Unlockables:
Unlockable: Bullet proof car sabre tubro:
Go to the mission where you must race Hillary. When the race starts turn around and
drive for about ten seconds, park your car across the street to make a road block.
Wait for Hillary to come and shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle. 
Rewards for completing the Game 100%

Unlockable                     How to Unlock
3 Bodyguards in your Mansion  - Complete the Game 100%
200 Health on all cars        - Complete the Game 100%
200 Health                    - Complete the Game 100%
200 Armor                     - Complete the Game 100%
Infinite Ammo                 - Complete the game 100%
Frankie t-shirt (*)           - Complete the Game 100%

(*) found in mansion with "I BEAT VICE CITY AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT" on it 

Misc. Unlockables:
Unlockable How to Unlock 
Faster weapon reload       - Beat 45 or more Points at the shooting range
Fireproof on Foot          - Beat a level 12 Firetruck Mission
Taxi Hydraulics            - 100 Taxi fares
150 Health                 - Beat a level 10 Pizza Boy Mission
Infinite Sprint on Foot    - Beat a level 12 Paramedic Mission
150 Armor                  - Beat a level 12 Vigilante Mission

Rewards for finding Hidden Packages:
Body Armor delivered to Hideout(s)               - find 10 Hidden Packages
Chainsaw delivered to Hideout(s)                 - find 20 Hidden Packages
Flame-thrower delivered to Hideout(s)            - find 40 Hidden Packages
Hunter appears at Military Base                  - find 100 Hidden Packages
Laser Scope Sniper Rifle delivered to Hideout(s) - find 50 Hidden Packages
Minigun delivered to Hideout(s)                  - find 60 Hidden Packages
Python delivered to Hideout(s)                   - find 30 Hidden Packages
Rhino appears at Military Base                   - find 90 Hidden Packages
Rocket Launcher delivered to Hideout(s)          - find 70 Hidden Packages
Sea Sparrow spawns at Vercetti Mansion           - find 80 Hidden Packages

Secret Cars:
These are the secret cars list and how to get them:

Unlockable How to Unlock

Bloodring Banger     - Complete the Bloodring event at Hyman Memorial Stadium and two 
                       will spawn in the nearby parking lot.
Black Voodoo         - Steal it during the Two Bit Hit Mission.
BP/EP/DP/FP Admiral  - Steal it during the Guardian Angels mission.
Deluxo               - Complete the first list of cars at the car showroom and it will 
                       spawn on the first floor. The list is on the wall down by the garages.
Hotring Racer        - Complete the fourth list of cars at the car showroom and it will 
                       spawn on the second floor.
Hunter               - Collect all 100 hidden packages or complete all of the main story 
                       missions and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base.
Love Fist Limo       - Take it to a garage during one of the Love Fist missions in which you 
                       drive the limo.
Rhino                - Collect 90 hidden packages and it will spawn at Fort Baxter Air Base. 
                       Alternately, get six stars and the army will use it against you.
Romero's Hearse      - Steal it during the final Avery Carrington Mission 
Sabre Turbo          - Complete the second list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn
                       on the first floor.
Sandking             - Complete the third list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn 
                       on the second floor.
Sea Sparrow          - Collect 80 hidden packages and it will spawn behind the Vercetti Estate.
Skimmer              - Complete all the Film Studio Missions and it will spawn behind the Film
Spand Express        - After the Jury Fury mission by Ken Rosenburg, you can steal the car.
White Walton         - Steal it during the Gun Runner Mission.
Zebra Taxi           - Complete all of the missions for the Kaufman Cabs asset and it will spawn
                       in the parking lot.

Vice City Unlockables:
Unlockable How to Unlock
"Best Shooter" trophy at Ocean View Hotel Beat Phil's score in the "The Shootist" mission.
"Gash" shopping bag at Vercetti Estate Complete the Protection Ring missions.
0.357 Pistol at Vercetti Estate Complete the "Keep Your Friends Close" mission
Bag of cash at Ocean View Hotel Complete the Printing Press missions.
Robber's mask at Ocean View Hotel Complete the "The Job" mission.

GTA: Vice City Easter Eggs:
Grow\Shrink Moon - At night, shoot the full moon with a sniper rifle. The moon will grow and
shrink each time you shoot it.

A real virtual Easter Egg:
Aim for the Helipad on top of the Vice City-News Station (on the second Island). Sometimes there
is the VCN Mavrick on the Helipad. The building on the right has a hallow wall so you can go 
through it. The hallow part is a unrealistic looking window on the left of it. Run from one 
side of the heliport to the other and then jump into the hallow window. There you will see the
Easter Egg with a sign on it that says 

Happy Easter:
GTA: Vice City Secrets
Change vehicle stats
In the GTA-Vice City Directory, there should be a subdirectory called data. In this 
folder you'll find a file called "Handling.cfg". Change the File name to "Handling.txt" 
and open it. Here you can change the weight of the car, it's crash damage multiplier, 
speed, Acceleration and others. The file itself gives good pointers towards which 
values should be changed, and you should backup any files you intend to edit.

GTA: Vice City Glitches:
Get Hookers in the Australian Version
Australian Hookers will simply not get in your car, however if you drive next to a 
hooker and use the ''pedestrians get in car'' cheat 'HOPINGIRL' the hooker /will/ 
get into the car, and when you go to a secluded place the car starts rocking and 
increases your health to up to 25 HP more. 

Quick Reload:
When you are using a weapon and finish off a clip, quickly scroll the mouse wheel up, 
then quickly back down to the weapon you were using. The weapon should already be 
reloaded. This makes it easier when in a gang battle.
Put two Vehicles in Your Garage
One of the Two vehicles MUST be a Motorcycle. Get a Motorcycle and park it half way 
into the entrance (preferably of to the side). Get another Motorcycle or a car nearby 
and drive it into the garage. Hop on the Motorcycle thats parked halfway and drive 
that in too. 

Now you have 2 Vehicles in your garage!:
All Buildings and Terrain Disappear- Find Packages with ease!
Take a bike (PCJ works well) and ride it as fast as you can into the Pole Position 
Strip Club entrance way, but before you get there hop off the bike and let it slide 
all the way to the end. Then enter the Pole Position and you should be standing on 
or next to your bike. If it is far enough down the hall you can get on it without 
having to exit the building. Once on the bike and having exited the building you can 
go anywhere in the game without the distracting buildings and terrain showing up; 
they are all invisible.

Change your dressings according to your own wish:
Updated By Aakash Patil Akola,India.

go to the folder where your game is, open skins folder 
1. first of all copy that skins.bmp file to any other location.
2. open the original file with paint.
3. color it with your own choice
4. save it.
5. And enjoy your game with 'New Game'.

Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi

While playing the game go to the seaport or anywhere else, just find a truck (flatbed) 
or a car with decals or a coach. Then press F1 on your keyboard (REPLAY BUTTON) and press 
F1 again to get back to the game (no need to see the replay). And after that you will see 
that the decals off the cars or the things on the truck (flatbed) or the name of the coach 
will change. 
NOTE:This does not work on all cars...

Submitted by: Akash malothra

If you want any sports car so you can type this cheat code which I am giving it to you all 
is GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST. You can type this cheat code any like when the game is paused and 
when you are playing the game, it has more cheat code of sports car like GETTHEREQUICKLY and 
Good Bye for now,I will write again.

Submitted by: manjunath
Iif you see a bus standing just go and take the bus and wait till some one get into bus and 
automatically you will get 5$.

RC Raider Pickup:
Submitted by: M.G.SrimanBharadwaj


How to make a tank go super fast:
Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi

First to get a tank and type panzer (without the ) and then get inside the tank. Now turn the 
turret of the tank. Make it point backwards.. After that type the cheat onspeed (without the ) 
about 10-15 times. Now go to the Washington Beach and start accelerating the tank and firing 
the cannon rapidly.. You will see your tank is in super speed.

How to make a tank go super fast:
Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi

First to get a tank and type panzer (without the ) and then get inside the tank. Now turn the 
turret of the tank pointing backwards.. After that type the cheat onspeed (without the ) about 
10-15 times. Now start accelerating the tank and firing the cannon rapidly.. You will see your 
tank is in super speed about like 350kph.

Submitted by: ratnesh sonar
Email : 

This is not a cheat but a great hint 

Go to (g t a vice city folder) then go to data folder then go to handling.cfg open it with notepad. 
then click on edit,click on find& type rhino click on find next,you will find a word rhino then 
there will be some numbers like this

18000.0 3.5 8.0 3.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 90 0.75 0.8 200.5 4 80.0 8.0 4 D 8.17 0.50 0 20.0 1.8 0.05 1.12 0.09 
110000 0.35 -0.10 0.5 0.0 4003 0 1

then make changes in this
there will be a number 200.5 change it to 1.5

then when you will start the game type "panzer" get in the rhino and drive it then the panzer will 
fly and make stunt automatically

if you have problem with this cheat then e-mail me.

Submitted by: Anirban Basak


Dont Forget to check off Read-only attribute after restoring backed up savegames!!
If not in game your current game will never be saved.

To complete 100% download a walkthrough and follow it.
Download location of hidden package, rampage, stunt map and follow them.

The Pizza Mission is the most irritating mission in VC.
Play it as first as possible at the north of left isle.
Slow down time 1 level using cheat(BOOOOOORING).
It ends with the last delivery of level 10.

Always throw pizza passing in front of the customer.(You can slow down slightly)
Else they wont see it and wont grab it.
It will waste 1 pizza, take time aprox. 5s and whip on your patience.

Use shortcuts. They save time.

To do boatyard mission - checkpoint charlie

Believe me you wont be able to do it even with squalo II(the fastest boat!!)
You need to modify it.
Open .\data\handling.cfg

In the O coloumn of the row of squalo Engine accl is 3.0
Change it to 4.0
In the N coloumn of the row of squalo Max velocity is 190.0
Change it to 200.0

Load your game. Put 2 level slow down (BOOOOOORING) and play carefully.

There are two types of cheats in Vice City Game

One(1) which corrupt savegames and other(2) which does not.

Get the list of cheats from any source.
To find 1st type of cheat load a clean savegame enter the cheat and try to save.
If you get a message of warning the cheat is of 1st type(1). Else its 2nd type(2).

If a savegame is corrupted whenever you'll try to save it it will always warn you
about it.

Use of 1st type cheats corrupts game and prevents from getting 100% and also prevent 
unlocking of various things.

But if you use 2nd type cheats your game will not be corrupted and you may get 100%.
If you have completed everything YOU WILL GET 100% though you use 2nd type cheats.
If you dont get dont blame 2nd type cheat as IT IS NOT THE REASON.
You must have skipped something. Download any walkthrough and check it.


Trust me and dont panic to use cheats because they save a lot of time and a bigger lot
of energy. (Ive completed Vice City 100% with a walkthrough and cheat in just 10 days 
and it is true!!)

Basak, Anirban
Teghoria, Calcutta,
West Bengal, India

Submitted by: amshiang

it is an easier way to earn money type a cheatcode 'panzer' then go to buy a home which
consists of a garage then go inside the garage switsh on the vigilante missions of a panzer
leave the tank then come out of the garage and then type bigbang your vigilante mission will
be over and then your vigilante would be destroyedand your mission would be completed then 
again enter the tank and then repeate the process if first vigilante would be destroyed you
will get the money as a price of the mission.

Submitted by: king

If you dont want to drive the car, i have suggestion
(before doing this you have to NEVER WANTED by trainer)
find a cop car with cop as get to the righ hand side of car .now enter in car. I 
know the car doors are loked but then after the cop come outside now when he again get inside
get into car with him. If not done do this repeatedly. 

Race chat:
Submitted by: Hasib

This is not a cheat code but a mathod to win races easily specially bike races. When u enter 
the marker with a bike, the race starts. Don't panic to see them driving away fast. Drive ur 
bike in a good speed that u can control. U will see that ur opponents are falling from there 
bike because of there abnormal speed and u will gradually become first. Easy right!

If you need a trainer, car, bike mod, new missions, new scripts, vice city 2004 etc., 

To Drive a submarine:
Submitted by: Aditya Kamal 

Drive a boat in the middle of the sea. now stop you boat, press enter to deactivate driving 
mode. Use all the cheats to protect yourself and to have more and more weapons. Use the cheats 
to increase your wanted level and as the police starts attacking you save yourself while defend 
them and after some time you would see a submarine near your boat. Quickly tupe "leavemealone" 
to clear your wanted level and then jump on the sumarine and press enter key. you will reach 
inside the submarine. Now quickly kill the cops inside and now enjoy driving a subarine. 
You could watch the sharks, jelly fishes etc inside the sea.	

To increase the value of "Preciousprotection" cheat from 100 to 150:
Submitted by: Aditya Kamal 

Just type profession tools many times. now using guns destroyed everything and everybody 
near you to get the wanted full and in the process go on destroying the police helicopters 
with "launchers". after destroying approx. ten to fifteen helicopters continuously; the next 
time you start your game and press "preciousprotection" you will find its value 150. 
Tip: use "Aspirine" and other cheats while facing police and destroying helicopters.

To hijack a plane:
Submitted by: Aditya Kamal 

Use the cheat "Comeflywithme" to fly your car in air. Now fly and reach near the airport, 
where if you find any plane starting its flight, then just fly your car on the plane and if 
there is no plane taking its flight then either wait for one to fly or make your balance in 
flying a car to reach on the top on any plane which is currently flying in the sky (you need 
a bit practise to do it). After you have landed on the top of the plane, get out of your car, 
go near the head of the plane and press Enter key---you will find yourself in the plane the 
very next moment. Now use "professionaltools" cheat to get rolling machine gun and start 
firing here and there. As soon as you fired for some time you will find "Plane Hijacked" 
written on your screen and your account balance will be increased automatically as you have 
been paid all the money by the passengers of the plane. The only problem is that you cannot 
fly the plane, so now jump from plane to die. after you get healed from hospital , you will 
be having all your account balance accept some as the hospital charge was substrated. 
Enjoy Gaming.......

Submitted by: G.Bharat

When you get into a taxi car you will get $12.

Love with girls:
Submitted by: nihal

Press esc and type "fanymagnet" the girls will be love with you. If any body attack you the
girls will attack him.tryit.

Change vehicle characters:
Submitted by: Susan Malakar

Whoever you are either good or bad. This CHEAT is for ALL COWARDS and intelligents.
You can change vehicle's speed, mass, etc...
To change speed, you have to open GTA Vice City Folder and open folder "data" and open the file
"handling.cfg" in notepad. Then choose the car you want to change, for example "HOTRING" and 
change the "A" column to 9999999 and "N" column to 999999.
Then open game, go on the road and type "GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED" or "GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST" 
and a sport car comes. Then Drive the car and see what happens. Your car will be very very 
strong and very speedy. Only the person who have mind can do this.. like me....
If it does not work email at:

Make The Police fly:
Submitted by: Viraj Shinde

I FOUND IT WHILE PLAYING.TRY IT!!!This is a very cool trick.You just have to sit, play and 
n'joy.Put the cheat 'come fly with me' and then put 'panzer' cheat.Now sit in the panzer and 
press esc.Gmae menu will appear.Now put the cheat 'on speed' as many times you want.
Again press esc.Start playing, do as many crimes you want.When cops are behind you 
{**,***,****,***** only}with cars or trucks ride faster.You see the cop cars or trucks flying!!!!
[note]:-Instead of panzer, for this cheat, you can also use a bike or a helicopter.

Submitted by: adrian lepcha

When you are driving a car that i on fire and is about to explode don't panic just type aspirine 
and the car will return to it's normal state.(you must be inside the car and this does not work 
on motorbikes).

Time to Race:
Submitted by: d.shashank

there are two roads connecting to hyman memorial stadium.Before entering you can see 2 boards 
that show advertisements on blood ring,dirt ring and hot ring .If you see below them you can see 
the time at which the races starts.see the time on your clock located on the top right of comp. 
screen and go enter the races at the time given.

Unlimited money and 150armour:
Submitted by: sailender

Take a police car,a swat vehicle wht evr and press capslk dis enables the vgillance mission.nw 
take it into a garage leave it n come out of da garage and press BIGBANG with dis yuor prey dies 
n u get money in multipules of no. of kills if u keep goin on like that u get armour 150.

Police Helicopters:
Submitted by: Xuodin

When You Are Under Attack By Police Helicopter, You Can Destroy It With One Shot. 
Just Aim Above The Cockpit, In The Engine And Shoot With Any Sniper Rifle To Destroy It.

When You Have A Wanted Level (3 or more), And Under Attack By A Police Helicopter, You 
Can Destroy It With One Hit. You Just Fire On It With Any Sniper Rifle, But You Have To Aim 
At The Engine, Just Above The Cockpit. That Should Take Care Of Him. Stay Cool.

To complete THE DRIVER mission:
Submitted by: SK007

Before starting the race just type
comeflywithme --------------------------- to fly all the vehicle
as a result the HILLARY can't drive fast with proper control
and u just complete the race with medium speed (because at high speed vehicle tends to fly 
and u can't drive properly).

For Smoking:
Submitted by: AIZAZ-UR-RAHMAN

During game, type this cheat: certaindeath
Your player start smoking and enjoy the game.

Easy Wanted Level:
Submitted by: Vedant Singhania

Go 2 Malibu and start to fire there. Kill as many people as u can. 
You will have 5 or 6 wanted level if u do this for some time.

Play as god mode:
Submitted by: suyog

First pick up a lambordini wining car. take it to the northpoint mall .there you will find 
DBP guard he will be wearing a red dress. when you take your car to him he will run, follow 
him. he will go to our house thats vercetti estate. then kill him and an icon will appear 
there take it and your life will be 0 but you will be alive.

Location of the Heavy Weapons:
Submitted by: Xuodin

You Can Find Flame Thrower Near The Pay n Spray In The Docks, a Bazooka in the Backyard 
(in the pool) of a Red Motel Near The Airport, Or A big Machinegun In the Army Barracks. 
Those Weapons helped me a lot Because I Did not Use Any Cheats And It Is good To Know 
Where Is The Strongest Firepower Located.

Military Helicopter:
Submitted by: Xuodin

This Helicopter is located in the Fort Baxter. It Can Fire Rockets And Has a Built-in 
Machinegun. It is Almost Impossible To Steal it without Any Cheats, But Ifound a Way: 
Go to the Police HQ in Vice Point And Dress Like a Cop, Then You Can Just Walk Into The 
Fort Baxter And Steal It. The Soldiers Will Not Shoot AT You Because They Will Think You 
are A Cop

Rob a Store:
Submitted by: Xuodin

You Can Rob Any Store, Jewelry, or Pharmacy If You Go Inside With A Gun And Point It To The 
Salesman And Then Press RMB Button And Hold. The Money Will Gradually Appear On The Register. 
You Can Earn 1000$ The Most, But You Will Get Wanted Level (3 stars).

The shootlist:
Submitted by: jkjg

In this mission where u have to get phil cassidy to your batallion,go to the amuunition ,enter 
the rifle range.there will be three stages of shooting.the first and second stages are easy to the first stage fire the bullets at the farthest busts ,so u can get 3 points avoid 
shooting the nearest bust.

Quick mission comlete:
Submitted by: Somnath

At the mall shootout mission, go to the mall. But before climbing up the stairs, type 
"preciousprotection". Now go up. once the cut scene is over, kill the guard the comes up 
the stairs and sprint outside. you will see our target on a PCG600. Pause the game(press esc) 
and type "bigbang". resume the game and u will find the stupid scumbag dead(our target). 
It would be better if you kill the guard only if you a bazooka. If not then type "nuttertools" 
and blow him up or just jump off the side railing. It will reduce the life of your armor only.
If any problem, mail me at

To complete sea port mission "check point charlie":
Submitted by: sridhar

It is difficult to complete the sea port mission "check point charlie", using the boat they
give. First you have to put a cheat "getthereveryfastindeed" in the road near the port and 
bring it near sea , make it ready to go.put "seaways" cheat already to make the car run on 
sea. enter the boat then start the mission, but dont move, suddenly climb from boat and come
near the car (hotring racer) getinto it (cheak whether "seaways" cheat is on) now go on your
way and compleate the mission easily.

Very Easy To Do "Keep Your Friends Close":
Submitted by: Abhijeet Mishra

Start Mission and Pause Game and enter code "NUTTERTOOLS" at least 15 times (you'll have a 
gun which have bullets over than 700 I don't know the name of that gun) select that gun and 
kill everyone who comes.Soon Lance will come kill him also with that gun he will be easily 
killed soon Sonny Forelli will come kill him also with that gun he will also be easily killed 
and the mission will be completed.
If you Have Problem In any Mission Of This game tell me.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Nitin Singh Verma

Type the cheat panzer and get into a tank. After pressing the capsLock the mission starts by 
showing yellow dots the outlaws to be eliminated at this point get down from the tank and get 
to a distance from the tank and type big bang the level will be completed. Again u can type 
panzer to get a tank and you can do as many level as possibel.

Grand theft auto vice city hint:
Submitted by: Muhammad Bilal Mustafa

If you want to ride on burn car then take any car after this pause the game and the write 
bigbang after this press aspirin and on the game then press only e you will in burn car. 

Get to the other side of vice city easily:
Submitted by: ankur chakraborty

If you want to get to the other side of vice city easily before all the bridges open,then take 
a car and type the cheat 'SEAWAYS' and get into the water.When you approach the other side of 
vice city then hit ESC key and type the cheat 'COMEFLYWITHME' and fly to the other side of 
vice city easily.
Tip:-"Remmember to type the ESC key and then type the cheat 'COMEFLYWITHME'.
If you have any queries about vice city,then communicate with me through my 
E-mail ID - "

Geting 100% with cheats!!:
Submitted by: niilesh

Hi friends, Here is trick by which you can complete vice city with using cheat codes. If you use 
cheats then you can only complete 99% of the game. First go to goggle then search for vice city 
trainers. Then download two trainers one of them should be GTA Vice ultimate Trainer the second 
could be any one with has a feature of deactivate all cheat codes.
To make work the first trainer you will have to put the trainer in vice city folder. Then go to 
MY DOCUMENTS / GTA vice City User Files THEN COPY THE FILE keys to vice city folder. Then the 
trainer will work. Now start vice city then start a new game then press alt + tab to get out then 
start the first trainer and use any cheat you want just by pressing one button!! Then when you 
have to save your game then close the first trainer and open the second one. Then deactivate all 
the cheats and then no warning will appear at the screen. And now you can save the game without 
any risk. And rest of the things I know are in the cheat book. If you have any problem than mail 
me at and please put the subject gta: vice city/vc 
The same trick can also be done in Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas.

Car Bomb:
Submitted by: Vinay S. Bhat

Do You Know that in vice city you can also make a car into a bomb. first buy the Kaufman cabs 
and then finish their missions.then go to the pay n spray near the airport and then stand facing 
west(the N mark will be on the right).then you should be able to see a benlo(type of a cargo small 
truck).then go there and you should be able to see a empty space and then go forward and there will 
be many garages.there will be one garage with a billiards no-8 black ball.go inside with a car then 
your car will be transformed into a bomb.

Car Bomb:
Submitted by: Vinay S.Bhat

sorry guys i want to tell u that for the carbomb hint u dont need to complete kaufman cabs mission 
u can directly use it even if u just have started a new game.

Super guns:
Submitted by: victor

In gta-vc folder, there will be a folder called data. Enter it and open the file weapon. Open it 
with wordtext. Now change all the coloums into 9999s, as many as you like but dont cut the weapons 
name and other things that are not nombers. Delete the original file and play with the other file. 
There you go you have super weapons!

Helicopters is now on wheels:
Carl jhonson of GTA S_A

Wanna see your helicopter with wheels?(!) 
Ride on a helicopter (Found above the Diaz's mansion, now yours). Fly in the sky as high as you can. 
Then put this cheat in "wheels are all i need". And see whats happening. You cant see your helicopter 
but see it's wheels!
ENJOY If have any problem, mail me..

Heli wheels:
Submitted by: Games master

Enter on a helicopter. Then active the invisible cars body (wheelsareallineed)code. Enjoy....
Dont type this codes. They will not work:
noisy bikes

Submitted by: Cool RAM

The easter egg of vice city is found near the bridge which connects main city to the cinema 
company.when the bridge starts in the main land,go to the side of the building till you can 
see an opened door.go inside it and you will be on the top of it.Go more up via ramp till 
you see a helipad.Now facing the tail of the copter run towards the window and while on the 
edge of helipad jump and you will reach a small room or cabin .In the centre of it is the 
easter egg.I tried a lot but it is undestructible

In the averry"s mission demolition man can be completed easily.Just keep going & not worrying 
about the people who attack with hammer.You can dodge when guards shoot you.

you can go to main land from the starting of the game onwards.just type seaways and take a 
car and drive into water.Swim through water till you reach docks which is in north part.
There is a ramp from where you can get into main land.

A bullet proof car!:
Submitted by: riyaz ahmed

In the guardian angels mission diaz will be comming in a car right. kill diaz and his guards and 
try shooting the car in which diaz came . it never blasts.get in the car and there you have a 
bullet proof car!

Touch the sky:
Submitted by: xman

While playing gta vice city hit escape and type bigbang 10-20 times(or you can do even more times 
if you want) and again hit escape . you will see that all cars have gone very high.

Make your game way fast, Faster, FASTEST!:
Submitted by: Mashukur Rahman Mishuk _ _ _ NIKO BELLIC

If you have the "minimum requirment"'s for Vice City and your game is running slow, then I'll 
tell you a way to make your game fast. To make your game fast Do these ::

1. Go to the main menu - option - Display settings
2. Low the bar of DRAW DISTANCE to 0%.
3. Disable the frame limiter option.
4. Finaly, Make you game's resulation To - 640 X 480 X 16.

COOL. Now your games run fastest. And Able To Play All Mission easily.


1. You will found that all building's and stairs a displayed lately.
2. You'll able to crash when riding a bike 0r car and Crash to building.
3. You can found yourself in water if you thought that there is relling around the bridge.

Pardon me. I dont know the way to get rid of these problems but one solution.

Just enable the frame limiter option and there you go. Now everything will display much 
quickly than before.....ENJOY

How to increase the health upto 125:
Submitted by: nikhil.l

Enter the cheat:rock and roll man and take the racecar-infernus and go near washington beach 
thereone lady wearing 2 piceses black dress.and horn she will get in your car and the money 
will be reducing and the health will be increasing.

Submitted by: A.Harsha Vardhan

When you are in tank(panzer),you can aim not only straightly but also in all directions.
Just press 4 in numbers line to rotate the aimer of the tank(panzer).It doesn't turn up or down.

Submitted by: vidhan dubey

While driving a PCG600, press button 9,brake and spacebar altogether to perform a long stoppie.

Submitted by: Jamius Sium

It is not a cheat but a great hint.In Diaz's "Phenom Pneh '86" mission you will be go
with Lance with a rifle.But it's to hard to kill all of them with the rifle.If there 
was a chain gun you can kill them quickly.So you have to type "nuttertools" and the chain gun 
will apper.

Cange color of items:
Submitted by: kulpreet singh

You can change the color of items by following these steps: 
1. Open the folder of GTA Vice city.
2. Now open the folder " data ".
3. Click on file named as " particle ".
4. Open it with notepad. 
5. Now read the document or read my instructions.
6. Select the category in column " A ".
7. Now see and read about "b" "c" and so on. 
8. Now change the numbering.
9. Now, in the game the colors will change.

Last line of the file MUST BE ";the end\n", otherwise you'll get parsing error(s) of the file
and in my opieon 1st copy all the data in a new notepad file and change all the settings there 
and now do all the settings in the original one.
and also backup the original one! any problem please send to my email.

You can repair your car without any money or cheat code:
Submitted by: Gourav Das

Buy a car which would have a garage.Take a car which is not in good condition and put it in the 
garage and roam around there for few minutes.Then open the garage you will be surprised to see 
the car in such a good condition.

Chang Tommy Skin:
Submitted by: zubair

The appearance of Tommy can be altered or changed by editing inside a paint program
a skin file. Skin files need to be 24 bit un-compressed bitmaps of size 256 * 256.
An example file is provided in your "SKINS" directory called "TEXTURE_GUIDE.JPG".
When applied, the skins will only affect Tommy's street outfit, and only in-game,
not in cut-scenes.

Reduced Felony:
If you want to kill cops without receiving a load of wanted stars, use the main blade of a 
helicopter and angle it so that the blade hits them. You accrue less "wanted points" this way.

Submitted by: Amrit

If you had buy the pole position club, then you have to complete its mission also.
When you enter the club, turn left. you will see a door.enter the door and turn left to enter 
another door.there will be a girl dont have to do somethingbut just see your money, 
it will start decreasing.when you have spent Rs.300 press RSHIFT to exit from the door.asset 
is completed.

Demolition Man:
Submitted by: Amrit
Email :

Difficulty: Hard

A new office block that's being build stands in the way of Avery's plans for that place, so 
you'll have to demolish the building while Avery is out of town. You will get a radio controlled 
helicopter to do this, plus four bombs and a seven minute time-limit. I've heard a lot of people 
complaining this mission was too hard, so I will try to give some advices in how it can be done
easier. And believe me: this mission is not impossible. I managed to beat this mission while 
still having 2:35 minutes on the counter, and it can probably be done even faster. Anyway, here 
are the tips:

First, and most important of all: you must be able to control helicopters very well. Be sure you 
have your controls configured a way you're comfortable with, and then practise a lot with helicopters, 
try to do stunts and stuff. The best training can be found at the airport: there's a Topfun van 
parked there. If you get in, you can practise with the RC helicopter in a checkpoint race. Important 
keys when flying a helicopter in Vice City are the 'look left' and 'look right' keys, which allow 
you to turn the helicopter without going forwards or backwards.

Once you have mastered the heli's controls, start the mission. After the mission briefing, get in 
the Topfun van, but do not pick up any bombs yet. First go to the construction place to find out 
what it looks like, where all bombs must be placed and where the stairs are (of course you can 
also do this before the mission starts). Workers will start to attack you when they see you, but 
if you fly very low they will get killed by the heli's blades. Kill everyone at the construction 
place before you do anything else. You must be able to fly inside the building without hitting 
any walls or ceilings. If you cannot do this, then I can almost assure you that you have not enough 
flying skills to complete this mission, or at least it will be very hard.

Notice the way the stairs go and the way the bombs must be placed: the first bomb spot is at 
the West side of the building, the second at the East side of the building, the third West again,
and the fourth East again. If you remember this you can get to the bomb spots quicker then when 
you have to look at your radar everytime.

Once all the workers and guards at the construction side are dead, fly back to pick up your 
first bomb. Be sure to have the RC heli facing towards the construction side when picking up 
the first bomb, so you won't have to turn the first time (ok, you'll probably only win two 
seconds with this, but every second is important if you can't seem to pass this mission). 
Now pick it up, and fly to the construction side as fast as possible. Always keep your 'lean 
forward' key pressed. Next to that you should keep correcting your height by pressing your 
'forward/up' and 'backward/down' keys. This will also increase your speed.

Plant the bomb by pressing your 'fire' button while flying above the bomb spots. Then go 
back as fast as you can to pick up another bomb, and keep repeating this until you've 
placed all four bombs. Now here's something important: always start by placing the first 
bomb on the lowest floor (on the ground), the second one on the first floor of the building, 
the third one of the second floor and the fourth one at the third floor. In other words: 
place the bombs from low to high. This is important, because after the fourth bomb is placed 
you don't have to go back. If you place the highest bomb last, you won't have to go all the 
way down again, and this will save a lot of time compared to when you place the last bomb 
somewhere else.

Once all four bombs are placed the building will explode, and your mission will be completed.
if you want any detail of missions n how to beat them without cheating, send me at my email-id. 

Messing with the man:
Submitted by: Amrit

Difficulty: Medium

You will have to show the city how pissed you are. Don't ask why, just do it. You'll have 
to create a lot of chaos, so the chaos-meter will fill up. You must fill the whole bar 
within two minutes in order to complete the mission.

This is not that hard. Just get some weapons with ammo before you start the mission. 
Molotov Cocktails, a Colt (together with about 200 bullets) and a Rocket Launcher with 
some rockets will do. Now create some havoc already before you start the mission. A two-star 
wanted level will do. Then start with the mission. After the mission briefing, run 
immediately to the stairs that lead to the roof of the building opposite the Greasy Chopper. 
Get up, and walk to the end of the roof.

Now keep messing with your weapons until you have a three-star wanted level. Best way to 
do this is by shooting on police cars with your Colt. Now wait until a helicopter comes in. 
The only thing you have to do now is just keep shooting at the helicopter with your Colt. 
Don't destroy it with your Rocket Launcher, since it will explode then, and the bar will 
only fill up a little bit. If you keep shooting with your Colt however, you'll be able to 
fill up the whole bar. Kill any SWAT-members that might come out of the helicopter.

I've also heard about a trick that you can keep shooting on a car, even after it has 
exploded, but this did not work for me, so it probably only works in the Playstation 2 
version of the game. An overall tip: play this mission in the afternoon (ingame), so 
you can be sure there will be enough vehicles to destroy. I once played it at night, and 
I couldn't get a third wanted-star, because there were no cars at all on the streets, 
not even police cars.

Once you've filled the bar you've completed the mission. Your wanted-star level remains 
though. No problem: just save your game at the Skumole Shack savepoint (it's located on 
the same roof where you are), or buy it first if you didn't own it already (it will only 
cost you $1000). Just save your game, then reload, and your wanted-stars are gone. [up]

No need for pay and spray:
Submitted by: Suvo & Sayantan

Now u dont need to spend Rs100 on pay and spry. to have full health and to restore your 
cars health just pause the game and type "aspirine" and then resume the playing. you will 
have full health and your cars damage will be restored.
for reducing wanted level just type "leavemealone" while playing.
NOTE: type the cheats without "".

Playing the last mission:
Submitted by: Aryan

Many people say that they are not able to play the last mission "keep your friends close", 
even if they have bought all the properties all around the map. I'd like to inform them 
that to play the last mission, they have to buy all the properties, do all the missions and 
then check the list of vehicles near the sunshine autos. once they have exported all the cars 
in each of the lists, they will be able to play the mission.

unlock cool stuff.!:
Submitted by: vadiraj.. the cool boy

unlockables                   how to unlock
3 bodyguards at your mansion  complete game 100%
200 health                    complete game 100%
200 armor                     complete game 100%
150 health                    beat level 10 pizza boy 
150 armor                     beat level 10 vigilente

Submitted by: Deepansh

it brings 10 sanchez, 25 PCG 600, 1 freeaway and 2 angel
It must be entered while playing the game.

More money with non cheating method!?:
Submitted by: vadiraj

you want money!!! then try this

[it works... i compleated full game using this without cheating!!!] 
you get rs 8000 as a revenue from vercity estate (you get by completing starting missions)
use that money and buy properties like kafuman cabs or printworks and complete all missions 
of them and you get rs 8000 from them and continue sooo onnn (be careful with some non 
earning properties you may simply loose money!!)

Fly a tank in GTA Vice city:
Submitted by: Muammad Bilal Mustafa

Start the GTA Vice city game. Then apply cheat "Panzer" you will get a tank then take the 
tank In the beach on the beach apply cheat "comeflywithme" accelerate the tank on the beach 
and press space button countinuesly after some time you will see that the tank began to fly 
in air.

Ride a brust car:
Submitted by: Muammad Bilal Mustafa

Start the GTA Vice city game drive 2 to 3 minutes any car. Then take any car when tommy began 
to sit in the car pause the game and applied the cheat "BigBand" and then resume the game you 
will exited to see that tommy can ride the brust car which you take when game paused.

Nitro booster:
Submitted by: masterminddtg

When you are playing this game just stand on road and type "gripiseverythingcomeflywithme" 
(without"") =You will get a nitro booster in your car.

Submitted by: ashish david solomon

this is a way from witch you can spawn unlimited ammu-nation.
heres the idea!
you can get unlimited ammo for the guns.just go to the source folder of the game and go to 
DATA and open the weapons.dat file in note pad.
before doing,make a backup copy of weapons.dat file.
there are specific line numbers given to each type of data in front of the name of the 
gun .fro eg:c-ammunation etc
just change the value of given data of a specific gun.
like for python :ammunation-c
just the value of 6 to 999
your gun will get the ammunation of 999 rounds pre clip!

this cheat is found specificly by me and if you get into any kind of problem
just visit to my site and give me chance to sort out your 

Easy money:
Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting with a gang
member (especially in Northpoint Mall). If you step in and hit the gang member, you will 
receive a $50 Good Citizen's Bonus when the gang member dies. Once the guy is on the 
ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more times (until
the body disappears). This is an easy way to get some quick cash, and do some fighting 
in the process.

Death Row mission:
Go to the Malibu Club in a really fast car, such as an Inferno. Get the mission brief.
Drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner from enable the 
"Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the tank's 
cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by running them over with 
the tank. Grab Lance and make your way back toward the tank. Then, take him to the 
hospital to complete the mission.

Submitted by: deepak

when u don't know what to do in 'TROZEN VOODOO' mission just try this cheat
'LIFE IS PASSING ME BY' AND THIS MISSION WILL be done more faster than wasting time.

Submitted by: Viraj Shinde

OH god!!!! idk how many people know this, but it is a cool trick to do when you have a 
lot of crowd of vehicles around, mostly during a copchase or hit and run.
The only thing u have to do is fustrate the crowd by hitting their cars i.e punching 
them and running.Go to a safe distance where der r no cars nearby.NOW, press esc and 
type big bang.The more times u type. the more will be the fun.Press esc again and see 
the cars nearby flying off the horizon XD.
If U want more fun, stand on a car and follow the same instructions.
Hope U 'njoy.
P.S : Well, pls don't mail me asking more hints, as i don't play this game anymore, 
but i have more hints, which i'll be submitting after sometime :) 

Submitted by: YmRobin

When you buy the car shop near the Airport of Vice city, u can enter into races of 
amount 100 to 10000! What u have to do for that is , u just have to go to the back of 
the building and there u'll find a SECRET MAP of THE VICE CITY!!! From there choose the 
highest bid to race. Then u'll be told to go to the starting point with a fast car! 
Here comes the best part!!! U DON'T NEED A FAST CAR! 
Go to the Starting point on foot! It's not very far actually, just in front of the car 
Shop. Then shoot a car of ur opponent by using s gun. A simple gun will do the TRICK. 
The race will start ASA u shoot a car! Then just type BIGBANG and all ur opponents car 
will gat blown off! But the race will still continue. Then hijack a car or use a car 
cheat and complete the race taking as much time as u want! That's how u could win a 
race without any opponent! Wicked!!!

Complete the missions easily:
Submitted by: shvesh poddar

If are having a dificulty to complete any mission in which you have to kill some one in car 
just press 'esc' button and type type the cheat code 'bigbang'.enjoy the game.

Get a passenger:
Submitted by: Raudad Mohammad
Email :

Type "hopingirl"(withou quotes) when you are in your car and near someone,the guy will 
have a ride with you.

Get out of water:
Submitted by: shivang

suppose u fell into the water along with your car, but u are out of it and drowning. 
the best way to get out of the water is:-
1.hit escape
2.type bigbang followed by aspirine. the same again, type bigbang and aspirine simultaneously. the same ten times
5.hit escape again, u will see tommy flying away from the water to land.
6.try it dude. 

Powerful weapons:
Submitted by: vijay

if you want some powerful weapons just do this thing go to the data folder of gta 
vice city. Then open,select the weapon you use the most.In the "G" column
of the weapon you selected write 99999.After you did that just play the game,and then
take the weapon in which you made the changes and shoot or hit any vehicle they'll 
blow in a single hit or shoot. It can kill the peoples also in one shoot as well.
But remember to make a back up copy of it.

Get to mainland withot bridges:
Submitted by: Aabhash adarsh

To get to the mainland first take up a fast car.Then go to the beach and with the help
of cheat 'seaways' get your car on water.Drive the car towards the boatyard(the place 
near the ships are present.there you will find a slope between to wood projections. 
drive the car on it and get out of that place . You r in the mainland without the help
of bridges. If you have any problem regarding this cheat you contact me via my id....:-]

Increase ammo without wasting money:
Submitted by: Aabhash adarsh

Type any of the following cheats to have weapons : 
1. thugstools - for light weapons
2. professionaltools - for heavy weapons
3. nuttertools - for weird weapons

Next keep typing the respective cheat again and again and you will see your ammo has 

any problem regarding this cheat u can contact with me through my id.

Unlimited ammunition for any weapon:
Submitted by: Arun Malik

Activate the unlimited ammo cheat by using heavy weapons cheat 20 times during gameplay. 
Now switch to any weapon and increase its ammo above 10000. You can use a trainer to do 
this by countinously pressing the specified heavy weapons cheat. 
When the ammo increases above 10000, the weapon will have unlimited ammo. 
You will have to do this for every weapon you want. If you want a trainer,
 you can get it from:;44460

How to creat a Ghost Car:
Submitted by: Mazid

To create a ghost car get in a car and push A the taxi into a pond in vice city and 
press 'seaways' again bring back taxi to land it will take some time.after taxi come 
to land go side of taxi and shoot the driver and see that weapon cheat is activated. 
and see that taxi will not go away."i tried it is really amazing" 
If U face any problem E-mail me.

A jumping car:

in this you have to only type the cheat gripiseverything and after it your handlig become 
good when you press shift your car will jump over the vechils.

How to win "The Driver" mission easily:
Submitted by: Achyut dwivedi

We can easily win "The Driver" mission by the given car also.

just go to your vice city directory -> data -> open the handling.cfg file with notepad.

before doing this trick take a backup of your handling.cfg file at your desktop.

then go to the "SABRETUR" named row and replace its all values by this

1800.0 2.1 4.5 2.1 0.0 0.2 0.1 70 1.05 0.84 0.52 5 1.0 32.0 R P 6.1 0.52 0 33.0 1.3 0.10 0.3 0.55 
45000 0.30 -0.20 0.5 0.40 3009901 1 1

then when you will start your "The Driver' mission and race will begin,
Hillary will drive at a extreme slow speed and you will win the race easily.
after you win this mission replace your handling.cfg file with your backup.

G-spolight mission:
Submitted by: Vaibhav

If you want to do the g-spotlight mission faster then do first three ramps by bike and then 
go down and get the vcn marveic helicopter or ay you wish and do the further ramps with help 
of helicopter.

Helicopter Car:
Submitted by: Muhammad Talha

Go to the GTA Vice City Data Folder, Then go to the handling.cfg (text file). 
And there you see the word HELI in column A. Copy all its data numbers and paste it with 
the car data that you want to make a helicopter. Then start the game . and sit in the car 
that you have just changed its handling. And the will be flying. enjoy!!!!

How To Enter A Exploded Car:
Submitted by: Akash

Find A Car Driven By Civilians Then Hit "Enter" Button Then, When Your Are About To Enter 
The Car Hit "ESC" Button And Type "BIGBANG" After That You Will Enter A Exploded Car Then 
Again Press "ESC" Button And Type "ASPIRINE" So The Burning Of The Car Stops.......
{Do Not Use This On Bikes Or Parked Cars}

Email Me At For Any Quires I'll Respond Immediately

Car into Submarine & Heavy car:
Submitted by: Santanu Roy
Email :

Start the game take the car Name "Stinger" and keep it into your garge and save it. 
Now type a code "LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS" press enter now load the same save game again and 
type same code "LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS" press enter do this same thing 3 time after that 
your car Stinger will heavy and submarine car you can run your car inside the water. 
When you inside the water you will see some rocks try to put your car into the rocks and 
get out of your car you will not die. Whe you hit any car with your car your car will not 
demage other car will demage
Sorry for bad English 
If anyone have any enquiry please email me in ""

How to get a repaired vehicle for free:
Submitted by: ankit

First you should have a property which has a garage in it.Then put the damaged(not burned) 
vehicle in it and come out of the garage.After the garage closes again enter the garage.
Your car is repaired!!!!!

how to do g_ spot light mission very fast: 
Submitted by: karan

First on the mission and then as well as you will jump from the first building. Leave
your bike and take any helicopter and complete your mission by collecting all checkpoints
with your helicopter. And as the last checkpoint comes leave your helicopter and stand on
that checkpoint. Results have been shown that if you will complete this mission by helicopter
then it will be easy for you and it will also save your time.

how to take an helicopter wthout passing any mission:
Submitted by: karan

For taking an helicopter you have to first take any fast car and then type 2 cheats comeflywithme 
and seaways and as you will enter this cheats your car will fly for some time and also will float 
on the sea . then take your car to the beach and into the water then travelling through the water 
go to mainland and as well as you reach the corner of the mainland your car will fly and you can 
enter themainland as you enter the mainland travel to eight ten vcn building right to the 
ammu_nation in map this place is near the last bridge of the vice city from the left then as you 
reach the building there will be a door that will be open then enter that door and you will see 
an helicopter but before entering the helicopter type comeflywithme once again because if you do 
not type it twice then the helicopter cannot fly.(note the mainland is the second land which is 
locked in the starting of the game)

World trade center:
Submitted by: Game cheater

Take a car and go to the northest side of the city between the downtown and vice point.
You will see two tall buildings situated in a island in front of the prawn island.
You will find some bridges to enter there.if you cant take a boat or put the cars float on 
water cheat(seaways).The buildings are black,grey and brown coloured.Some the buildings are 
imvisible.Go to the front of the tallest builldings.At the entrance there in a board written 
welcome to the wtc on it.If you go there at night its too...

A Man in the cement mixture of a bridge:
Submitted by: Raj saha

Take the seaplane from the film studio.You have to complete all the film studio missions 
otherwise the seaplane will not unlock.Drive the seaplane under one of the bridges in the 
north. When you are under the bridge you will see a man in the cement mixture of the 

Make your PCG 600 Bike fastest of all:
Submitted by: Bishwarup Neogi

First go to the game directory folder- then go to 'data' folder and open 'handling.cfc' with 
note pad.(Back up your original file). Then at the column 'A' of the 'BIKE's' row change the 
value to 999999. Then save it. Run vice city and take a PCG 600, then you will find that your 
bike is the fastest vehicle in the entire city. And now if you get struck with a heavy car 
(like bus) then the vehicle will fly up but your car will receive no damage. 
If any glitch, mail me.

A great stoppie:
Submitted by: Rehmat vercetti007

Well gta is a great game to play.i personally think that vice city is the best game in gta 
series.on to the topic.when you are doing the misson love juice than you need to get merceedies 
very angel is the perfect bike for it.when u reach merceedies the timer 
as fast as u could and when the end of the bridge arrives(u certainly will use the bridge as 
it is fast) dont speed down and when ur bike goer in air press 9 and spacebar and brake at 
same time and when u land u will perform a will be a long stoppie.
Note:u can do it any time u want but i suggested it during that missons as there is exitement.
be sure no cars are coming and try to do it in the middle of the road.
As this is my first post there might be some mistakes 2..........
AT LAST THANKS FOR PLAYING GTA VICE rockss....wait for other posts.mine will 
be completely different 4rm others.thanks for reading.HOPE U WILL APPLY IT ONCE.

First mission of dickheads:
Submitted by: nayeem

in the first mission of dickheads, u have to chase a thief. when u go to the building, just 
follow him.don not try to kill him . follow him using any vehicle except a panzer . 
if u go near him he shoot.just follow him from a particular distance distance so that he 
wont shoot .

The Army Helicopter (HUNTER):
Submitted by: Erwin Lee 

Go to Vercetti Mansion.. get the helicopter on the rooftop..
then go to the VCPD HQ Police Station( straight to the right side bridge heading north ) 
till you found the VCPD HQ Police Station..
Go to the locker room of the VCPD HQ and you'll find the cop uniform ( you'll have it after 
the mission Cop Land..) Once you have it you can enter any police stations and also army 
territories without getting wanted levels..

Ride the helicopter and go to Army Territory in the Escobar International near the airport.. 
land there.. go to the last place in the Army Territory..
and you'll find the Army Helicopter ( HUNTER ).. :)

Easy Popper Ice Cream Selling:
Submitted by: sony

After buying Popper Ice Cream Property, you can start selling ice cream. The challenging thing
is, every 4 ice cream sold you'll get one wanted star, so try this; drive a popper van to Pier
area. Park the van on side way facing to the pier and press capslock to activate the music. 
People will start to buy the "ice Cream", and once a wanted star appear, hurry drive the van 
to gate pier 1 and turn back to the sideway. The one wanted star will disappear on the way. 
Repeat this every selling around 4 ice cream. I made 100 sales and completed the Popper Ice 
Cream Property, which generates money up to around $3000.

Want to drive a car automatically in the mission 'Hit the courier' ?
Submitted by: Thakor Bharat
Email :

When the mission starts go to the place where the plates are coming.
Before the courier arrives kill every woman you find there.
There are three cars one of which is black sentinel.Just puncture all the tires of it.
Then the courier will arrive. She will get in the black sentinel.
Now all you have to do is shoot her in the head and she will get out of the car.
Take the briefcase and go to the Donut Shop(south from Cherry Popper Factory,under the Exploder 
sign) only from the south.
And you will see tommy will drive the car automatically.
Actually it is the path that couriers were taking to deliver the plates.
Repeat again and again by loading the same mission and see the effects.
Remember i'm writing this guide according to the map shown in the pause menu.So according to the 
map, the main island is in the south side and the second land(little haiti, airport and downtown) 
is in the north side. So just try this guide according to the pause menu map.
If you can't find anything just mail me. I'll send you screenshot of the path and also the save 
file if you need it.

How to play football in vicecity:
Submitted by: prem sidharth r

for playing football you want to go to starfish island first. visit each and every houses. in one 
house you can find an empty swimming pool without any water. get there and you can find a ball go 
and touch the football by hitting it for hitting click 0 or right click the mouse enjoy playing 
the game.

How to repair a punctured car:
Submitted by: prem sidharth r

if ur car gets punctured then type aspirine you can see the car becomes normal.

Buy Assets for Free:
For this glitch, you'll need to have the money needed to buy an asset. Go to the asset and to 
the purchase icon in front of it. Begin a replay and, when it ends, hit Tab and the replay 
button at the exact same time. Once the replay ends, you should have bought the asset, but 
without spending any money on it.

Ghost World Glitch:
For this, you'll need a motorbike and a building you can enter, such as the Pole Position club.
Drive the motorbike towards the club entrance (in this case) and dismount before actually entering,
letting the bike drive and crash inside. Enter the building and then get on the bike. You can then
drive outside. You'll be in what is known as the "Ghost World", where most of the game's 
architectural graphics - like buildings, roads, etc. - are not seen, although you can still 
run into them and otherwise be blocked by them. Using this glitch, you can use the minimap to 
navigate. The main purpose is to be able to see otherwise obscured pick-ups and weapons and 
other icons of interest you'd otherwise not see.

Replay Glitches:
When you play the game, enter a mission and go to a point where a Rampage icon is meant to spawn
(but isn't there, because you're in a mission). Make a quick replay at that spot and finish the 
mission as normal. At later times, you can use this replay to trigger the Rampage from a distance.
In doing so, the game is tricked into thinking you're not on a mission, even if you are. This 
will allow you to take the same mission at multiple simultaneous times or multiple different 
missions all together. If you take the same mission several times, the spawns for cars and stuff
used in that mission will essentially respawn instantly on each other; for example, in "Jury Fury",
the cars of your victims stack on each other and quick explode from massive damage. Another example
is the final Print Works mission; by completing it several times at the same time, you can trick 
the game into thinking you've obtained that many assets, triggering the game to allow the final 
bits of the game early. You can also take multiple missions to help speed the game along.

Prevent Traffic from Spawning:
When you play the game and get on a vehicle, if you look backwards when driving, no traffic will
spawn in front of you. If you know the game's geography well, you can easily speed along to your
destination without threat of being knocked off your vehicle.

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