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  Hints and Tips for: GTFO 
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 GTFO Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Terminal Commands Guide:
Written by Tom

This guide is about on how to use the terminals, also contains some videos 
and a command list for useful commands to know.

The Terminal while simple and something that can be easily passed by, is a 
valuable survival tool.

Giving you the ability to know whats in a room before entering it. The ability
to find supplies and mission objectives, among other useful things, having 
someone who can efficiently use the terminal can be vital to a teams survival.

Some commands are quickly listed bellow, and more will be added to this guide 
as needed.

-=Terminal Commands=-
A list of commands to help find what you need quickly.

List item
Example: list Medipack

List Zone_#
Example: List zone_34

List Zone_# Item
Example: List Zone_34 Ammopack

Query item_#
Example: List Medipack_337

Ping item_#
Example: Ping HSU_554

Recommended Level Completion Order:
Written by tru0067

This guide explores which levels you should start with in order to have 
the best experience with GTFO.

-=What Are These Rundown Things?=-
A Rundown in GTFO is a collection of levels all released at the same time. 
They’re a bit like mini-campaigns. They contain multiple levels of varied 
difficulty, with difficulty increasing as you go deeper through the tiers.

Previously in GTFO’s development, when a new Rundown was released, the old 
Rundown would be removed, so only one Rundown was accessible at a time. 
This was the case for the original releases of Rundowns 1-6, none of these 
original rundowns are accessible to play.

Rundown 7, the most recent original Rundown to be released, is still 
available. After its release, the developers began rereleasing the old 
rundowns as “alternate” versions. These rereleases have received minor 
changes, but are generally faithful to their original counterparts. 
Noticeably though, this means that new mechanics, new objectives and new 
enemies that were only introduced later in GTFO’s development will not 
appear in the earlier alternate Rundowns. These rereleases, as well as 
Rundown 7, are all still available to play, which means there are a lot 
more levels to choose from when starting the game! Navigating this choice 
is what this guide is about.

-=So Where Should I Start?=-
Regardless of the experience you are looking for in this game, I can
firmly recommend starting with Rundown 7 A1.

* Is the easiest level currently in the game.
* Contains checkpoints, which helps ease through tougher sections.
* Does a good job of introducing the terminal, which is an important 
  mechanic for all levels.
* Exposes the player to the game’s story.

* With Settings > Audio > Dialogue Volume you can turn down the volume of 
  the narration.
* The terminal on which to input the RECYCLE_GROUP_7A42 command is in Zone 
  44, to the west.

After R7A1, I believe there are two good routes to consider:

* For player’s that want to dive right in to everything the game has to offer, 
including all of the mechanics, objectives, enemy types, and meatier story 
elements. I can recommend continuing with Rundown 7. New mechanics and enemies 
will be introduced quite quickly, ~1 per level, ensuring that the player is 
always facing a fresh challenge. However, the levels ramp in duration and 
difficulty quite quickly, you may rapidly start looking at multi-hour 
commitments for your level attempts.

* For player’s that are looking to play through every level in the order 
that they were released, I can recommend playing through Rundown 1 next. This 
will mean meeting new enemies and mechanics very slowly. It may take you 30+ 
hours to meet the first mini-boss (which isn’t introduced until Rundown 3). 
Earlier Rundowns also do not contain checkpoints, meaning if you wipe at the 
final hurdle, you will have to replay the entire level (which may be a 1hr+ 
time commitment – though in general, levels in earlier Rundowns tend to be 
shorter than those in later Rundowns).

* Depending on which route you take, below there a couple further tips to
  hopefully ease you through the next few levels.

-=Rundown 7=-
If you choose to continue with Rundown 7, then R7B1 will be the next level 
to complete.

* Contains the gentlest introduction to two new enemy types.

* Some of the sections in this level have a lot of verticality, so the map, 
  which is 2D, isn’t particularly helpful – for this level, the exits to each 
  of these zones is just on the opposite side of where you enter.

* Rundown 7 also contains missions with Secondary and/or Overload objectives, 
  in addition to the Main objective. For missions that contains both a Secondary
  and Overload, completing them both within a single run counts as a Prisoner 
  Efficiency completion for that level. The Secondary/Overload often add a high
  amount of difficulty to the mission, but they are optional.

-=Rundown 1=-
If you choose to jump back to Rundown 1, then R1A1 will be the next level to 

* Contains a new enemy type.

* Zone 51 is a resource zone, you can hit up this zone before attempting the 
  class IV alarm.

-=Other General Advice=-
* It is perfectly acceptable to jump around between the different Rundowns, you 
  don’t need to commit to beating one before moving on to another! Getting stuck
  on on a high tier level? Jump to a lower tier in a different Rundown! You’ll 
  continue to learn new skills and grow as a player.

* You can still get completion credit even if you haven’t unlocked a level yet. 
  Don’t be afraid to join in on a level you’re not up to yet!

* Don’t be afraid to restart a level, even if you have a checkpoint. Instead of 
  restarting many times from a compromised checkpoint, your newfound map knowledge
  may ensure that you get back to the checkpoint in an even better position.

* Try out all the different guns and melee weapons! The weapon balance is good 
  enough that you’re not going to significantly hamper your chances by taking 
  “bad” guns, so experiment and find out which ones you enjoy!

Tips for Duo Play:
Close a door and mine it. When the door is breached, most enemies behind it will 
get blown up.

Use foam to reinforce a door. Buys you time before a door is broken, allowing more 
enemies to be taken out with a single mine.

Sleepers respond to flashlights, footsteps and other sounds. When they pulsate, it 
is your final warning before they wake up.

That’s like 70% of what you need to know to do ok in this game. The rest is good 
old gitn’ gud.

-=Bonus Tip=-
I’m not a duo master or anything, but from what I heard you can get away with a lot 
by just bringing 2 burst sentries and funneling enemies into a single corridor 
(intentionally leaving doors open to force enemies to go that route and closing 
off all others).

* Enemies will shred most enemies and the rest you can shoot yourself.
* Similar strategy is even used in solo with a single sentry.
* And then just… Use good guns you’re comfortable with.

Carbine and HEL Revolver are both top tiers of mains, while machine guns, Pump 
Action and Combat Shotgun are the top tiers of specials if you get used to them.

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