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  Hints and Tips for: Guild Wars Nightfall 
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 Guild Wars Nightfall Cheats

Guild Wars Nightfall

Submitted by: conner54

Hero's Ascent:
In the qualifying round of Hero's Ascent, you can order your heroes and 
henchmen to attack the Zaishen without triggering the timer. 
This makes it possible to always earn a 10% morale boost.

Missing heroes:
After completing the final mission you will able to pickup quests that 
allow you to add any heroes you previously missed to your party.

Easy money:
At the beginning of the game you will get a few battle commendations. Go to 
the Sunspear Great Hall and talk to the Sunspear quarter master. Click on 
"Scroll Of Adventurers Insight" and press "Exchange". Sell them just across 
the way for 100 gold for easy starting money.

Reducing Elementalist damage:
There is a high number of Dervish an Elementalist bosses that can 
easily deal over 200 damage. Taking a monk with Protective Spirit 
will only cause them to damage 10% of your maximum health.

Sixth God Statue:
Successfully complete the game. You will now have access to the sixth 
God Statue in the Chantry of Secrets.

Spell interruptions:
The AI can interrupt skills and spells in a split second. If you think 
you are about to be interrupted, stop the skill with [Esc] then re-cast. 
This stops you from having to wait for the skill to recharge.

Recover death penalty:
If you complete a quest while not inside a town and have a death penalty, 
the majority, if not all of it, will be removed when you complete the quest 
and receive you reward.

Easy Sunspear promotion points:
It is recommended to be at level of 7-20. Get to Jokanur Diggings. Go west 
to get outside of town. Get the bounty from the Sunspear scout at the 
resurrection shrine. Go to Fahranur, the first city, also to the west. 
Search outside Fahranur until you find a place where there are a lot of 
level 2 scales. Kill all of them and you should get 10 to 20 Sunspear 
points, plus the scales on the way to Fahranur. Note: the scales are level 
2, but to get there you must be able to kill two to four level 6 to 15 

Defeating Varesh:
Note: You must be level 20 and have Guild Wars: Eye Of The North. Go into 
Sifhalla (Far Shiverpeaks in Eye Of The North) and go out into Drakkar lake.
Go down to the bottom right corner of the map. Talk to Hogni Truthseeker. 
He should have three quests for you. Choose the quest "Hunter's Pride" to 
gain the Ursan Blessing (must have completed Blood Washed Blood). Complete 
the quest and gain the Ursan Blessing. Go into the Desolation and in Ruins 
of Morah. Go into the mission with three heroes, (one monk, two ranged 
heroes or two warriors). Bring four henchmen (two monks, one warrior, and 
one ranger). Equip your Ursan Blessing. Kill all three Margonites Clerics 
so they do not heal Versh. Kill Varesh Ossa (level 29). Rush into the 
center of the mission map. Activate your Ursan Blessing and rush for 
Varesh. Then, kill Varesh Ossa.

Invincible HOGS: 
If you have the skill to tame animals. There are prize winning hogs in Wizards 
Folly. The cool thing about them is that they never get hit because the enemy 
doesn't realize their there. So tame a prize winning hog in Wizards Folly and 
you have an invincible friend. NOTE he doesn't do a lot of damage at his 
present level but once he is leveled properly he can be a very big help.

Dancing Abaddon:
When facing Abaddon in the Abaddon's Gate mission, let all human players start 
dancing on the bridge (via /dance). Abaddon will join in, using the male warrior 
dance. Once he's done dancing, he will instantly wipe the group and you'll get 
the message "You got served!"

End Boss Dance:
Enter the mission "Abaddon's Gate" (the final mission in Nightfall) and approach
the end boss without aggroing him. Type "/dance" (your entire party must do this)
and the end boss will begin dancing as well. Once he completes his dance, he will
kill your entire party with a message that "You got served!"

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