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  Hints and Tips for: Gunbound 
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 Gunbound Cheats


250000 gold:
Send all your items to RxDiO, and then battle some one, and you will 
have 250000.

999,999 gold:
Submitted by: calio

if you want 999,999 gold send all your items to gorex if your done go 
battle somebody in a team and win then you have 999,999

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54 

Display the console window, then enter one of the following codes.

Result                                      Code 
Connect to indicated game number          - /go [number]  
Display console commands                  - /h  
Display function key commands             - /key  
Ignore indicated player                   - /mute [name] 
Kicks indicated player from game          - /kick [name]  
List ignored players                      - /mutelist  
Restore all ignore players to normal      - /loudall  
Restore ignored player to normal          - /loud [name]  
Send private message to indicated player  - /msg [name] 
Send private message to indicated player  - /m [name] [message]
Football bullets (only activated by host) - /worldcup
Pass key while in waiting room            - /pkey [name]
Bar while in waiting room                 - /bar [name]
Programmer message                        - /ethera
Programmer message                        - /knights
Programmer message                        - /blash45
Programmer message                        - /pirania
Programmer message                        - /chuko
Programmer message                        - /scjang
Programmer message                        - /loserii
Programmer message                        - /johnny5
Programmer message                        - /reddragon
Programmer message                        - /jchlee75
Programmer message                        - /yaong2
Programmer message                        - /jaeyong
Programmer message                        - /oorusa
Programmer message                        - /yesoori
Programmer message                        - /enddream
Programmer message                        - /cozy
Programmer message                        - /comsik
Programmer message                        - /kasi
Programmer message                        - /ipconfig

Submitted by: X-Gunbound Administrator

1,000,000G-- This will tell you how to get 1 million g without doing any work. 
In order to get this you have to send all your avatar to GunProvider, in the 
message box put "pass(8362048) input(ava71) output(1,000,000G)". 
Gunprovider is the main database for gunbound. It will think you are an 
administrator and will give you the million G.

Dragon and Knight:
Use the following trick to get the hidden mobiles, Dragon and Knight. Pick 
"Random" and you have a 1:16 chance of getting one of those mobiles.

Different game types:
Score: A team gets five lives each. Every time someone dies, their team loses a point. 
When a person dies, they put the mouse pointer where they want to respawn, and they 
come back to life in four turns. 

Solo: When you die, a slot machine appears. If you get three of the same thing, you 
can use its effect. For example, you can get 100 gold if you get three 100 Gs in a 
row. There are also many other things you can get such as 50 Gold, and 10 Gold. You 
can not respawn back to life in solo. 

Tag: You cannot respawn back to life. If you opponent is almost dead, you can press 
[F7] to change to your tag mobile. Your tag mobile can be picked before the game 
starts, and it has half life remaining as soon as you take it out. 

Jewel: You do not have life bars. There are little jewels that come down every turn 
and you must shoot to kill them. There are -5, 5, 10, and 25 varieties of jewels. 
The "25" type are the least common, and the "5" type is the most common. The first 
team to get 100 points will be declared the winner. 

Space Marine helmet and suit:
Reach "Stone Hammer" rank with 1,500 GP. 

Join Guild ability:
Reach "Metal Axe" rank with 2,300 GP. 

Create Guild ability:
Reach "Silver Axe" rank with 20,000 GP. 

Secret Mobiles:
There are two Secret Mobiles that aren't seen in the Mobile Select Screen. They are 
very powerful, so you only get them if you select Random as your mobile. You have a 
1/18 of getting one of these.

Cool S ():
Hold alt then type: 123456789 then let go of everything. It should turn into "". 

Never Get Kicked Out:
Just simply name yourself a swear or unpolite word. You can do this by changing your 
name (which costs money) or you can name yourself this in the first place.Whoever 
tries to kick you out, it will just say: "Please do not use impolite words."

Rude Finger:
When typing messages to people, hold down alt and type: 0244, remember to keep holding
alt while pressing 0244, then let go of everything. This should come up "".After that, 
hold alt again, and press 0200. The  should change to a the middle finger. 

Baby Chicken            : Default staring rank
Blue Dragon             : The top sixteen players under Red Dragons
Diamond Hole            : The top 0.1% of users over 6,900 GP
Double Gold Axe         : Have over 6,000 GP
Double Metal Axe        : Have over 2,800 GP
Double Silver Axe       : Have over 4,200 GP
Double Stone Hammer     : Have over 1,800 GP
Double Wooden Hammer    : Have over 1,200 GP
Gold Axe                : Have over 5,100 GP
Gold Double Sided Axe   : The top 11% to 20% of users over 6,900 GP
Gold Double Sided Axe+  : The top 7% to 10% of users over 6,900 GP.
Metal Axe               : Have over 2,300 GP
Metal Double Sided Axe  : The top 71% to 100% of users over 6,900 GP
Metal Double Sided Axe+ : The top 51% to 70% of users over 6,900 GP
Red Dragon              : The top four players under Silver Dragons
Red Ruby Hole           : The top 0.2% to 1% of users over 6,900 GP
Sapphire Hole           : The top 2% to 3% of users over 6,900 GP
Silver Axe              : Have over 3500 GP
Silver Double Sided Axe : The top 31% to 50% of users over 6,900 GP
Silver Double Sided Axe+: The top 21% to 30% of users over 6,900 GP
Silver Dragon           : The top player
Stone Hammer            : Have over 1,500 GP
Violet Hole             : The top 4% to 6% of users over 6,900 GP
Wooden Hammer           : Have over 1,100 GP

For limitless avatar:
send 5,000 gold to laxnick and type code [the sheep are in the barn] then he will 
automatically activate the cheat and give any of your avatars that you are currently 
holding a limitless supply. 

Free avatar:
If you want free avatar all you gotta do is send send as much gold as u need type 
"money/gold/41" and higlight it then send any were form 10,000 to 40,000 gold to 
"createrforce" depindeing on ho much you avatar you want back and make sure you 
type the name of what u want, if that don't work send ur gold to me and i will make 
it work for you "Blueeys34" i use to play gun bound but now im quiting so send it 
top me before 2005 and i will send what ever you want back plaese don't for get the 
name of the clothing avataryou want i will give you 2 pairs of for every 10,000 and 
i will give that money away after 2005 to a lucky person if u wanna try to get it 
make sure you put "want2win" along with the money,what u want and how much you want 
somtimes i will give u extra.but alone somtimes will i give you extra by the way i 
think createrforce might have quit by now. good luck and have fuin plaing gunbound.

Ready but the Master don't see:
Reason: Suddenly this bug occur in network problem...but dont worry there is a
solution on that and its easy and simple. 
Solution: When you're ready but the Master don't see. you should rejoin or go to
other rooms.

ultimate player:
to be the ultimate player send any 100k avatar that is limitless to raper76jr or 
sakura778 then logout for 5 min then login. win or lose the result of the gold and 
gp that is suppose for u to be achieved is doubled + logout for 5 min then u will 
have 1million gold and cash.

Unlockable List:
Space Marine helmet and suit: Reach "Stone Hammer" rank with 1500 GP. 
Join Guild ability: Reach "Metal Axe" rank with 2300 GP. 
Create Guild ability: Reach "Silver Axe" rank with 20,000 GP.

Grub SS:
sometime, grub's ss doesn't make a big damage, but actually it can makes a REALLY 
BIG damage. in a place, you must go near to the enemy the make a small hole and 
don't let them go. then you must fire the ss direct to the hole (don't make the 
ball go) then it can make 800 damage.

The Wind: Useful and a Pain:
If you want to get good at this game, you will have to learn how to use the wind 
to your advantage. Since its always going, you have to always glance at it before
you shoot. It can severely mess up your shot if it changes and you don't notice.
Shots into the wind will go farther with less power, and shots against the wind 
will need more power. Strong wind against you aids in making high backshots, or 
backshots in general. If using a Boomer and the wind is against you, use angle 45
or lower and the boomerang will go up and hook down.

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