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  Hints and Tips for: Gunfire Reborn 
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 Gunfire Reborn Cheats

Gunfire Reborn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Defeat the First Boss:
Written by LLLzzh

Lu Wu is the first BOSS in this game, and many new players will find it is 
very difficult to be defeated because they are not familiar with its attack. 
Today we will give you guys useful strategy against Lu Wu.

-=Attack Mode=-
Lu Wu has 4 main attacks: Laser cannon, Leap attack, pound and stone.

Laser cannon: Raise the hand and shoot a few shells with the laser cannon. 
Shells are very fast, so you need to evade as soon as Lu Wu raises its hand. 
You can stay behind the pillar to evade this attack.

Leap attack: Lu Wu will jump over players and punch them. Players can move 
horizontally with dash when Lu Wu crouches and is about to jump.

Pound: Lu Wu will come close to players and slam the ground. In this case, 
you just try to stay away from it.

Stone: You will see a red circle on the ground before Lu Wu throw stones to 
you. You can get out of the red circle quickly by move horizontally with 
dash at this time. You can also evade this attack by standing right behind 
the pillar. 

BTW, the pillar will collapse if it block certain amounts of stones.

The key to evade Lu Wus attack is to use dash at the right time. If you are 
familiar with his attack mode, you can easily defeat it.

Lu Wu will jump over the mountain and recharge the shield after it takes some 
damage. At this time, some horned beetles and bombers (more in multiplayer 
mode) will disturb you. You can get ammo supply by killing them. However, 
be careful that killed bombers will explode and that exploding area will deal
persistent damage. I will suggest at least two players go to clear these 
normal enemies in the battle.

Lu Wu will be more aggressive when its HP falls to certain degree. It will 
frequently use laser cannon, leap attack, stone and so on. If you dont 
have the Occult Scroll which can reduce the cooldown time of dash, youd 
better go around the pillar to evade its attack.

-=Weapon Choice=-
In solo game, Lu Wu has 8000 shield and will recharge it many times. Player
should have at least one weapon that can deal lightning damage to break the 
shield quickly.

Since you need to be agile to avoid Lu Wus attack, I will recommend you to 
carry a light weapon to run and attack. If you have confidence, you can also 
switch to default weapon when you evade.
The best defense is offense. The shorter time you spend to defeat the Boss, 
the less mistakes you will make. Speaking about how to deal more damage, you 
can read our strategy about Hero BUILD.

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